Monday, February 23, 2009

Dems pick up a seat in Memphis

The Democrat party in Memphis broke a longstanding tradition today by appointing a democrat to replace a GOP commissioner who was appointed Tennessee's State Treasurer last month. They picked Matt Kuhn to replace David Lilliard on the Shelby County Commission. That expands the democrat majority to an 8-5 margin on the Shelby County Commission. Its interesting to note that when the GOP controlled the commission. They always replaced democrat seats that were vacant with democrats. Even in the case of the despised John Ford led Memphis democrats who were caught in the infamous Tennessee Waltz sting. The GOP replaced everyone of them with democrats. The GOP shouldnt fret too much because this seat was drawn for a Republican and its up for election next year. But Shelby County democrats will learn that old saying "what goes around comes around" well when the GOP retakes a majority on the commission down the road.

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