Saturday, July 26, 2008

West Tennessee TV weatherman dies

Brian Teigland the weatherman at the ABC affiliate in Memphis passed away yesterday morning from an undisclosed illness. He was only in his early 50's. He was probably the third most popular weatherman in west Tennessee behind Dave Brown at Channel 5 and Gary Pickens at Channel 7. But he started to become better known in recent years throughout the west state when he replaced Dave Brown as the announcer on Jerry Lawler and Cory MacClins local wrestling promotion.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lambuth gets approved for the NCAA D 2 & Jaxx news

The beginning of the end of the NAIA national womens basketball tournanment in Jackson started yesterday when the NCAA approved Lambuths application for admittance into Division 2. Lambuth will become a full member in 2010 starting with the football season. This is mainly why they hired former Ole Miss Assistant Hugh Freeze last winter and tossed their longtime Coach Vic Wallace overboard. This move leaves Union as the only NAIA member left in Jackson and I don't believe they will stick around much longer either. Once that happens the NAIA will take their tournament and go else where. Also the new Diamond Jaxx owner stated yesterday in the Jackson Sun that he has no plans to move the Double A Jaxx to Nashville if the triple A Sounds leave. He can say that all he wants but I don't believe him. Anyway one things for sure, the sports scene in Jackson sure is changing a lot.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr Ford is that a hurricane over your head?

File this under the headline when it rains it pours or in John Fords case it comes a hurricane. That evil Halliburton loving, Wal Mart admiring Justice Department now owns the Rolex watch that good little christian boy John Ford cared so much about. Oh my heart is just breaking for poor John..what will he do without his rolex and jaguar. By the way LWC makes an interesting point in the comments section in this story. Memphis still isnt completely clean...unfortunately.

I hate to gloat but.....

all my predictions in the Alabama run-off proved correct last night when the results came in. The closest race was the county commission chairmans in Cullman County where 71 year old incumbent Wiley Kitchens was defeated by just 46 votes by political newcomer James Graves in the GOP primary. Mr Graves now moves on to face former County Chairman Pete Tucker(D) in the fall election. But Mr Tucker isnt exacatly a top tier candidate, he ran two years ago for another commission seat and was defeated. Wayne Parker won the run off for the open congressional seat in north alabama by a whopping 58 points. Why Cheryl Guthrie didnt drop out last month is beyond me. But I will give her this much, it must be nice to be so rich that you can totally waste a few hundred thousand on idiotic TV ads featuring monkeys. Mr Parker now moves on to face State Senator Parker Griffith(D) in the fall election.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Alabama run-off predictions

Alabama's run-off is this coming Tuesday so I think Ill make some predictions. There are only two congressional run-offs and both are on the GOP side. Wayne Parker will win the nod in the north Alabama race with relative ease. He's the son-in-law of former Texas Congressman Bill Archer(R). By the way there's a little bit of reverse psychology going on between Mr Parker and his democrat opponent already. Mr Parkers campaign signs are blue while Mr Griffiths signs are red. Down in the southeast part of Alabama, State Rep Jay Love and State Senator Harri Ann Smith have been going at it on the airwaves. But unless something shocking happens in the final days, Jay Love should win this race by a comfortable margin. For all you Tennessee readers, Harri Anne Smith had George Jones cut a radio ad for her last week. