Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memphis is pathetic

The Shelby County Commission and Memphis City Council set up a program last week that would give people $1 for every tire they turned in at a recycling facility in Memphis. Well today they had to abruptly cancel that program because they ran out of money after just three days. People turned in around 53,000 used tires. Yes thats correct, there were at least 53,000 used tires just laying around in the city of Memphis and Shelby County. The city also removed over 100,000 used tires from a vacant property back in October. Who knows how many more tires remain out there because people were still lined up at the facility when the program was canceled today and more were rumored to be in route. I don't know who to yell at more when I hear about stories like these. I guess my first gripe is with the citizens of Memphis and the Shelby County area. Why in the world did you people let at minimum 53,000 tires pile up in your neighborhoods? MY GOD! These tires bread mosquitoes and they in turn carry the west nile virus. Its no wonder Memphis has had people and animals get sick and die from that virus this decade. Stories like this one fuel the perception in the rest of the state that your city and county is a joke . My other gripe is with the so called "enviromentalists" who reside in the mid south area. Did it ever occur to you people that instead of running around worrying about some bear or an ice glacier in some god forsaken place melting that your backyards needed to be cleaned up? People will not take you seriously when your lecturing to them about maintaining a clean enviroment. All the while mosquitoes are swarming in mass all over Memphis like flies on meat every summer. I will give Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy some credit for this program. He helped spearhead the program along with Councilman Harold Collins and they both said tonight on WMC TV that they hope to restart the program in a few weeks. But gentlemen why stop there? Everyone who drives through that area knows there is also a very bad problem with junk. As for the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County if you or someone you know have used tires and junk on your property. Have a little self respect and do everyone a favor and get rid of it!


I didnt mean all them nasty things I said about you after all

The head honchos at GOP headquarters welcomed Alabama Congressman Parker Griffith to the party today exactly 14 months after they spent millions on research and tv ads slamming him on Huntsville, Al TV stations as a doctor who purposedly killed cancer patients a quarter century ago with overdoses of radiation and chemotherapy. Its kind of a surprise that he was the first to switch. Mr Griffith had a close relationship with the hyper partisan State Senator Lowell Barron(D) when the two served in the state senate from 2006 to 2008. He also represents a slightly less GOP district than Congressman Bobby Bright has down in southeast Alabama. Most people do expect Mr Bright to switch at some point. I do find it interesting that the NRCC has toned down their rhetoric promoting Montgomery City Councilwoman Martha Roby as of late and that she is the only serious GOPer in this race so far. It makes you wonder..... As for Congressman Griffith next year and his reelection chances we will have to wait and see. The bench of GOP officeholders is still kind of short in this area once you get outside Madison County. One of the current GOPers running against Griffith is Les Phillip but he has been very quiet since his fundraiser featuring Mike Huckabee turned into a disaster last summer. Les should've got the Freed Hardeman accountants to help him. Mike Huckabee broke a fundraising record when he spoke at Freed Hardeman University a few weeks ago. The other GOPer in the race is Madison County Commissioner Mo Brooks. He's raised over a $100,000 so far to challenge Congressman Griffith. Mr Brooks is well known through the GOP ranks in that district from his failed run for Lt. Governor in 2006. So my guess is he will probably be Griffith's main opponent in June's primary. Barring Roy Moore winning the GOP nod for Governor next year. Im expecting a very good and probable historic election day next November for Alabama Republicans. So Mo or Parker will in all likelihood be the Congressman from north Alabama in January 2011.

Another West Tn Sheriff passes away

Lake County, Tn Sheriff Danny Tippit has died of cancer according to media reports out of Dyersburg. He's the second Sheriff in west Tennessee to die of cancer the last few months. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Another young democrat wants to replace Tanner

Last week Luther Mercer jumped into the race to replace retiring Congressman John Tanner. The Jackson Sun is reporting this afternoon that yet another young democrat from Jackson is on the verge of entering the race. William Godwin who is a graduate of the London school of economics among other things announced he's forming an exploratory committee to run as a democrat to replace John Tanner in the rural west Tennessee district. He joins Mr Mercer and Roy Herron as democrats seeking the nomination to replace Mr Tanner. I have a hunch there will be more democrats and republicans jumping into this race over the next few months. We have already heard of the former head of the Jackson Clinic, Mr Kirkland and the Shelby County Commissioner George Flinn making rumblings about jumping into this race on the GOP side. The DCCC and NRCC have rallied around Roy Herron and Stephen Fincher as their "preferred choices". But this seat historically only comes open once every twenty years or so and there are a lot of politically ambitious people out there especially in a growing area like Madison County who realize its either now or never to fulfill their dream of serving in Congress. So I'm not going to be shocked if more candidates buck the wishes of the elites in DC and jump into this race.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Country radio hosts breaking up

Clear Channel announced this week that they were breaking up the well known and well liked "The House Foundation" in Nashville. Al Voecks and Duncan Stewart were for all practical purposes fired from their jobs as Gerry House's sidekicks. I realize this show is beloved by numerous people in Nashville and throughout the country music world. But I've personally never enjoyed this show. It just always struck me as being too bland. I was always a fan of Carl P. Mayfield who did an afternoon show on WSIX in the mid 90's and the syndicated John Boy and Billy show out of Charlotte. Those two shows seemed geared more toward the common man and woman while House's show always seemed geared more toward the elites of Green Hills and Franklin.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Titanic sequel involving Tennessee Democrats

Longtime Congressman Bart Gordon(D) announced today that he'll retire from Congress after twenty six years in the US House. He replaced Al Gore in 1984 when Gore was elected to the US Senate. The well respected Cook Political Report quickly moved this race from the lean democrat category to the likely republican category. Todays news comes on top of news two weeks ago that longtime Congressman John Tanner(D) would also retire next year after 22 years in Congress. To say things are bad for Tennessee Democrats would be putting it mildly. The fortunes of the Tennessee Democrat Party have fallen so far south this year. That they probably passed Michelle Duggar's boobs somewhere along the way.

Bad few months for Chester County Tn law enforcement

Henderson, Tn Police Captain Dennis Cagle passed away Sunday morning in Jackson from a bullet wound he suffered in a gunfight Thursday night in Henderson at a Save-A-Lot grocery store. The store was being robbed by a middle aged man whose wife was waiting for him nearby in a get away car when Mr Cagle arrived on the scene. The husband and wife team will now be charged with first degree murder and in all likelihood receive the death penalty once they go to trial. Its been a tragic few months in the Henderson/Chester County, Tn law enforcement community. A few months ago the popular young Chester County Sheriff Mark Davidson passed away from a cancerous brain tumor. From what I was told that shattered a few of them because Sheriff Davidson had just received a good report from a doctor out west when he abruptly passed away. So this will almost certainly compound what was already a bad situation in Chester County law enforcement. There was also another cop murdered in Birmingham two weeks ago. That situation is the strangest one Ive ever heard of in a cop killing. Most suspects who choose to murder members of the law enforcement community are nearly always low income people of varying ethnic backgrounds. But in this case it was a pharmacist who has a brother that works for a neighboring police department in Birmingham. The pharmacist's wife is also a pharmacist and they live in an upscale neighborhood with two young children. The police officers dashcam showed the officer being murdered. The pharmacist tells the officer that he has a brother thats a policeman and the officer tells him to have the brother call him if he wants to talk about the ticket and then from out of no where the pharmacist murders him right there on the side of I-65. Its a dangerous world out there for everyone but especially for law enforcement officers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Interesting week for domestic violence cases in shotgun Mary Winkler's homestate

There was a murder trial in Savannah, Tn this week that was televised nationally on TruTv(formerly known as CourtTV). It involved a local nurse who was facing life in prison for murdering her husband with an unprescribed diabetes drug. The husband who was a local fire chief seemed to be a very popular man around their Bruton Branch neighborhood just south of Savannah while his wife was portrayed as being cold and distant. In the end the jury acquitted her of all charges although I noticed an interesting comment posted by someone at the end of a column concerning this case on the Jackson Sun website. The commentator claimed that Mrs Chasson worked with a lady years ago at Regional Hospital in Jackson who is currently serving life for giving her husband an unprescribed diabetes drug. So who knows. Then today came the news that former Tennesee GOP spokesperson Bill Hobbs was arrested on a domestic violence charge back in October. But him and his wife both claim on Adam Kleinheider's blog in Nashville that the whole case was basically a huge misunderstanding. Who knows where the truth lies in that case, but hopefully it'll will work out ok for the sake of their two children. I don't understand cases like those and especially the infamous Winkler case. Ive personally never hit or for that matter threatened anyone in my life although I sure have felt like it a few times (who among us hasnt?). But everytime I have, you just take a few deep breaths and walk away. My late fiance who passed away from cancer a few years ago liked to joke with me that if I ever hit her she would have her father (who played football for Bear Bryant at Alabama) "shine my ass with a grindstone". She always believed humor and honesty were the keys to a successful marriage. Its unfortunate we never got to test her theory......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The future vs the past

