Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mississippi Democrats remove a high profile black

The Democrat Party in Jackson removed Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton from the ballot tonight by claiming that he didnt meet the city's residencey requirement. Mayor Melton has been a defendent in three criminal trials over the last year and its taken a huge psychological toll on the city and its residents. So my guess is the democrat party was just looking for any semi-valid excuse that they could find to remove Mayor Melton from the ballot. He stated tonight that he will sue to be re-instated on the ballot for the Mayoral election in May. You here of cases every now and then where candidates are reinstated on appeal but I would guess the chances arent good for Mayor Melton because of the circumstances surrounding him.

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Chris said...

Tell us about the Ike Brown and Sam Hall dust up. I hear Jamie Franks will use it as a way to move against Barbara Blackmon. Whats the inside scoop?