Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Political tidbits from the Turnbow grapevine

Im hereing that the legendary local gospel singer and northwest Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D) is going to announce in June he will not seek re-election next year. Look for State Rep Tammy Irons(D-Florence) to run for the seat if he follows through on his retirement plans. I saw former Tennessee State Rep Randy Rinks(D) out and about a few weekends ago. I didnt get a chance to talk to him but he looked like he was doing well for a man who had his dream of being elected Secretary of State dashed by the GOP gains in the legislature last November. Finally a note out of Mississippi concerning white conservative democrats in the legislature. All hell appears to be breaking lose with the state democrat party. They essentially fired a conservative democrat last weekend from their upper ranks and replaced him with a black liberal. The state chairman says that this event was illegal and that the conservative white democrat is still with the state party and the black liberal is still on the outside looking in. The vice chairwoman Barbara Blackmon says thats not true...oh and by the way Mrs Blackmon is black and Chairman Franks is white. Im already hereing that a good number of white conservative democrats in the legislature will switch to the GOP in mass very soon if the action the state party took Saturday night isnt reversed.

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Doloroso said...

It looks like Franks is working on getting the hispanics on his side against the blacks led by Barbara Blackmon. He appointed Eduardo Martinez as Interim Executive Vice Chairman.