Last night attorney Patrick Cooper finished first in the primary for Birmingham's Mayoral race. His challenger in next months runoff will be current Jefferson County Commissioner and former Birmingham Mayor William Bell. Mr Cooper finished with around fourty percent of the vote while Mr Bell barely nudged out Carole Smitherman with a percentage in the low teens. This is just a guess but right now I would give the edge to Mr Cooper in next months runoff. Mr Bell was the Mayor of Birmingham back in 1999. He was also at the time pretty much in the same situation that Mr Cooper finds himself in this morning. Mr Bell barely missed winning the 1999 Mayor's race outright in the primary by just a few hundred votes over Bernard Kincaid who finished in the teens. But when the runoff election occured Mr Kincaid stormed to a surprising upset over Mr Bell by finishing with a 51 to 49% win over Mr Bell in late 1999. One would assume with the roles kind of being reversed, this might help Mr Bell this time around but he's facing an energetic young attorney in Mr Cooper who in most aspects is viewed as an "outsider" running in a city that has gone through a lot of trouble recently thanks mainly to the so called "insiders". While Mr Bell is not implicated in any of the wrongdoing that nearly lead the area to a record bankruptcy he is a classic insider in the sense that he's been an elected official in Birmingham for a few decades now. Mr Bell also performed very poorly in the single digits when he ran for Mayor two years ago in Birmingham while Mr Cooper finished second in what was his first race for an elected office. It should also be noted that if Mr Cooper wins this race he will probably gain national attention in democrat party circles in short order because he is in the same mold as the Artur Davis's,Harold Ford Jr's and Barack Obama's. One final note on the Birmingham Mayor's race concerns yesterdays third place finisher Carole Smitherman. In the last few weeks she has taken quiet a fall from being the first female Birmingham Mayor in modern history. She was also the City Council President but then the new Birmingham City Council was sworn in and the new council quickly removed her from the Mayor and Council President's post and then came yesterdays flame out in the Mayor's race. Thats quite a fall for a woman whose married to the leader of the Alabama State Senate and who doesnt have any known legal problems facing her.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mike Huckabee helps a local west Tn. University set a record

According to local reports in Henderson, Tn last nights fundraiser at Freed Hardeman University featuring former Arkansas Governor and Fox News host Mike Huckabee was a rousing success. The fundraiser brought in a record $1.3 million for the annual event of which most will be used to fund scholarships for students who attend the church of christ affiliated Freed Hardeman University. The University has pretty much rebuilt and expanded their entire campus over the last fifteen years using money from this event along with the help of two prominent donors. Its by no means a stretch to say they have now become the lifeblood of the Chester County, Tn. economy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Voters reject sales tax reduction in Hardin County, Tn

Voters in Hardin County, Tn this past Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a reduction in the sales tax that was put on the ballot through the efforts of a local grassroots group that was angry over their schools being closed. The final vote was a three to one margin in favor of keeping the local sales tax where its currently at. This vote clears the way for the Hardin County school system to begin the process of reducing the county's ten elementary schools down to five. This school consolidation deal mainly involves the residents on the southeastern side of the Tennessee River.

More political news from Madison County, Tn.

Madison County Court Clerk Judy Barnhill(R) announced today that she will not seek re election next year. Mrs. Barnhill was part of the GOP surge in the 90's that eventually helped the Republicans take over the entire county government. But she ran into legal trouble this year when she was arrested over a domestic incident involving her daughter in law.

Getting stabbed in the back isnt all that bad after all

The Tennessee GOP must be living right. This week they held on to a state senate seat in Memphis that was left vacant when Paul Stanley resigned after making national headlines for having an affair with his intern. Former State Rep Brian Kelsey won the seat in a landslide over his democrat challenger. Then like that wasnt good enough, news started leaking out right after the polls closed on Tuesday in Memphis that longtime west Tennessee Congressman John Tanner would be retiring next year after 22 years in Congress. The Cook Political Report ranks Tanner's Congressional district as 160th most Republican in the country and its now considered a toss up for the first time in modern history. All of this bodes very well for "the singing farmer" Stephen Fincher who the NRCC recruited to run against Tanner earlier this year. They also appear to have succeeded in recruiting a top challenger to take on Congressman Bart Gordon(D) in State Senator Jim Tracy(R). Its worth noting that since Tennessee State House Speaker Kent Williams(Carter County Republican) famously stabbed the GOP in the back, back in January and became the darling of democrats across the country. The Tennessee GOP have since knocked off the longtime Secretary of State,State Treasurer,State Comptroller, won a state house seat that they had never won before and they won a senate seat this week that they lost in disgrace back in the summer. So it makes one wonder if the Tennessee GOP would like a few more proverbial knives in the back.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birmingham Mayor's race

The special election for the Birmingham Mayor's seat is now two weeks away. The frontrunners appear to be the runner up in the 2007 Mayor's race Patrick Cooper, Jefferson County Commissioner William Bell and former interim Mayor/city councilor Carole Smitherman. If no one gets to the fifty percent mark in two weeks then there will be a run off in January. As of yesterday the only candidate up on TV was Mr Cooper and its my understanding from asking around that Mr Cooper is leading in the internal polls but he's only polling in the mid to upper 30's so far. He's hoping his ads will push him up into the mid 40's over the next week and enough of the undecided voters on election day will break for him to push him over the fifty percent mark without a runoff. My guess is even if he is forced into a run off he will still win. Mr. Bell has been around for a while. He lost the run off in 1999 to Bernard Kincaid and he only pulled down five percent of the vote two years ago when he ran for Mayor. City Councilor Carole Smitherman was the interim Birmingham Mayor up until noon today when she was abruptly removed by the new City Council and replaced by city councilman Roderick Royal. So that will without doubt hurt Mrs Smitherman's mayoral campaign. One other candidate worth watching is attorney Emory Anthony. Mr Anthony is a credible candidate but its probably too late for him to get into the run off. He doesnt have the name id that Cooper,Smitherman and Bell have and given what a short campaign this has been. His only realistic hope is to use this race to build name id for a race later on.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doctors & Hospitals shoulder part of the blame for healthcare reform

A lot of people from the conservative persuasion like myself have been warning against turning to the government to solve the healthcare problems in this country. However a lot of doctors and hospitals have made more government intervention in this field appealing to low and middle income folks because of their shameful and erratic billing practices. My late mother for example was sued twice by a doctor in Birmingham in 2007 because his office claimed her insurance was refusing payment but after a call was placed to her insurance it was discovered the doctor wasn't sending in the proper forms to receive payment. The judge dismissed the lawsuits against mom but it sure caused me and my sister and not to mention mom a lot of stress. Another example involves my brother in law who had to go to the emergency room late at night late last year complaining of chest pains. Him and my sister were making payments on this bill every month but without warning the hospital turned the account over to a collection agency and that agency almost immediately sued them in civil court. Then the situation turned strange because when they went to court the attorney for the collection agency ended up settling the account with them for twenty five percent of the balance owed on the account. So the hospital in this case not only caused my brother in law and sister a lot of stress but they ended up cheating themselves out of money they wouldve otherwise received. Most low and middle income people don't expect to receive medical care for free. But they do expect and deserve to be treated with respect when it comes to working out arrangements to pay their medical bills. All to often though hospitals and doctors haven't done that and thats one of the reasons why we find ourselves on the verge of the government taking control of the healthcare industry in this country.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tidbits from Alabama

The Jefferson County, Al. government did as I suspected they would after the SEC judgement two weeks ago. They filed a lawsuit today against former Birmingham Mayor/current convicted felon Larry Langford and JPMorgan and Chase and two of its loan managers. This will probably be settled out of court for more money than you'll ever dream of. This case is a great example of what happens when crooks in mega corporations hook up with crooks in government. The list of gifts that JPMorgan lavished on government officials in Birmingham is just amazing. All of this kind of makes you wonder though. What Obama's pay and car czars are up too this weekend? One final tidbit from Alabama concerns the filing deadline for the seat left vacant by Lea Fite's unfortunate death in the Alabama State House. Today's the deadline but it appears that Ricky Whaley is the choice of the democrat establishment in Montgomery. It will be a tough race for Mr Whaley and the democrats to hold given the makeup of that district.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hardin County school tax issue

There's a huge debate going on in Hardin County, Tn. right now over the upcoming countywide vote on whether to remove a one cent sales tax that was implemented in the mid 90's to pay for the renovation of the Hardin County High School. The issue at hand involves the decision to close down most of the elementary schools on the eastern side of the Tennessee river in the county. This move by the county leaders enraged a lot of people in these communities where the schools are located at. So they went out and gathered enough signatures to have the sales tax removal put to a vote in a special election here in a few weeks. The county is planning to use this sales tax to help pay for these two mega elementary schools they want to build. So if the county does vote to remove the one cent sales tax. Its believed the county leaders at that point would be more willing to help renovate or build new schools in these communities that are currently slated to lose their schools. In the interest of full disclosure I don't live in the county so I really don't have a dog in this hunt. But if I was still living in Hardin County I would vote to keep the tax and here's why. I understand where the parents and locals are coming from in these small communities. I still remember when the elementary school I attended in Saltillo was closed twenty two years ago. I also understand their point about how this one cent sales tax was only meant to pay for the high school renovations and then it was suppose to sunset. Im also very sympathetic to their argument that we shouldn't trust government leaders. They claim they lied about this one cent sales tax in the 90's and their lieing again today about it and will continue to lie as long as the voters in the county allow it. Here's the reason though why I would keep the tax and it has to do with the economy. Where is the economic growth in the Walnut Grove, Walker and Nixon communities that would justify spending millions of taxpayer dollars to renovate the existing schools or build new schools? There isn't any and to my knowledge there never has been any economic growth in these rural areas. North Elementary is also slated to close under the arrangement and even though it is in the Savannah city limits where most of the county's economic base exists. Its my understanding that this school is in pretty bad structural shape and renovating it wouldn't be economically feasible. You also have to take into account that its better to acquant children with each other at an early age instead of the current arrangement of ninth grade. It would help them get used to being around each other and stop the culture shock that they currently experience of trying to establish friendships with fellow students they've never met before going into their freshman year of high school in Savannah. So in my opinion that factor and the lack of economic growth in these rural area's should override the other factors in this debate.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coming sometime this week.....

There's a huge debate over the tax issue and building new schools in Hardin County, Tn right now. If I get time tomorrow Ill share some thoughts on something I havent heard mentioned much in this debate yet even though I think it should be the over riding issue considering the money involved.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 Mississippi democrats jump ship to the GOP

Seven officials in Simpson County, Ms. switched to the GOP today. It ranged from a small town alderman to the district attorney and sheriff in that county. There's been constant rumors of possible democrat defectors in the legislature over the past year. But so far the Mississippi GOP has come up empty on that front.


Has Birmingham avoided bankruptcy?

