Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phil Bredesen's future

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has been heavily rumored in recent days to be the leading candidate for the open HHS Secretary post in the Obama administration. I have my doubts about how serious these stories are. When you consider what Bredesen did a few years ago with Tenncare. I just dont believe his nomination will fly with the lefties out there in kookland. He basically told those people on Tenncare that he cut off to drop dead. But I do have a hunch that he wants out of the Governors office. I had a friend in the Nashville political scene tell me the other day that he's heard rumors in recent weeks that Bredesen will end up taking an Ambassadorship at some point over the next eight weeks. I think he would be a good choice to be the new Titans owner down the road in the near future when Bud Adams leaves the scene. The Titans wouldnt be here if it wasnt for Phil so why shouldnt he finish his days as their owner.

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