Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perry County, Tn ripe for GOP takeover?

There was an article in todays Tennessean talking about the dire economic situation that Perry County, Tn finds itself in. It has a 24.1 % unemployment rate which puts it at the top of the list of counties in the southeast with the highest unemployment. It also doesnt have any four lane roads and only a third of the population has a high school diploma. On a personal basis those numbers are just disgusting because no one should live like that in any county in this country. On a political basis though all of the county officials are democrats as are their state rep and state senator in Nashville. Their state senator is even running for Governor of Tennessee. Something tells me though after the rest of the state finds out that Perry County is in the midst of a great depression. State Senator Roy Herron's bid for Governor will be unsuccessful. With primaries a year away and local county elections just over fifteen months away. Now would be a great time in my opinion given the economic circumstances for the GOP to start organizing and recruiting people with a business oriented background in Perry County so they can provide people with a choice for the first time in Perry County's history. The days of the Perry County GOP not fielding a single candidate for county offices have got to stop. The local democrat party has literally run that county into the ground and the people in that county deserve better. The state and local GOP officials owe it to Perry County to lead them down the path to that better life.

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Sam said...

I know that statistic must seem terrible- but as Mark Twain said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." A large percentage of the population of Perry County consists of Menonites who, by the creed of their religion, are primarily subsistence farmers. Not only that, but a great majority of the adults in Perry County are actually retired individuals who have moved there from other counties and states.

And when the Tennessee average for unemployment can be as high as 11-12%, that's not too bad at all.