Saturday, February 21, 2009

Update on the two trials

Prosecutors called a Birmingham TV anchor last night as a rebuttal witness to Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) in her fraud trial in Decatur, Al. This is why defendents should never take the stand. You open your self up to perjury charges and pretty much everything else under the sun. ABC 33/40 anchor Pam Huff basically said on the stand that Rep. Schmitz was lieing when she testified yesterday morning that Huff wanted to do some sort of interview with her about her job in the junior college system in Alabama. My prediction remains the same in this case. Mrs. Schmitz will be convicted sometime before Wednesday. Its Saturday afternoon and there appears to be something going on in the criminal trial of Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton. The jury is at the courthouse but Mayor Melton(D) and all the attorneys are meeting with the Judge. I suppose their talking plea bargain. But that will be a surprise in my opinion. I thought Mayor Melton(D) had a good chance at an acquittal.

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