Yesterday afternoon the Securities and Exchange Commission announced that JPMorgan Chase & Co has agreed to pay Birmingham, Al $700 million over the sewer bond deal scandal that's nearly caused Birmingham to file for bankruptcy numerous times over the past eighteen months. Just to give you a hint of what a financial mess Birmingham is in because of these bond deals. The $700 million settlement with the SEC only reduces Birmingham's debt from 3.9 BILLION to 3.2 BILLION. There's more good news for Birmingham and Alabama's taxpayers in this settlement though. The way I understand it is that there's nothing in this settlement agreement preventing local prosecutors from going after JPMorgan. You would have to assume their already doing this behind the scenes in terms of settlement talks given all thats gone on in Birmingham the past few weeks. So at the end of the day I would suspect Birmingham will have their debt reduced even further down than where its at today. If these settlements bring in the type of money I suspect they will then Birmingham will avoid becoming the largest city in the country to ever file for bankruptcy. There are also rumors floating that a settlement is near between the SEC and former Birmingham Mayor and now convicted felon Larry Langford(D). Not much will come from this settlement though in terms of monetary damages. Mr Langford had to use a public defender in his criminal trial last month and he's facing over 800 years in prison after being convicted on all 60 counts last week. The real juicy stuff came at the end of the documents the SEC released yesterday where they allege that two directors at JPMorgan gave close friends of certain former and current Jefferson County, Al. Commissioners eight million dollars. These "close friends" worked at financial firms in the Birmingham area and the SEC alleges these "close friends" performed no known services to receive that kind of payment. One of these commissioners whose "close friends" were suddenly flush with cash is none other than former TV reporter Sheila Smoot who just happens to be one of the frontrunners in the race to replace Congressman Artur Davis in Congress next year. I'm sure Nancy Pelosi can't wait to see her.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Giddy up & Giddy up again & again.......

Whats the deal with all these men in middle Tennessee having sex with animals? The Tennessean has a story out today about cases in Davidson,Maury and Humphreys Counties where men have been arrested recently for having "intercourse" with horses,dogs and who knows what else. My gosh, it makes you wonder about these men. Take that truck driver over on I-40 near the Parsons exit. If push comes to shove you take what you can get. Thats what he did when he met "shotgun" Mary Winkler at a local bar. I mean sure his eyes probably pop wide open every night when he's laying in bed and he hears even the slightest noise but at least he's in bed with a woman.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hurricane warning out for Alabama Democrats

A jury in Tuscaloosa only took a few hours this afternoon to find Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) guilty on all sixty counts of corruption. The charges ranged from bribery to wire fraud to mail fraud. He now faces what will likely be a life sentence for someone his age and health condition. It brings to a disappointing end the political career of Mr Langford which spanned four decades in Birmingham area politics. Birmingham City Council President Carole Smitherman will be sworn in as interim Mayor by the end of tonight. She will remain Mayor until a special election is held early next year.

Its raining on Alabama Democrats

The news just keeps getting worse for Alabama Democrats. On Monday came the news that a democrat state rep. from a toss up district had passed away. Then today comes the news that democrat State Rep Ron Grantland is retiring next year. His district is also considered a toss up district. The GOP appears to have recruited a major player for this seat with the announcement that Hartselle, Al. Mayor Dwight Tankersley is planning on running. Last year he became the first Hartselle Mayor in decades to win re-election. The GOP needs to pick up nine seats next year to win the state house in Alabama. Right now the GOP appears to have an edge in winning four democrat held seats that are currently open or will be open next year. Those seats are currently held by Speaker Seth Hammett,the late Lea Fite,Ron Grantland and Bill Dukes. They need those seats plus five more to win control outright next November. But if they win the Governors race and only pick up six or seven seats in the state house then my guess is they will still take control through party switchers. There's going to be a huge void left on the democrat side with the retirement of Speaker Hammett and if the democrats lose the Governor's race then their going to be in disarray in the days after the election. The GOP should be able to "flip" enough democrats under this scenario to take control of the state house for the first time in history.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Alabama Democrat passes away

Alabama State Rep Lea Fite(D) who represented district 40 passed away earlier today from a seizure that he suffered at his home. He was only 54 years old. Mr Fite had been through a lot over the past year with his son. Who was involved with numerous legal problems in Cullman County, Al. Mr Fite had also been heavily courted by the GOP to switch parties recently because of the GOP trend in his district. His passing now puts the State House at a 59-44 democrat majority with two vacancies that were held by democrats.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tidbits from two criminal trials

There's a murder trial going on in Knoxville right now. It involves a gang of young black males who kidnapped and raped a young white couple who were out on a date in early 2007. This case has made headlines all over Tennessee and to a certain extent nationally. There is an odd development that is taking place in this murder trial though and it involves the jurors being allowed to directly ask the individual witnesses questions when they are on the stand. I had never heard of this being done before in any criminal trial. But after asking around its my understanding that Tennessee is one of the few states that allows this to happen upon each judge's discretion. Hopefully the appeals court won't use this as an excuse years from now to throw out what is likely going to be a death sentence for most of the defendents in this gruesome case. Using rare legal practices in court is fine but Im not so sure a trial of this stature is an appropriate place to start.

Down in the heart of Bear Bryant country at the Federal Courthouse in Tuscaloosa, Al the first week of testimony in the corruption trial of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford wrapped up for the weekend. Its not looking good for Mayor Langford. There was testimony this week from lobbyist Al Lapierre and former Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Bill Blount who both cut plea deals with the prosecution back in August to testify against Langford. They both testified that they basically bribed Mayor Langford with numerous shopping trips to New York City and close to a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for Mayor Langford to reward county contracts to Mr Blount. The Langford defense team seems to be employing the simplistic strategy by basically saying that the Mayor was just too gullible. It doesnt seem like a winning strategy to me but you never can tell what a jury will buy. My guess is the jury will have the case by late next week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lala's day of reckoning has begun

The corruption trial of Birmingham, Al Mayor Larry Langford(D) got underway this morning in Tuscaloosa with jury selection. Given Mayor Langford's age and rumored health problems he is essentially facing life if convicted of the charges. On a side note, there was a prayer vigil held for Mayor Langford by local black leaders in Birmingham last night in Linn Park. This is my own personal opinion, but I bet Larry was the only black democrat in Alabama who wished McCain had won last year. That way he couldve stirred up a hornets nest(ala Don "the Don" Siegelman) of conspiracy theories claiming republicans framed him.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The thing that would trouble me if I was a democrat

The democrat party in Tennessee lost another state house seat yesterday in a special election. They are now in the minority by a 50-48-1 margin. As expected theres a circular firing squad beginning to form among democrats in Tennessee today. Some of these democrats are claiming the party should take more of a leftward turn in the wake of this loss. Others are claiming the state chairman for the democrats should be fired. I'm sure there are merits to both of those arguments but thats not the thing that would bother me the most if I was a democrat. The thing that would trouble me the most is that the party has now dropped bombs on two republican candidates for the legislature within the past year and they both exploded but they exploded on them instead of the two republicans in the end. Last year the party leaked a story to the media about state senate candidate Mike Faulk and an affair he had with an elementary teacher in east Tennessee. It was assumed by most democrats at the time that this story would sink Mr Faulk's chances of winning but on election day he did win and is now a state senator. Then last month the democrats dropped another bomb on yet another republican. This time it was Pat Marsh who won yesterdays election. The democrats proudly gloated when the Tennessee Right to Life organization endorsed the democrat Ty Cobb over Mr Marsh. This was considered huge because they usually only endorse republicans. A lot of democrats who were involved in this race proudly gloated in private and on blogs that they had just won the race because of this endorsement. But then the results came in last night and once again the proverbial bomb exploded on the democrats instead of its intended target. So you have to wonder if you can't even defeat republicans after dropping an Octoberesque surprise on them. Then your probably headed for a huge loss a year from now at the ballot box.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Its hard out here for a politician!

The past few weeks I started hearing some strange rumors at my job about a certain Sheriff in this area of the country from some pretty credible people. By the way its not a Sheriff in Tennessee. Anyway, the rumor was that this Sheriff was arrested in Minnesota two weeks ago after he went to meet a 14 year old girl for sex and it went on to claim that he was back home but he was wearing an ankle bracelet that was monitoring his activities. Well I saw this particular Sheriff over the weekend at a dinner and he was NOT wearing a bracelet on his ankle or his arms. It turned out he was in Minnesota but he revealed at this dinner that his wife has breast cancer and he took her to the Mayo Clinic up there to see a specialist. Politics can be a mean business sometimes folks. Just ask Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. He hasnt even went to trial yet but everyone from Patrick Cooper to Richard Arrington are already preparing to run in the special election early next year for the Mayor's post. There are some serious rumors out there though that Mayor Langford was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month. Hopefully thats not the case.

Campaign signs popping up!

I've started seeing campaign signs popping up around the region the past few weeks for next years elections. There are some Alan Nunnalee for Congress signs appearing in northeast Mississippi. I noticed a Ron Ramsey for Tennessee Governor sign this past Saturday at the bridge in Savannah. Tim James for Alabama Governor signs started popping up back in late July along highway 157 in northwest Alabama. Its my hope that one day soon campaign signs will no longer be needed. These signs are pretty bad eyesores along the highways if you ask me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will the RINO's stab Kelsey in the back?

Former Tennessee State Rep Brian Kelsey announced today that he's raised $200,000 in his campaign for a state senate seat in Memphis. Given that kind of money and the fact the senate district he's running in was drawn for a republican. It would genuinely make you think that this race is all but over. But there "might" be storm clouds ahead on the horizon for Mr. Kelsey. I've personally heard rumblings that a group of prominent republicans in Memphis may endorse Mr Kelsey's democrat challenger here in the next few weeks. Mr Kelsey rubbed a lot of the establishment republicans in Nashville and Memphis the wrong way with some of his "antics" during his brief tenure in the State House. The thinking among some of these moderate GOPers goes that since the GOP has a 19-14 majority in the senate. They could afford to briefly lose a senate seat until the election next year when they could turn around and take out the democrat with a republican more to their liking. It's a risky strategy if these moderate GOPers in Memphis follow through on their threat to abandon Kelsey. Special elections most of the time have very low turnout so just a small portion of republicans jumping ship could hand the race to the democrat in this race. But once a person is in office its extremely difficult to remove that individual from their seat even if it was drawn to elect a person from a different political party.

Birmingham election results

As I predicted earlier, Birmingham City Council President Carole Smitherman(D) hung on to win re-election last night. She defeated local community activist Sheilia Tyson by just 98 votes. So unless something shocking happens at the upcoming trial of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. Mrs Smitherman will take over once Mayor Langford is convicted which will probably be around the middle of next month. Its worth noting to those of you outside of Alabama that this race got real vicious the last few weeks. Ms. Tyson found a dead cat at her front door one morning and a private investigator was looking into her background at a college she attended in Virginia. In other city council races, two term incumbent Carol Duncan lost to newcomer Kim Rafferty. Ms. Rafferty has had a very bad week her husband had a heart attack over the weekend and her son has swine flu. So this was very good news for the Rafferty household. Back in August during the general election for the City Council long time incumbent Joel Montgomery was easily defeated. Mr Montgomery had some pretty bad personal problems in recent years so it wasnt a surprise that he went down. One final note on the city council races in Birmingham concerns the legendary former Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington. He has been dropping strong hints that he will run in a special election next year for the Mayor's seat if/when Larry Langford gets convicted here in a few weeks. He even went as far as endorsing certain candidates for the city council. How did those candidates do yesterday you ask. Well everyone of them lost. So it seems Mr Arrington doesnt have the power that he once had back in the 80's and 90's.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Party switching time?

There are numerous rumors floating around out there that we may see a few legislative democrats switching to the GOP in Alabama in the coming days and weeks. With all the tea parties going on across the country and the strong opposition to Obama's healthcare plan by a lot of the elderly population in these districts represented by conservative democrats. It makes one wonder if we are about to see hundreds of elected democrats across the country switch to the republican party like they did in the Clinton administration. Interestingly, we have already seen two statewide elected democrats leave the democrat party in the last few months. But they weren't from the states you might expect. One was Vermont's State Auditor Tim Salmon who switched to the GOP. The other one was Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill who left the democrat side to become an independent. Its odd how democrats start jumping ship when a democrat is in the White House. You didnt see many GOPers do this when Bush was in office.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Challenging Tanner

Yesterday the NRCC begin touting Crockett County, Tn farmer and gospel singer Stephen Fincher as their preferred candidate to challenge eleven term Tennessee Congressman John Tanner(D) next year. Mr Tanner represents the eighth district which mainly encompasses the area north of I-40 between Nashville and Memphis. With the exception of Haywood,Houston and Shelby counties the eighth district is mainly made up of rural white counties that are friendly to the GOP in statewide elections. That friendliness though hasnt transferred down into many local races in that district as of yet. The most populous whole county in the eighth is Madison and its a totally different county politically speaking than it was in 1988 when Tanner last faced a serious challenge. The GOP controls pretty much every county office in Madison along with a decent majority on the county commission. Its also rated as the 160th most GOP congressional district in the country by Cook Political Report. So he has a good base of voters to start with if his campaign continues to grow over the upcoming months. His campaign spokesman is already claiming they've raised over $100,000 in just the last few weeks. They'll need to continue raising money like that if they want to compete with Tanners warchest which has been swelling with each passing year because of the lack of credible GOP challengers. This congressional seat has always been controlled by the democrats so it certainly won't be easy to win it even if it was an open seat. But at this point in 1993, the NRCC was facing the same difficult odds against longtime Congressmen Jack Brooks and Tom Foley and we all know what happened to them a year later. So you never say never.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Would a man be treated like this?

Go check out the story below and then ask yourself a question. If a man emailed a seventeen year old female student of his a picture of his penis and they were having a consenual relationship. Would he get an opportunity to have his record cleared after two years and would he not be required to register as a sex offender like the punishment this female teacher received? I think we all know what would happen if a man did something like this in Tennessee.


Friday, September 18, 2009

New Sheriff in Chester County, Tn

Investigator Blair Weaver was appointed interim Chester County, Tn Sheriff until the statewide primary next August. Mr Weaver replaces seven year incumbent Sheriff Mark Davidson who passed away from a brain tumor in July. An interesting tidbit in this sad case involves Mr Davidsons wife. She's now been married twice and both of her husbands have died of cancer and she's not even fifty years old yet. That is very bad luck.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

The Alabama Superintendent of state schools Joe Morton(R) went out and hired a lady as spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Education who posed nude for Playboy's 2001 Girls of the SEC issue. The lady in question is Malissa Valdes and she is shown topless in the photo while sitting in a radio booth with a logo of Auburn University behind her. The part I love though is the headline above her picture. It says Malissa "can't resist a big microphone". Oh you got to love stories like that. Something tells me poor old Joe Morton is going to pay for this with his job.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Tea Party Rally: Part Tres

There's going to be another tea party rally tomorrow in the Selmer City Park at 1 pm. One of their points in their brochure is pretty interesting. It says they hope to foster the spirit of personal responsiblity where individuals and families are responsible for their own medical care and will be able to afford it through tax relief. Now there's a novel concept but something tells me there will be mass heart attacks and strokes if you mention that to democrats.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More bad news for Roy herron

The unemployment rate in Henderson County, Tn is at 17.7%. This number is amazing in a way because the economic base is a lot better there than it is in Perry County, Tn. where the unemployment is about 20%. Of course State Senator Roy Herron represents this county as well just like he does Perry. I continue to be amazed that he is considered a frontrunner on the democrat side in the race for Tennessee Governor next year. GOP State Rep Steve McDaniel represents Henderson County in the state house. I think Mr McDaniel needs to think long and hard about retiring next year. Herron,McDaniel and the local Henderson county officials should be held accountable for this next year in the voting booth. Theres just no excuse for unemployment rates this high. Its one thing to have an inadequate road and school system like Perry County does. But Henderson County has a pretty good road and school system so their excuses for the high unemployment rate are even thinner than those offered by Perry County officials if you ask me.

The Shuttster is back as Mayor

Two time state senate candidate Bob Shutt(R) is back in control as Savannah's Mayor for the next two years at least. He first took office as Mayor back in 1999 but resigned two years ago to concentrate on another run for the state senate. He surprised a lot of people last year on primary day when he nearly upset Delores Gresham who went on too win that race in the fall. My guess is his days of running for higher office are probably over. Vance Dennis represents that area in the State House and unless he voluntarily leaves. I dont see him losing anytime soon and the same goes for Gresham. She will have the incumbency factor on her side in 2012.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Run the river with the playgirl model & other tidbits

The man who sent Playgirl magazine into bankruptcy after he "posed nude" for them. Is having his annual Tennesse river run this weekend in Savannah, Tn. Country singer Daryl Worley has been hosting this event for a few years now and it brings in a lot of tax revenue to Hardin County, Tn every September. Country singer Sara Evans appears to be settling into her new life in Mountain Brook, Al as the wife of legendary Alabama QB Jay Barker. I recently spoke to Mr Barker at a dinner a few weeks ago. You want meet a nicer former football star than him. His marriage ended pretty badly just like Evans did. His ex wife was having an affair on him with a tennis instructor from the Mountain Brook country club. While Im on the subject of news out of Birmingham. Birmingham City Council President Carol Smitherman was forced into a run off next month by newcomer Sheila Tyson. This race is huge for Mrs Smitherman in more ways than one. Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford goes on trial early next month in Tuscaloosa on corruption charges. Its widely expected he'll be convicted in this trial. If that were to happen. The Birmingham City Council President would automatically assume control as Mayor upon the conviction of the current Mayor. I know the rule of thumb is to go against the incumbent when their forced into a runoff. I could be wrong on this but I think Mrs Smitherman will be the exception to the rule in this case. She is not mentioned in any of the corruption charges facing current Birmingham officials and given her and her husbands name id in the city. I think she'll pull it out in the end next month and win a new four year term. Although if she were to lose and Langford goes down then look for chaos to break out on the City Council next month.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whats bothering me this month

Its time for another riveting edition boys and girls of whats bothering Mr Turnbow. One of the things bugging me the past few weeks has been this show on TLC called "toddlers and tiaras". If you want to see a bunch of adults who are going to split hell wide open when they die then you need to check this show out. They dress up their little girls on this show and basically make them look like some girl you would meet at the Playboy mansion. Its a really creepy show. Another thing thats been bugging is this facebook obsession that people are going through. A co worker of mine who works at the Birmingham office left his wife and three children recently and quit his job and moved to Mobile to live with some woman he met in college back in the 90's. He had befriended her on facebook about a year ago and it was one of those things where one thing lead to another and he eventually chose to abandon his family for this woman. My employer and girlfriend have urged me to get on facebook and network but I hate people. I really have no interest in reading what a bunch of friends and family from the past are doing or what my current co-workers and friends are doing in their spare time. Some of the comments on my girlfriends page yesterday ranged from her sister opening up a fashion boutique next month to a bunch of people gloating over Tennessee's opening win Saturday. All thats fine and good but I just dont see the point in it in the end. Another thing thats been bothering me is the endless stream of politicians that are in trouble with the law. You have former Senator John Edwards who is almost certainly facing an indictment related to using campaign funds to pay his mistress, Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford's trial starts early next month in Tuscaloosa,Congressman Charlie Rangel didnt pay taxes on over $600,000 of unreported income,the city of Memphis recently paid the legal bills of former Mayor Willie Herenton. Most of these people though are the same ones currently urging us to turn more of our lives over to the federal government through Obama's healthcare plan. Its the height of insanity if you ask me.

