Friday, October 31, 2008

Wooo Hooo Its Prediction time!

Boys and girls its time for predictions in next Tuesdays elections:

Delores Gresham(R) will defeat Randy Camp(D) by a 53 to 47 margin for 200 year old John Wilders state senate seat along the southern west Tennessee border. Im going with Vance Dennis to win the open State House seat in the Savannah and Selmer area. Congressman Childers will unfortunately make quick work of Greg Davis in north Mississippi. In north Alabama with my upset pick. Im going with Wayne Peanut Parker(R) to upset Dr. Kill the cancer patients and Islam is our friend Griffith(D) in that open congressional seat race. As far as the county races go. In Morgan County, Al. Im going with democrat incumbent Sue Baker Roan to hold the License Commissioners post over GOPer Mark McCurry. McCurry ran a foolish radio ad a few weeks ago mocking Roans age and it blew up in his face. Amanda Scott(R) should easily dispatch her democrat opponent for Revenue Commissioner and win re-election in Morgan County. In Cullman County, Al. Im going with Kay Williams-Smith(D) to win re-election over her GOP opponent Barry Willingham. Willingham ran a good campaign but not good enough to win. Finally in the Cullman County Commission Chairmans race Im going with James Graves(R) to defeat former Chairman Pete Tucker(D). Oh and in a very special upset pick, Im going with John McCain to win the White House in late November or early December once all the lawsuits and special ballots are completed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Blow it up so we can fish and go to Wal Mart!

Birmingham, Al Mayor Larry Langford(D) said Saturday afternoon that they will blow up the 67,000 seat Legion Field in two years when the new 60,000 seat dome is completed. He said once thats completed. Their going to build a lake,Wal Mart(yes I a wal mart where Bear Bryant once walked? I guess the ghosts of General Neyland and Shug Jordan put the Mayor up to that) and affordable housing where Legion Field now stands. Im sure the older generation of Auburn and Tennessee fans will rejoice when that happens. But it sure will look strange going down I-65 through Birmingham and looking over and seeing a lake and a Wal Mart where so many great SEC games were once played.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The wheels are coming off Stan the man

Democrat nominee for Tennessee State House district 71 Stan Wheeler has more financial problems according to an article in this weeks Decatur County Chronicle. He took over $10,000 in illegal campaign contributions and misreported funds. This comes on the heels of news last week that he had defaulted on a loan of $78,000. Keep this in mind, Governor Bredesen has said there will be somewhere between a 300 to 600 million dollar deficit this year in the state budget. If Stan Wheeler can't keep his own finances in order then how in the world is he going to help balance the state's budget? Also look what happened the last time Tennessee had a budget crisis on the scale we are about to face. We had State Reps and State Senators in BOTH parties up there in Nashville who had literally gone wild in their personal lifes. They were exposing themselves at pools in Destin,running Ponzi schemes,taking bribes,securing fraudulent bank loans and god only knows what John Ford got away with. It all nearly lead to a riot breaking out at the legislature back in the summer of 2002. Thats why we need Democrats and GOPers in the Tennessee State Legislature who are leading stable personal lives and Mr Wheeler has proven through these financial mismanagement stories over the last two weeks. That he doesn't meet that qualification.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Redistricting is boring but its HUGE

If your a conservative Republican and your living in the Hardin and McNairy county, Tn area and your wondering if you should go vote for Vance Dennis. Check out Alabama State Rep Cam Wards(R) latest column over at Danny's blog . Its a very informative post. Redistricting will also come up in the Tennessee State House in three short years. The democrats have controlled the Tennessee State House most of the time since the Civil War because they have always been in control of the redistricting process in Tennessee. They do this by basically loading up a majority of these State House seats during redistricting with so many democrats that its next to impossible for the republicans to ever win a majority in the State House. State House members also redraw the congressional seats. Considering the dislike that a lot of the democrat leaders in Nashville have for Hardin and McNairy counties current Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. There's a good chance Stan Wheeler and the rest of the democrats will attempt to draw Hardin and McNairy counties into democrat Congressman John Tanner's congressional district. Do you want a democrat thats friendly with Barack Hussein Obama representing you in Congress? Thats what your likely going to get if Wheeler defeats Vance Dennis. This election in two weeks and the redistricting process is huge people. ITS HUGE!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nottie pretending to be a hottie

Cullman, Al attorney Kimberly Drake(D) has campaign signs up across the region in her race against Civil Appeals Court Judge Bill Thompson(R). Now theres nothing strange about that but here's the thing. They show her face and the picture is colored to make her more "appealing" if you catch my drift. Ive personally never seen a politician put their face on their campaign signs. I can understand men not doing it. Can you imagine Senator Wilder there in the Savannah and Selmer area doing that? It would scare the living daylights out of drivers...especially around this time of year.

