Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good week for black bama democrats

State Senator Roger Smitherman(D-Birmingham)was elected the leader of the Alabama State Senate this week by an 18-12 margin. Mr Smitherman becomes the second black to lead the Alabama State Senate. The late Michael Figures(husband of 2008 US Senate nominee Vivian Figures) was the first. It could be a very good year for the Smitherman household in terms of political power. Mrs Carole Smitherman is the Birmingham City Council President and if Mayor Langford gets convicted at his criminal trial this spring. Then Mrs. Smitherman will be sworn in as the new Birmingham Mayor. Another piece of good news for black democrats came Friday when Congressman Artur Davis announced he's running for Governor. Mr Davis is the first credible black to run for statewide office in Alabama. In my opinion Mr Davis stands a good chance of taking Lt Governor Jim Folsom in the primary. He'll get a record number of blacks to turn out for him and if he plays the new vs. old theme the right way against Folsom with the white voters then he should be able to take down the legendary Folsom in the primary.

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