Obama's speech

Instead of worrying about what some politician might tell our little crumb crunchers in some speech. We should worry more about what goes on at our schools on a daily basis. I for one never really knew the kinds of sacrifices that our teachers make in this country until I started dating one a while back and started listening to the stories that she tells. There are teachers who live in Florence, Al who get up and leave their house at 5:30 am to drive two hours to their job in Selmer, Tn. There are others who live in Tupelo, Ms who drive all the way to Memphis everyday to teach. They have to stay late a lot of the time at school to grade papers,attend meetings or make sure all the students get on the correct bus. They also have to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own funds to buy basic school supplies for their students. Because the parents refuse to take responsibility for their kids. So I think we need to chill on the anti-Obama rhetoric when it comes to his speech and spend more time helping our teachers and getting the parents to take more responsibility for their children.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No interim senator in Memphis

There will be no interim State Senator in Memphis to fill the seat formerly occupied by Paul Stanley who resigned a few weeks ago after being caught in an affair with his intern. This was the correct move by the democrat controlled County Commission in Shelby County. The legislature is out of session for the year and by the time they reconvene in January the special election for this seat will have long since happened.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another big bank is on the verge of collapse

One of the largest banks in the deep south appears to be on the verge of collapse this morning. Colonial Bank which is based in Alabama and operated by the legendary Auburn trustee Bobby Lowder is probably in its final hours of life. Yesterday a federal judge issued a restraining order on one billion dollars of Colonial Bank's assets. This morning trading on the New York Stock Exchange for this stock has been delayed according to media reports. The reason behind the impending collapse is basically the same one that has caused other banks to go under over the past year. Mr Lowder though is an iconic type figure in Alabama and by far the most influential trustee at Auburn University. In fact its often been said that he's the second most powerful University trustee in the country behind T. Boone Pickens at Oklahoma State. So this impending collapse by Mr Lowder and his bank could also deal a very serious blow to Auburn University.

Update: it happened. State regulators seized the bank this afternoon at 5 and transferred all its assets to BB&T Bank out of North Carolina. The collapse of Colonial Bank goes down as the sixth largest bank failure in the history of the country.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Free advice for Jim Kyle

Tennessee State Senator Jim Kyle(D) is slated to formally announce tomorrow that he's running for Governor next year. I'm not naive enough to believe he'll do this but if I were him. I'd resign from the state senate tomorrow. The seat would stay in the democrat column because of the political landscape in Shelby county so he wouldn't harm the party if he were to resign. It would also show democrat voters across the state that he's willing to sacrifice a safe political career in the state senate to run for Governor. Thats something the other two state senators in the Governors race are unwilling to do. Another reason why he should resign tomorrow is the other state senators in this race have been damaged this year by their activities in the senate or in Herron's case the lack of. Ron Ramsey has made a lot of conservatives unhappy over his backroom deals with democrats on the judicial selection issue and the state budget. Roy Herron is even worse than Ramsey. Unemployment,lack of good roads and jobs along with a very high, high school drop out rate in his senate district makes him destined to lose too any of the top GOP candidates. Senator Kyle could also free himself up to raise money during the next legislative session. That would allow him to catch up in the all important money race to Herron and the bud man(aka Mike McWherter)if he were to resign. Senator Kyle has also had a long career in the state senate and he was lucky enough to spend most of it in the majority. But its pretty unlikely the democrats will regain the majority in the state senate for at least ten more years given the landscape in Tennessee right now. So he has to ask himself does he want to become the democrats Ben Atchley or does he want to try something risky by attempting to go out as his party's nominee for Governor next year? I know what my choice would be.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rumble on the River GOP Style

The GOP candidates for Tennessee Governor will be at the high school in Savannah next Saturday at 4 pm for a meet and greet. Ramsey,Haslam,Wamp,Gibbons and even Mr. Kirkpatrick are scheduled to appear. Former Governor Winfield Dunn will be the master of ceremonies for the event. This event also shows how far the GOP in Hardin,McNairy and Wayne counties have come the last ten years. Events like this didnt happen on the GOP side in the 80's and 90's in this area.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Most over hyped words and phrases in politics

Have you ever noticed some of the over the top language thats used in politics? My top five favorite over hyped words and phrases are listed below.

5.Its a tie between wingnut and neocon. These words are used to describe most conservative republicans by democrats.
4.Kooks is a term used by republicans to describe most democrats. By the way kook is short for keepers of odd knowledge.
3.One side always trys to convince the other one that they have no chance of winning the next statewide and presidential elections.
2.This one is summed up in one word. HATE. You will often hear democrats say I hate republicans and all that they stand for and vice versa.
1.But the best one of all is without a doubt the phrase. YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! I have seen this phrase used numerous times in recent days when debating Obama's healthcare plan on popular political blogs in Nashville. By the way if you "really" get sick to your stomach over a political disagreement. Then maybe you should do something else with your life.

So there you have it. Those are my top five most over hyped words and phrases in politics.

Mr Turnbow(aka Mr Wonderful to MOST women)

What in the name of John Ford is going on here?

First we had a state senator from Memphis get blackmailed last week by one of his interns for having sex with her. Now comes word that prosecutors in Montgomery, Al are investigating a former employee at the state legislature who was caught trying to bring a TWO POUND BLOCK of MARIJUANA into the building in late '06. He was allowed to keep his job after that incident and would still be employed there today if he hadnt been arrested for trafficking crack cocaine earlier this year. This former employee was also arrested in 2008 for being involved in a gang style shooting in south Montgomery. The obvious questions that pop into your head when you hear this are who in the world let him keep his job after the '06 incident and why was he was he not terminated after his 2008 arrest? But the biggest question of all is who was he taking that TWO POUND BLOCK of MARIJUANA too in the legislature in late 2006? This reminds me of the story my ex girlfriends grandmother used to tell about not sitting on the front row at her church every Sunday. She'd always say she sat near the back because if the lord came back while she was in church she didnt want to be near the people in the building most likely to split hell wide open.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Move over Memphis......

it looks like Birmingham will be getting a new Mayor this year as well. Lobbyist Al Lapierre cut a plea agreement with the Justice Department this morning to testify against Birmingham, Al. Mayor Larry Langford(D). He will plead guilty to tax fraud and conspiracy charges and agree to pay back taxes from 2003 to 2006. He will admit to serving as the "bag man" for Montgomery banker Bill Blount. Mr Blount would apparently give the money to Lapierre which totals about a quarter of a million dollars. Mr Lapierre would then give the money to Mr Langford once Jefferson county contracts were directed toward businesses owned by Mr Blount. Mayor Langford is in the middle of his first term but it looks like he won't make it to his third year in the Mayor's office. His trial is scheduled to start next month on the 31st. Ive met the good Mayor a few times through my job and he is a pretty charismatic figure. Its ashame he didn't put that charisma to use for the good of the city.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DTV and healthcare reform

You remember those ads last year that the government ran claiming that digital TV would provide you with more channels? I don't know about other areas of the country but most people in north Alabama can no longer get the Nashville and Birmingham stations that they were getting prior to the DTV switch on their old analog sets. The same thing is happening to people in rural west Tennessee and north Mississippi. Most of them can no longer receive the Memphis stations that they were receiving prior to the June 12 switch. The folks in rural west Tennessee and north Mississippi are only getting the station in Jackson and the folks in north Alabama can only get Huntsville now. The government essentially lied to all of us in those ads. Thats why the notion of turning our healthcare system over to the government is so scary. If they could make a mess out of the dtv switch then just imagine what a mess they'll make running healthcare in this country.

It just keeps coming

The you know what hit the fan tonight in Tennessee when it was revealed that a GOP state senator was being blackmailed by the boyfriend of the woman involved with the senator. Paul Stanley is the senator involved and he is currently in his first term in the state senate after serving briefly in the state house. Oh and he's from Memphis. I guess there's something in the water over in Memphis that drives politicians over the edge. It seems like everytime a political scandal breaks in Tennessee. Memphis is somehow involved. The female in question was apparently an intern for him for a brief period.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More fun stuff about the Don!!!!!

Did the Don(aka ex Alabama Governor Don Siegelman) and his assistant Nick the stick(aka Nick Bailey) have a gay affair? Thats what local Tuscaloosa crackpot and current employer of Nick Bailey, Stan Pate is claiming. Mr Pate gave investigators a sworn statement claiming that Mr Bailey told him that the feds threatened to reveal illegal drug activity and sexual contact between Bailey and the Don if Bailey didnt cooperate with investigators. I frankly wouldnt believe a word that comes out of Pate's mouth when it comes to politics. He's a close allie of Roy Moore. That tells you all you need to know about him. This story though about the Don just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Considering the fact that he's out of prison and his co-conspirator in his case Richard Scrushy is a truly despicable excuse for a human and that its well known even among democrats in Montgomery that Siegelman had severe moral problems while in office. I would stop this nonsense and move on with my life if I was him.


You have to love this country!

What do you want to bet that men spent more time today trying to find the nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews on the internet than they did researching what is going on in Congress right now? Birmingham sports talk show hosts Lance Taylor and Ian Fitzsimmons were literally panting like little boys today over the video and their pal Chris Vernon in Memphis wasn't much better. I met Erin Andrews once in person when I was stuck at the Charlotte airport waiting on a flight. I'll be honest she's not all that in person. She was nice and she gave me a signed pic of her. But she just didnt have the face that you see on TV.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Huckaboom's coming to Freed!!!!

Fox News talk show host Mike Huckabee is going to be at Freed Hardeman in Henderson, Tn on December 4 of this year for Freed's 45th annual banquet dinner. If you donate $3,000 or more at this dinner you can have your picture taken with the former Governor. This is also the first and probably the only time you will ever see Freed Hardeman University allow a baptist minister on campus too give a speech.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another democrat elections administrator is let go

Former pharmaceutical sales rep Michele White(R) is now the new elections administrator in Chester County, Tn. She replaces the longtime administrator Carolyn Thomas(D). The vote went down along party lines.

