Saturday, February 28, 2009

2010 Tennessee's Governors race

The GOP primary got a lot more interesting today with the addition of Lt Governor Ron Ramsey. Lt Governor Ramsey joins Congressman Zach Wamp,Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam and Shelby County DA Bill Gibbons in the primary. I think Mr Ramsey's entry probably hurts Congressman Wamp the most but it also poses a huge obstacle for Mayor Haslam as well. I dont consider Mr Gibbons that big of a factor because of how out of control crime is in Shelby County. Grassroots Republicans are already hesitant to turn too a Congressman for a statewide race after the Don Sundquist debacle and with todays news of Ramsey jumping into the race. You really have to wonder how long will Mr Wamp stick around in the Governors race. Mayor Haslam looked to be on cruise control lately with high profile help from the Howard Baker,Lamar and Frist wing of the party. But Ramsey's entry presents a major roadblock in Haslam's hopes of winning the primary next August. Governor Ramsey doesnt have a ten plus figure bank account to write endless amounts of campaign checks like Haslam does. But he does have a lot of grassroot conservative allies in the state who adore him for bringing down the entrenched democrat leadership team that had controlled the state senate for decades and establishing a solid GOP majority for what is likely to last for the next decade or so. Thats why if Ramsey and Haslam are the only two major players in this race next summer. I give Lt Gov Ramsey a slight edge at this time.

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