Tuesday, April 21, 2009

June elections in Bear Bryant country

There's two special elections being held on June 2 in Alabama for state senate seats that mean everything to the democrats and republicans. In district seven which is in Huntsville, local BBQ restaurant owner Paul Sanford(R) will face State Rep Laura Hall(D) in a battle to win the seat that Congressman Parker Griffith vacated. This district was drawn to elect a democrat but there's been a huge amount of interest in this race on the GOP side. Just last month for example the GOP drew far more votes than the democrats did in their primary for this seat. So given the low turnout special elections tend to have its very important you have your side motivated and the GOP certainly has that in its favor. Im putting this race as a toss-up at this point. Down in district 22 in southwest Alabama, former State Rep Greg Albritton(R) will face State Rep Marc Keahey(D). This seat came open when Pat Lindsey passed away from a heart attack in January. Keahey starts out with an edge in money but Albritton has the demographics leaning in his favor. The late Pat Lindsey had two very close re-election battles in '02 and '06. Right now I would put this race in a slight lean for Keahey. Its going to be a very interesting June 2 in Alabama. Both of the senators that held these seats were part of the liberal ruling caucus in the state senate and with the recent DUI arrest of Senator Little(D) who holds a GOP leaning seat and the looming retirements of Senators Mitchem and Denton from rural white districts. The democrats desperately need to hold these seats to keep their 22-13 state senate majority (its really 21-14 when you count Democrat Jim Preuitt)in next years elections. The GOP needs at least one win as well to prove they can finally win on the local level. LET THE DIRTY TV COMMERCIALS COMMENCE!

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