Is BRAC indirectly helping the Bama and Tennessee GOP?

Phil Williams(R) defeated Jenny Askins(D) yesterday by a 61% to 39% landslide margin in a special election in the Huntsville area. This seat had been held by the democrats for over a decade. This win by the GOP now puts the margin in the Alabama State House at a 61-44 democrat majority. It also gives the GOP the most seats they've ever had in the Alabama State House. I havent looked into this much but I wonder if the BRAC realignment is helping the GOP in these special elections this year in the Tennessee Valley. The GOP also won a state senate seat last month in Huntsville that the democrats had held for ten years. There is another special election for a state house seat coming up in a few months on the Tennessee side of the state line which was also vacated by a democrat. This open State House seat used to be a very reliable democrat seat but last November the GOP nominee for the seat scored an unusually high 45% against a non controversial democrat. Fayetteville, Tn has made a concerted effort in recent years to recruit a lot of the BRAC families to move to their city because Tennessee doesnt have a state income tax and its close to Huntsville. Did their efforts pay off? Is that why we've seen a sudden spike in people voting for the GOP in this area? We shall see.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sad news for one Bama GOPer

The mother of Cullman County Commissioner Doug Williams passed away last week. Wanda Williams was 70 years old at the time of her passing. Doug Williams is in his second term and is the top recruit that the state GOP was hoping to get to run against State Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little(D) next year. No word if this will have any effect on his potential run for the senate next year. I know that Wanda was very helpful to him in his last election in '06.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chicken and the egg

Some of the know it all crowd in the Nashville blogosphere was once again making fun of everyday people, today. This time though it wasnt over guns but chickens. I don't know how the process works at other companies but let me share with you for a moment how Tyson and Koch operate their chicken houses. They sign a contract with some farmer. They bring out somewhere around five thousand chickens to his or her farm and put them in two chicken houses. They supply you with all the cartons and machinery and they come out once a week to pick up all the eggs you have gathered for that week. The money is pretty good as well. You earn about $150 a day on a normal pick up rate. But thats where the good ends and the bad begins. The smell at these chicken houses is absolutely unbearable, especially in the dead of summer like we are in right now. If you don't wear a mask in these places you will develop serious health problems. They will also flog humans when you walk through their house. Thats why you carry a stick with you to keep them off you. You also lose a certain amount of chickens everyday. At a normal contract farm you have about 15 to 20 die on you everyday. They either die from a lack of oxygen or they will suffer fatal internal injuries from other chickens repeatedly pecking on their backs. Koch and Tyson supply each farmer with an oven that is put about fifty yards from the chicken house. You pick up the dead chickens by hand and record the number that have died on a form. You then take them to this oven outside,toss them in and burn their bodies. Its not a nice picture as you can imagine. Thats why I don't blame these people in places like Nashville who have a few laying hens on their property. Its a much cleaner atmosphere to have them at your home than where these eggs at the stores are mass produced at.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Slugburger Festival

This weekend Corinth, Ms. is having their 22nd annual slugburger festival. It runs from July 9 to July 11 in downtown Corinth. They pretty much shut the whole downtown area down for those three days. For those of you who havent had a slugburger before. Its kind of like a boca/veggie burger. Oh and by the way its not actual slugs.

Oh please let this be true!!!!!!!!!!

There are numerous rumors floating out there this weekend that the legendary pro wrestler Jerry Lawler will annouce this week that he's running in the special election for Mayor of Memphis this fall. Lawler ran for this position back in 1999 and came in third that year behind Herenton and Joe Ford. His son Brian Lawler, who by the way goes by the name "grandmaster sexay" in the wrestling world(don't you just love pro wrestling?) was arrested just last week in front of a gas station in Jackson, Tn at 2am one morning for being under the influence of alcohol. All of this comes on the heels of one of "uncle" John Ford's brother's announcing late last week that he may run for this seat as well and even Mayor Herenton got in on the craziness by hinting he may run in the special election to replace himself. Say what you will about Memphis, but they sure know how to make an election entertaining!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tea Party Rally Part Deaux

I couldnt attend the tea party this past Saturday in Selmer, TN since I had to work. But my sister went and she said there were about 50 to 70 people there. Thats a good number considering how hot it was outside. There was also no unsavory types there. There have been some cases of KKK and other radical groups showing up at some of these tea parties around the south. But according to my sister the ones in Selmer werent like that. They werent bucktooth gun waving lowly educated people like the media portrays them. They were just decent hard working americans concerned about the high rate of taxation in this country.

Friday, June 26, 2009

West Tennessee Sheriff passes away

Chester County, Tn Sheriff Mark Davidson(R) passed away early yesterday. He was married and had a few children. The tragic thing about this is that he was only in his mid 40's and was in good physical health by all appearances. He was in the middle of his second four year term as Sheriff.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tea Party Rally

There's a Tea Party Rally this Saturday in the Selmer, Tn City Park at 1 in the afternoon. If your a member of the KKK or any other racist group please go somewhere else this Saturday at 1.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


There's a special election coming up next Tuesday for a State House seat in eastern Mississippi near Meridian. It pits two black gentlemen vieing to replace the longtime incumbent who passed away a few months ago. The seat is drawn to elect a black democrat but the state GOP is financially helping the republican nominee out and when you add in the low turnout rate for special elections. It has a decent number of GOPers hopeful they could elect the first black GOPer in modern history to the state legislature next week.


Tennessee GOP fails voters

The GOP controlled legislative session is finally over in Tennessee for this year. Its worth noting the Democrats were out in late May when they had control. There was a lot of hope among conservatives in Tennessee at the start of this year that we would see a huge change in how the state government operates after voters handed the GOP control of the legislature last fall. But I for one am very disappointed in how the session went. It started off on the wrong foot almost immediately when the democrats pulled a coup and elected a RINO as the State House Speaker. Then we had the issue with the gun legislation. I personally own two shotguns that I use to squirrel and rabbit hunt with and all the permit holders and NRA members that I know are good and decent americans. So I'm not bashing gun owners but I think its pretty clear the GOP lost the public relations war on this issue. Then we had the issue with some GOP members signing on with this fringe movement in regards to Obama's citizenship. The GOP also caved on the judicial selection system that we have in Tennessee. Then late last week the session finally wrapped up with the GOP essentially caving and passing the democrats budget. They did a few good things such as the pro life amendment,charter schools and the removal of Riley Darnell and the State Treasurer and Comptroller. Overall I'd give them a grade of D for this session. There was no serious effort that I know of to cut spending or eliminate certain areas of state government. The good news for the GOP is that its not likely to hurt them though because the democrats still don't have it together. Just today a democrat State House Rep from a swing district in east Tennessee announced he's retiring next year and there's more democrat announcements like that on the way. Also the divide in this state that we saw in last November's elections still exists. The people in Davidson,Shelby and a few black counties and some yellow dogs would rate the legislature as a failure for this session but the people in the rest of the state probably would say the GOP did a good job for this session because of the gun issue and pro life legislation. But as we saw in DC if the GOP continues to act like democrats on spending then the voters at some point in the near future will give control back to the dems.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupid people & the Obama Justice Dept

Alabama Democrat party state chairman Joe Turnham is asking the US Justice Department to investigate a popular conservative talk show host in Huntsville, Al over a prank he pulled yesterday morning on his show. Dale Jackson claimed that only republicans were allowed to vote yesterday and democrats could vote today in a special election for a state senate seat left vacant when Parker Griffith was elected to Congress. Democrats are especially upset because their internal polls showed them winning yesterdays election for the state senate seat. They lost in a landslide to Paul Sanford(R) who won by a 57-43 margin. But as most people in politics know, polls in special elections can be very iffy so that argument doesnt hold much water. You really have to laugh at all of this. I realize elections are a very serious matter. But come on, if democrats bit on Dale Jackson's fake news release yesterday then they frankly have no business voting. Thats one of the problems today that we have. Too many stupid people on both sides showing up to vote.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great day for Alabama GOP

The GOP won the state senate seat today that was left vacant when Parker Griffith resigned to become the local Congressman. Local middle class businessman Paul Sanford(R) defeated State Rep Laura Hall(D) by a 57-43 margin in the special election that was held today in Huntsville. This district had been represented by a democrat since early 1999. The GOP though caught a slight break when the democrats nominated Laura Hall for this seat. State Rep Hall is one of a handful of legislators that have been caught "double dipping" in the state's two year college system. But the ultimate factor in today's win was Paul Sanford's connections to the everyday working man and woman in Huntsville. Mr Sanford could relate to their struggles. He deals with them everyday at his restaurant while State Rep Hall was in Montgomery hanging out with the insiders in Alabama. Mr Sanford's win provides the Alabama GOP a huge morale boost as they head into next years elections. It should also be noted that there's a special election next month for a State House seat in Huntsville left vacant by a democrat legislator who was convicted in the two year college scandal. The word is that the internal polls show the GOP candidate in that race up by double digits over his democrat challenger. One final note on this huge GOP win today concerns a prank a radio talk show host pulled this morning on his morning show in Huntsville. Dale Jackson made up a fake flier that said only republicans were allowed to vote today while democrats could vote Wednesday. As you might expect the democrats are screaming racism over the flier because Jackson and Sanford are both white while Hall is black. Hall's people are also claiming this flier affected the race because their polls showed her winning. But given the huge margin of Mr Sanford's win. Hall and her supporters will have a hard time getting anywhere with their argument.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Very bad day for Bill Gibbons

The FBI released their annual report today on this country's safest cities. New York City is rated as the safest. But Memphis is rated as the least safest in the country with an eighteen percent crime rate per capita ratio. So my fellow volunteer state republicans, remind me again why we should elect the district attorney of Memphis as our nominee for Governor next year?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crackpot Roy's running...yeehaw!!!

