Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mayor Melton walks

A mistrial was declared this morning in the federal case of Jackson, Ms. Mayor Frank Melton(D) and his bodyguard. You could pretty much see this coming. They had already been tried on state charges and were acquitted on similar charges. This whole ordeal stems from Mayor Melton and his bodyguards breaking into what they thought was a crack house. They claimed they were doing that to scare the drug dealers off. But it turned out the house they broke into wasnt a crack house. My guess is this case is now over. It was pretty shaky from the start. If they had broken into this house for some other reason than to run off drug dealers. Then you would probably see a different verdict. But given their excuse it was valid enough to keep them free after two trials and with new US Attorneys coming in all over the country. This ordeal is almost certainly over. The political side of it though isnt over for the Mayor just yet. He's up for re-election later this year and most observers think he's going to have a much tougher time getting re-elected than he did staying free at his two criminal trials.

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