Monday, March 2, 2009

repeat after me boys and warming is a hoax!

Over the weekend Jackson, Tn recorded 12 inches of snow that fell from Saturday evening to Sunday morning. This tied a fourty year record for Jackson. There were other areas in west Tennessee that received as much as 18 inches. It also snowed as far south as Troy, Al. Reports out of Troy indicate they received one inch from this storm. Their about ninety minutes from the beach in Florida. Ill never forget talking to a well educated democrat though a few years ago. They claimed that we would never see it snow again in the south because of global warming. I couldnt help but think of that person Saturday night while I was watching it come a literal blizzard in the deep south.

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Elaine Wondersby said...

Amen! I am so sick and tuired of hearing abuout global warming in the middle of a snuow storm. Everytime some longhaired freak tells me theres global warming, I open my refriguratur and say Does that feel warm to yu? Follow the money, people! The scientists have to say its global warming or they don't get paid!