Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

According to the Savannah Courier, Marsha Blackburn shepherded a bill through Congress that changed the name of the Counce post office to the Pickwick Post Office Building. The post office in Pickwick is basically nothing more than a small branch office. Apparently Marsha did this because she received a petition that had a "whopping" 95 names on it urging the name change. Her staff also claimed that the petition represented the Counce community as a whole. First off, I wonder how many of those 95 people who signed the petition are real estate agents and millionaire homeowners at Pickwick? That segment of the population is really into making Pickwick one of the top resorts in the deep south. Second of all, there shouldnt even be two post offices in this area. The two offices are only one and a half miles apart and people wonder about government waste. Marsha should be trying to get legislation passed closing these wasteful post offices that are scattered a few miles apart from each other in a lot of areas in this country instead of doing favors for a bunch of real estate agents.

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