Election tidbits

We are now 15 days out from the election and the news is starting to really pick up. I saw two polls this morning from the north Mississippi congressional race between Travis Childers(D) and Greg Davis(R). One had Davis up by a 47-46 margin and the other one had Childers up 51-42. It pains me to say it but I think the one with Childers up by 9 is more accurate. I just dont think GOPers in the Tupelo area will vote for Davis in two weeks. Now lets move on to the south Alabama open congressional race in district 2. Bobby Bright(D) scored a huge coup today when State Senator Harri Anne Smith(R) endorsed him over Jay Love(R). Ms Smith ran against Mr Love in the GOP primary three months ago and apparently Mr Love hurt her feelings during that race. But the news isnt all that bad for Mr Love. Last week financial reports were filed and it said he has four or five times as much money left going down the stretch as Mr Bright does and moved the seat from a toss-up to lean republican over the weekend. So Mr Bright desperately needed this endorsement today. Final tidbit is two new polls released over the weekend in Florida. The poll conducted by surveyusa shows John McCain up 49-47 over Obama in the sunshine state. The other poll was conducted by the Tarrance Group and it shows Tom Rooney(R) up by a 52-25 margin over Congressman Tim Mahoney(D).

Rich whiners

There is nothing worse than listening to a bunch of rich people moan and groan about how bad things are. Yesterday I was watching one of these msm news shows and they aired a report about this 17 year old girl and her college choices. This spoiled idiotic girl said she narrowed her list to 10 private schools back in the summer but because of the so called bad economy. She had to remove one of those private schools and add a state school to her list. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. This girl ought to try living in the real world. Most high school seniors take the cheapest school they can find and run with it, especially in the more rural areas.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PSC Presidents race in Alabama

The race for Public Service Commission President in Alabama has been pretty low key up to now. The GOP nominee Twinkle Cavanaugh was touring north Alabama yesterday with the GOP nominees for the judicial races. She's also the former State GOP Chairman. The democrat nominee is former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley. Ms Baxley suffered a severe stroke right after the election two years ago. For Baxley to have any hope of winning she's going to have to get on TV quick and show voters that she's recovered from her stroke. Otherwise she's probably going to get swamped by the GOP tidal wave at the top of the Alabama ticket. The democrats already hold a 2 to 1 majority on the PSC that they won two years ago. So the democrats wouldnt really lose any power if Baxley loses. But they probably would enjoy having an all female democrat majority on the PSC.

Record number of voters in Hardin County

According to the Savannah Courier( ), there are now a record number of people registered to vote in Hardin County, Tn. The number stands at 16,000. 389 registered to vote since the August election. Im personally not reading too much into this though. I know that the general feeling is when more people are registered to vote then that usually benefits democrats. But Hardin County has been such a reliable county for the GOP in statewide and district area races(excluding Rinks) over the last decade or so that I just dont see that changing all that much in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stateline democrats gone wild!

Two democrats involved in heated races along the Alabama and Tennessee state line made headlines yesterday. Rush Limbaugh brought up the comments that Parker Griffith made at a church in Florence, Al. a few weeks ago where he reportedly said this country has nothing to fear from people like Osama Bin Laden. I think its become very apparent that democrats made a very bad choice with Parker Griffith. He is dropping like a rock in the polls from what I was told this morning. A few weeks ago, GOP investigators discovered that the hospital in Huntsville literally had to run Mr Griffith off back in the 80's when he worked there as an oncologist because they claimed he was literally burning cancer patients up inside with excessive chemotherapy treatments and he was also warehousing them all for the purpose of making a profit. The GOP set up a website where you can read all the documents they found at . If what they say in there is true then you could use a lot of words to describe Mr Griffith and not many of them would be good if you catch my drift. Some news also hit yesterday next door in the Hardin and McNairy County, Tn area concerning democrat nominee for State House district 71 Stan Wheeler which is not nearly as serious as what Mr Griffith is accused of doing but none the less its very important. According to a story in the Decatur County Chronicle, Mr Wheeler defaulted on a few loans recently. A lot of people default on loans for a variety of reasons. Some have family or health problems, others have business problems that pop up and before you know it your in a hole that you cant get out of. This doesnt make them bad people but it does in my opinion make them unfit to serve in elected office no matter what party their in. Just look at the mess going on in Congress right now or better yet look at whats gone on in the Tennessee Legislature the last six years from the income tax debacle to the FBI sting in '05. In 2002, a riot nearly broke out at the Legislature because of their inability to balance the state budget. In 2004, Phil Williams at channel 5 up in Nashville did a report on the then State Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jerry Cooper. Mr Williams discovered that the repo people were out at Senator Coopers farm taking vehicles and farm equipment because of some loans that Cooper defaulted on. We also had democrat State Rep Ray Davis in Milan and GOP State Rep Ronnie Davis in east Tennessee sent to prison in recent years because of financial problems in their private life. To top it off, Governor Bredesen said yesterday that the new legislature will be dealing with a deficit of somewhere between $300 to $600 million dollars when they come back in January. So do we need to send more politicians up there who have had financial problems in their not so recent past like Mr Wheeler has had? After witnessing the mess in '02 at the Legislature, the FBI sting in '05,the situations with former Senator Cooper and the two former State Reps Davis. I don't think so.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Politicians and their crazy antics