In case you missed it today, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore(R) announced he's running for Governor next year. This will be his second go at it. In '06 he went down in flames because his entire campaign revolved around the ten commandments and telling strange and borderline sick stories about illegal immigrants and bed bugs. I can't wait for the craziness he's going to spew this time around. If only Russ Fine and his Tammy Faye looking wife were still around. Todays news about Roy running would be off the charts on the entertainment value scale that he's going to bring to the Governor's race next year. The good news for republicans though is that Roy won't come close to winning so there's not much to worry about. One other thing about Roy I'd like to mention is that he still refers to himself as Judge Roy Moore. HE'S NOT A JUDGE THOUGH! He hasn't been one since '03. What if someone like State Rep Jeremy Oden goes around next year in Alabama while he's running for State Treasurer referring to himself as Eva bank loan officer Jeremy Oden? That just doesnt sound right. Thats why I don't get Roy calling himself a Judge.

Meet Jenny

This lady( www.jennyaskins.com ) is running in a special election next month for an Alabama State House seat based in Huntsville. When it comes to most female pols that the democrats trot out. Miss Jenny looks like a Playboy centerfold. From what Ive heard on the grapevine she's trailing badly in the polls. So you better get a peak at her while you can.

The deep south democrat divide

One of the things Ive noticed about political bloggers and everyday people here in the deep south is how one party is pretty much the same but the other one is miles apart. What I mean by that is there's not much difference in opinion between republican bloggers,republican legislators and republicans you meet on the street. But there is a huge difference between democrat bloggers and democrats in the legislature and on the street and that is especially true in my home state of Tennessee. Take for instance the so called "guns in bars" bill currently in the Tennessee Legislature. The democrat bloggers in Tennessee are nearly uniformly against this piece of legislation. But most of the democrat legislators voted for it. Also most of the permit holders that I know in Tennessee happen to be democrats. Most of the democrat bloggers though try to paint permit holders who want to carry their handguns into bars as trigger happy rednecks who don't have the sense that god gave man. But I bet if you did a poll of the permit holders in Tennessee you would be surprised how many of them are democrats. Another point where the divide is deep between democrat bloggers and democrat pols and democrats you meet on the street is religion. There is a very strong anti-christian sentiment that runs through the democrat blogging community in Tennessee. You see it on a weekly basis on the blogs such as today where decent everyday church going people are being lumped in with the individual who murdered a late term abortion doctor in Kansas yesterday. No one with any sense condones what happened yesterday but yet the democrat blogging community in Tennessee is blaming christians for pushing this guy in Kansas over the edge yesterday. Another point where they bash christians of all likes even the ones that are democrats is over the subject of homosexuality. Take the issue in Memphis where the Shelby County Commission is currently discussing a bill that claims it would eliminate bias against the gay community. In the past two weeks Ive heard numerous democrat bloggers attack black and white churches for their stance against this resolution. They have made such wild claims as comparing it to the civil rights battles of the 60's and made references to how the churches supported racists back in that era. But I have yet to hear of one single gay person being hung or brutally murdered here in the deep south like blacks were back then. Also every single person that I have ever met in church whether their black, white,brown,democrat or republican never in a million years would stand by and watch an innocent person be murdered for any reason. They would of course support one who had been convicted and was serving their time by attempting to get him or her baptized into their particular faith but they would never support murderers walking freely among us. But yet the democrat blogging community in states like Tennessee slanders those good everyday church going people many of whom vote with them at the end of the day into the ground simply because of their religious beliefs. One final note that I wonder about is what are all these teens and twenty somethings who flock to these democrat blogs such as Kos going to do when they run into problems in their personal lives in the coming years. All of us go through bad times in our lives at some point and its really bad when your young. Will they turn to these mainstream churches that are bashed endlessly on Kos for help or will they ignore the church because of the nonsense they read on Kos and try to get through the bad times on their own. Most democrats on the street know it would be foolish for young people to turn their backs on their local churches over a political disagreement. After all its these local churches that are bashed endlessly by the democrat blogging community who feed and keep the lights on for the elderly and poor in our communities. The churches get most of their funds that they use to feed and house the poor and elderly from the so called evil republican bankers and businessmen every Sunday when the donation plate is passed around. If they had to depend on the Hollywood blowhards and the democrat bloggers who shout from the mountaintops nearly every single day about how much they love and care for the poor. We would unfortunately have a lot of dead poor people on our hands.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My brother in law and his friends in North Carolina were pretty spooked over President Barack Hussein Obama's choice for the Supreme Court today. Their pretty active in the NRA and all of these judicial picks are spooking them pretty much. But you know what, its just another example of how elections matter people. The democrat party is what it is, so I don't want to hear one soul in states like Virginia and North Carolina crying over any of these picks by Obama. You guys put him into office so your going to have to deal with it. I never cease to be amazed by voters who will buy into the garbage that these pr firms put out on behalf of politicians and then they act shocked a few months later when they do something that they very much disagree with. Oh well thats the crazy biz known as politics I suppose....

Osama Obama should pick Judge Paseur

I like former Alabama Judge Deborah Paseur(D). Ive met her at a few campaign events in recent years and she's a lot more charismatic than most judges you come across. But with that being said I wish she would cool it as far as next years elections go. Sure we are both in different parties but it would be ashame if the good Judge became one of those dreaded "frequent candidates". She's lost two statewide races in a row and she's apparently thinking about coming back for yet another beating by a republican in next years elections. She's rumored to be considering races for everything from the State House to the state Supreme Court. Apparently the only thing thats going to stop her from making this collosal mistake and from joining the deep south crackpots known as John Jay Hooker and Roy Moore is our lord and savior. Yes thats right, the most merciful one the Lord Barack Hussein Obama has her name on a short list of candidates for appointment to the TVA. Here's hoping he chooses her!

State House race in Alabama

Local businessman Phil Williams won the GOP nomination outright tonight in a special election for a State House seat in Alabama which borders the stateline with Tennessee. He'll face democrat Jenny Askins in the general on July 14. Ms. Askins won her primary as well tonight without a runoff. The overall vote totals should encourage GOPers who would like to win this seat. Republicans nearly outnumbered democrats by a 2 to 1 margin in terms of overall vote totals in todays election. This seat came open when a jury convicted former State Rep Sue Schmitz(D) of fraud back in Febuary of this year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow?

Boys and girls its time for another riveting edition of whats bothering Mr Turnbow. First thing up is the Quizno's commercial. Have you seen this ad? It sounds like something only Kenny Chesney or Troy King would enjoy. The guy thats doing the voice over in the ad keeps telling the MALE actor to "put it in me". Wow what will they think of next? Another thing thats bothering Mr Turnbow is I swear if I hear one more person say that Obama inspires them I'm going to scream. Seriously people, if your turning to a politician for inspiration then you need to take a long look in the mirror. Another thing thats bothering me is these so called "birthers". For those of you who don't know the term birthers is used to refer to those people who don't believe Barack Obama was born in this country. Now I don't have a problem with most of the people in this movement. Just like the Bush haters out there I think what their doing is foolish but people are going to do what their going to do I suppose. My problem is with these politicians on the right who know better. Their time would be so much better spent spreading the conservative message. Their not going to win anyone over except a few crackpots here and there by continuing to spread this nonsense.

Alabama Speaker retiring

Danny over at politicalparlor.net had the scoop Friday morning on Alabama State House Speaker Seth Hammett(D) retiring from the State House next year. Speaker Hammett has been Speaker since 1998 which makes him the second longest serving state house speaker in the country behind Madigan in Illinois. Speaker Hammett's district will be considered a toss-up next year in the general so thats even more good news for the Alabama GOP. Hammett didn't say it but you have to wonder what role did Congressman Artur Davis running for Governor next year play in his decision. There are a lot and I mean a lot of rural and suburban democrat politicians in Alabama who are very nervous about running on a ticket next year with Congressman Davis at the top of the ballot as their nominee for Governor. Thats why theyve been recruiting their '96 US Senate nominee against Jeff Sessions, Roger Bedford to run against Davis as well as Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking politics too seriously?

Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton had a heart attack tonight after he was told by advisers that he was going to lose his re-election bid for Mayor of Jackson. Former two term Mayor Harvey Johnson and city councilman Marshand Crisler will advance to a runoff two weeks from now to determine the new Mayor. Johnson has the all important name id factor going for him in the runoff but Crisler is a young up and comer who will use the "change" mantra that Obama used. Im going with Crisler to win on May 19 because of that. Mayor Johnson was soundily defeated four years ago by Mayor Melton who turned out to be a disaster and he's already served eight years as Mayor. Back to Melton though for a moment, the numerous indictments he faced over the last few years was just too much for him to overcome in the end. He started out with so much promise but it quickly started going downhill after he took office and started immediately having problems with budgetary issues and then when he stormed what he thought was a crack house. It was pretty much over at that point. Sure he's beaten those criminal charges but the cloud all those trials left over the city was just too much for the citizens of Jackson to bear in the end. Two more quick tidbits concerning election day in Mississippi. Greg Davis who was the GOP nominee against Congressman Travis Childers last year easily won his re-election today as Mayor of Southhaven. Jack Reed won the GOP primary for Mayor of Tupelo. If Mr Reed wins the general next month keep an eye on him in future congressional amd statewide races.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tennessee election commission news

The McNairy County, Tn GOP election commissioners fired the county's election administrator this week. Kevin Lipford whose a democrat was only appointed to the job last year but him and his brother(who is a county commissioner) put up one heck of a partisan fight over the firing. If they hadn't accused GOP Chairman Charles Lee and every other GOP official of every under the sun then Mr Lipford may have survived the vote. But when him and his brother went on a scorched earth policy against the McNairy County GOP then that pretty much sealed his fate. Next door in Chester County, Tn the election commission there had to delay the firing of their local election administrator. One of the two new members Marilyn Murphy(R) abruptly resigned right before the meeting started. The other new commissioner Stephen Morris said any action on the county election administrator position and other matters involving the GOP taking control of the commission would have to be delayed for a few weeks mainly because of the Murphy resignation and his responsiblities at Freed Hardeman University as a professor. All of this is happening because the GOP took control of the state legislature last fall and one of the perks with having a majority in the Tennessee legislature is that you get a majority on the election commissions in every county, even those that are democrat controlled.

