Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alabama Dem found guilty

As I predicted last Friday. A jury today found Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) guilty on 7 of the 8 felony counts against her involving the 2 year college system that continues to take down numerous politicians in the state. She was found guilty of mail fraud and being employed for a federally funded job and not actually doing any work for that job. You could see this coming if you have been following the trial. Her defense basically consisted of character witnesses. They hardly touched the specifics of the case and then late last week she chose to take the stand. She pretty much destroyed her crediblity at that point when the prosecution started asking her questions. She becomes the second democrat lawmaker in Alabama to be convicted of felonies and automatically removed from the legislature in the last month. EB McClain was removed last month from the State Senate when he was convicted of crimes related to this ever growing scandal involving Alabama's two year college system. Its going to be interesting to see where the new democrat leaning US Attorneys take this case in Alabama. Education lobbyist Paul Hubbert(D) and House Speaker Seth Hammett(D) were prominently mentioned at Sue Schmitz's trial as getting her this cushy job.

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