When I read about the lurid story today involving soon to be former Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney(D) and ex Congressman Jim Slattery's(D) latest ad out in Kansas. It reminded me of an old story a former girlfriend told me about her grandmother. Her grandmother had never been outside of Tennessee so she took her on vacation out to California with her back in 2003. She said they were having a great time driving around California. She said they decided to check into a hotel they had reservations at in Sacramento that afternoon. This was on the eve of Arnold Schwartzeneger being sworn in as Governor. So she said as they walked in, they noticed that the hotel lobby was crowded with politicians,media types and even some Hollywood celebs who were there for the inaugural events. She said they walked on in a few more feet and they noticed a sign hanging in the hallway that read. Welcome California Automobile Dealers to your annual conference. She said her grandmother sat down in a chair there in the lobby and she went up to the counter and started filling out the sign- in sheet. She said she got about half way down the sheet and this woman came on the speaker system and said that the Dean of the USC Law School was requesting that all of his law students that were in the hotel meet him in the hotel restuarant at 9 pm for a special meeting. She said right after the woman said that, she heard her grandmother say Oh Lord. She said she turned around to see what was wrong and her grandmother was literally running out the front door. She said she took off after her. She said she got outside and her grandmother was sitting on a little bench gasping for breath and the parking attendent was asking her if she needed some water. She said she asked her, grandma whats wrong do you need an ambulance, you want me to take you to the hospital. She said her grandmother shook her head and said no I dont need any of that. I just need my bible. She said she looked at her and said grandma what in the world is wrong? She said her grandma was quiet for a moment and then she looked up at her with the most sincere look and said. Sweetie we have to leave here, everything was fine in there but all at once I had this horrible feeling come over me. I felt like I had died and went straight to hell. She said her grandmother went on to tell her she could feel the devil grabbing at her purse and her soul when she was in there.

Coaches getting fired

Its been a busy five days for some well known college football coaches here in the south. Last Wednesday, Auburn fired Tony Franklin as their OC and today Clemson tossed Tommy Bowden overboard. If theres any justice left in college football, Phillip Fulmer and Tommy's daddy will be floating with Tommy here in a few weeks. If Vandy's Head Coach Bobby Johnson can get them to eight wins then I suspect Clemson will hire him late next month. There should be openings at UAB and Memphis but the know it alls that run the athletic departments at those schools don't care about football. So my guess is, Tommy West and Neil Callaway will probably be back next year. Tommy Tuberville is another coach that bares watching. If Auburn finishes with a losing record and Alabama ends up in a BCS game then it will be extremely difficult for Tuberville to hang on at Auburn. The only thing that could possibly save him is if he keeps the winning streak against Alabama going. If he does that then he'll more than likely be back. Beating Alabama means everything to Auburn fans.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dont mess with the taxpayer!

I think yesterdays mayoral upsets in Cullman and Huntsville should serve as a reminder to all politicians out there. That some taxpayers will still hold you accountable for the use of their money. Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk lost in a landslide yesterday to businessman Max Townson. Mr Hauk voted for every tax increase that was proposed in the last four years. He also voted to build a multi million dollar farmers market and a new 20 million dollar aquatic center. All the while, the schools in the city of Cullman continue to detoriate and the police continue to share a fifty year building with the fire department. In Huntsville, twelve year incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer lost in a landslide as well to a former one term defeated City Councilman from the 80's. Mayor-elect Tommy Battle hammered away on three issues over the summer and they all had to do with the use of taxpayer money. Huntsville has a booming economy so Mayor-elect Battle couldnt attack on that issue. But the runaway cost of the new jail,roads and the new homeless shelter over rode the economy in the end and helped propel Mr Battle to a huge upset last night. Another tidbit that helped Mayor-elect Battle last night was the huge turnout in the black neighborhoods around Huntsville. There was a lot of new voters in these areas yesterday mainly because of the democrats voter registration drives over the past few months and they turned out in force for Mr Battle.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pot meet Kettle

I was watching some of the Congressional hearings today where they were lecturing these Wall Street tycoons on the bailout crisis. The attitude of these congressmen is unbelievable. I would give anything if one of these Wall Street bankers would stand up and yell out at them. IM NOT GOING TO SIT HERE AND BE LECTURED TOO BY YOU HOLIER THAN THOU FOOLS. WE SHOULD BE HOLDING TREASON HEARINGS FOR ALL OF YOU OVER THE DECADES OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND WASTEFUL USE OF TAXPAYER MONEY .....YOU BUNCH OF STUPID LOOKING RETARDS!