Monday, April 27, 2009

Retiring at a drug store and other juicy nuggets

Thats what the legendary Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D), aka the singing senator is apparently going to do this Saturday in the shoals. His seat can be won by the GOP next year with the right candidate. Its like the Maury County, Tn area with a huge labor movement. Another tidbit I heard this morning is that Cullman County, Al Sheriff Tyler Roden is being recruited by the GOP to switch parties and run against State Senator Zebulon Little(D) next year. I usually dont trust consultants when it comes to rumors but lets just say Im not so sure about this "rumor". Ive met Sheriff Roden twice at gatherings and I came away pretty impressed each time. One final note as I was headed back home to McNairy County, Tn last week. I stopped off at the Wal Mart in Selmer and saw none other than Dewanna Pusser in the soft drink aisle. Contrary to what she said in her withdrawal statement from the race for Randy Rink's old state house seat last year. She looked and sounded like she was in great health. Makes you wonder.....the Pusser name and democrats don't mean that much anymore in McNairy County.

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