Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bad Dickie

Alan over at www. has an interesting story up about well known trial lawyer/democrat donor/convicted felon/Trent Lott's brother in law Dickie Scruggs. Mr Scruggs who was already serving time for bribery was brought back to Mississippi yesterday where he plead guilty to mail fraud charges. This morning though a judicial bribery indictment was issued against Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Bobby Delaughter. He is alleged to have accepted a bribe from Dickie and his merry little band of bandits. The US Attorney stated though that more indictments will be issued in this case. Thats where this case is going to get interesting. Dickie has stated in court documents that he called his brother in law(Trent Lott,former US Senate Majority Leader)and recommended Judge Delaughter for a position in the lower level of the US Courts. He also has numerous connections to the whose who of the democrat party in Mississippi and Washington. By the way Judge Delaughter was the one that put legendary klansman Byron Dela Beckwith behind bars in the mid 90's. Alec Baldwin portrayed Judge Delaughter in Ghosts of Mississippi.

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