Monday, April 27, 2009

You never get used to deputys being killed

Over the weekend down in Okaloosa County, Fl Sheriffs deputies Burt Lopez and Warren York were murdered during a domestic dispute involving a husband and wife. You never get used to hereing stories like that and its even more difficult when you know someone involved as I do with the late Deputy Lopez. I got to know him a little over the years through a family thats near and dear to my heart. Their pretty shattered over this news as you might expect. Burt was a good christian man who left a huge impression on the Okaloosa County area. I remember meeting him for the first time at a family dinner. I didnt know him from the average joe on the street but he walked over and acted like we had known each other our whole lives. Its strange how the good ones get called home at an early age while the bad apples live on to be old men. But it is what it is I guess......

Retiring at a drug store and other juicy nuggets

Thats what the legendary Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D), aka the singing senator is apparently going to do this Saturday in the shoals. His seat can be won by the GOP next year with the right candidate. Its like the Maury County, Tn area with a huge labor movement. Another tidbit I heard this morning is that Cullman County, Al Sheriff Tyler Roden is being recruited by the GOP to switch parties and run against State Senator Zebulon Little(D) next year. I usually dont trust consultants when it comes to rumors but lets just say Im not so sure about this "rumor". Ive met Sheriff Roden twice at gatherings and I came away pretty impressed each time. One final note as I was headed back home to McNairy County, Tn last week. I stopped off at the Wal Mart in Selmer and saw none other than Dewanna Pusser in the soft drink aisle. Contrary to what she said in her withdrawal statement from the race for Randy Rink's old state house seat last year. She looked and sounded like she was in great health. Makes you wonder.....the Pusser name and democrats don't mean that much anymore in McNairy County.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

June elections in Bear Bryant country

There's two special elections being held on June 2 in Alabama for state senate seats that mean everything to the democrats and republicans. In district seven which is in Huntsville, local BBQ restaurant owner Paul Sanford(R) will face State Rep Laura Hall(D) in a battle to win the seat that Congressman Parker Griffith vacated. This district was drawn to elect a democrat but there's been a huge amount of interest in this race on the GOP side. Just last month for example the GOP drew far more votes than the democrats did in their primary for this seat. So given the low turnout special elections tend to have its very important you have your side motivated and the GOP certainly has that in its favor. Im putting this race as a toss-up at this point. Down in district 22 in southwest Alabama, former State Rep Greg Albritton(R) will face State Rep Marc Keahey(D). This seat came open when Pat Lindsey passed away from a heart attack in January. Keahey starts out with an edge in money but Albritton has the demographics leaning in his favor. The late Pat Lindsey had two very close re-election battles in '02 and '06. Right now I would put this race in a slight lean for Keahey. Its going to be a very interesting June 2 in Alabama. Both of the senators that held these seats were part of the liberal ruling caucus in the state senate and with the recent DUI arrest of Senator Little(D) who holds a GOP leaning seat and the looming retirements of Senators Mitchem and Denton from rural white districts. The democrats desperately need to hold these seats to keep their 22-13 state senate majority (its really 21-14 when you count Democrat Jim Preuitt)in next years elections. The GOP needs at least one win as well to prove they can finally win on the local level. LET THE DIRTY TV COMMERCIALS COMMENCE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perry County, Tn ripe for GOP takeover?

There was an article in todays Tennessean talking about the dire economic situation that Perry County, Tn finds itself in. It has a 24.1 % unemployment rate which puts it at the top of the list of counties in the southeast with the highest unemployment. It also doesnt have any four lane roads and only a third of the population has a high school diploma. On a personal basis those numbers are just disgusting because no one should live like that in any county in this country. On a political basis though all of the county officials are democrats as are their state rep and state senator in Nashville. Their state senator is even running for Governor of Tennessee. Something tells me though after the rest of the state finds out that Perry County is in the midst of a great depression. State Senator Roy Herron's bid for Governor will be unsuccessful. With primaries a year away and local county elections just over fifteen months away. Now would be a great time in my opinion given the economic circumstances for the GOP to start organizing and recruiting people with a business oriented background in Perry County so they can provide people with a choice for the first time in Perry County's history. The days of the Perry County GOP not fielding a single candidate for county offices have got to stop. The local democrat party has literally run that county into the ground and the people in that county deserve better. The state and local GOP officials owe it to Perry County to lead them down the path to that better life.

Tn Valley GOPer up on the web

Phil Williams is up with a website in his race to replace the convicted felon Sue Schmitz(D) in the Alabama State House. The special election is next month and his website is www.votephilwilliams.com .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thats about right....

...I heard today that Jefferson County, Al Commissioner Shelia Smoot(D) is going to run for Artur Davis's open seat in Congress next year. She has help lead Birmingham to the edge of filing the largest governmental bankruptcy in the history of this country. So I guess it only figures she wants to take those "great financial skills" and use them to finish off this country by serving in Congress.

Marsha Marsha Marsha!

According to the Savannah Courier, Marsha Blackburn shepherded a bill through Congress that changed the name of the Counce post office to the Pickwick Post Office Building. The post office in Pickwick is basically nothing more than a small branch office. Apparently Marsha did this because she received a petition that had a "whopping" 95 names on it urging the name change. Her staff also claimed that the petition represented the Counce community as a whole. First off, I wonder how many of those 95 people who signed the petition are real estate agents and millionaire homeowners at Pickwick? That segment of the population is really into making Pickwick one of the top resorts in the deep south. Second of all, there shouldnt even be two post offices in this area. The two offices are only one and a half miles apart and people wonder about government waste. Marsha should be trying to get legislation passed closing these wasteful post offices that are scattered a few miles apart from each other in a lot of areas in this country instead of doing favors for a bunch of real estate agents.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Only in my dream world

I noticed today that west Tennessee state senator Roy Herron(D) is running for Governor. He joins Lt Governor Ron Ramsey(R) as the second Tennessee state senator to run for Governor next year. Here's the problem that I have with these two. Both of them are in the first year of new four year terms in the Tennessee State Senate. So they legally don't have to give up their cushy senate jobs while their running for Governor the next year and a half. If they wanted to do something out of the box in politics(aka do the right thing)they would both resign from the state senate immediately. That would show the people of Tennessee just how serious they are about being Governor in that their both voluntarily giving up their current political careers. Now I know that won't happen. Ill never forget suggesting to a state rep in Mississippi that they resign from the State House to run in a special election for a state senate seat. He looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said son it must be nice living in that dream world of yours. I sarcastically told him it is nice because people do the right thing in my dream world....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prominent Bama democrat arrested

Alabama State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little(D-Cullman) was arrested last night on I-65 in northern Jefferson County on suspicion of DUI. He was also reportedly driving on an expired license(making laws while driving on a suspended license...ah you gotta love pols). Danny over at politicalparlor.net has more on this story. Mr Little was rumored to have a lot of serious personal problems back in the spring of 2006. But Harold Sachs his GOP opponent that year for whatever reason chose to avoid those issues in the campaign. It was also rumored in 2005 that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was heavily recruiting Zeb to run for Congress in 2006 against Congressman Aderholt. Given the district that Mr Little represents and the fact that his home county of Cullman is a dry county. I think its a safe bet to say that the political career of Zebulon Little pretty much ended last night on I-65. Also go too www.cullmanunderground.com to read the dirty gossip on Zebulon and his problems with alcohol at Terri Pines country club.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Al Gore's uncle passes away

Former Madison County, Tn Circuit Court Judge Whit Lafon passed away today. He was 91. He retired back in '98 as a Judge but he was pretty active in Gore's 2000 campaign. For those who don't know, Lafon and Gore's mother were brother and sister.

Memphis on the verge of riots in the streets?

John Calipari appears to be on the verge of taking the Kentucky Head Basketball coaching job and by the way the comments section on the commercial appeals website sounds. Memphis could be very busy tonight for all the wrong reasons. I hope Athletic Director RC Johnson has already skipped town. If not he better get Congressman Cohen to get Obama to send in the army to escort him out.

Tennessee Dem says no thanks to State House run

Ardmore, Tn/Al. native Andy Whitt who is the vice president of First National Bank in Pulaski, Tn. sent out word today that he would not be running in the special election to replace former Alabama State Rep Sue Schmitz. Who was found guilty last month of fraud in her federal trial in Decatur, Al. That leaves the democrats without a candidate for this seat. The qualifying deadline is this Friday so time is rapidly running out. Three GOPers have already filed for this seat. Given the make up of that House district,how it votes in statewide elections and that it was held by Ms Schmitz the last eleven years. I would rate it as a toss-up seat. So I would be surprised if they dont find at least a mid level candidate by Friday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Political tidbits from the Turnbow grapevine

Im hereing that the legendary local gospel singer and northwest Alabama State Senator Bobby Denton(D) is going to announce in June he will not seek re-election next year. Look for State Rep Tammy Irons(D-Florence) to run for the seat if he follows through on his retirement plans. I saw former Tennessee State Rep Randy Rinks(D) out and about a few weekends ago. I didnt get a chance to talk to him but he looked like he was doing well for a man who had his dream of being elected Secretary of State dashed by the GOP gains in the legislature last November. Finally a note out of Mississippi concerning white conservative democrats in the legislature. All hell appears to be breaking lose with the state democrat party. They essentially fired a conservative democrat last weekend from their upper ranks and replaced him with a black liberal. The state chairman says that this event was illegal and that the conservative white democrat is still with the state party and the black liberal is still on the outside looking in. The vice chairwoman Barbara Blackmon says thats not true...oh and by the way Mrs Blackmon is black and Chairman Franks is white. Im already hereing that a good number of white conservative democrats in the legislature will switch to the GOP in mass very soon if the action the state party took Saturday night isnt reversed.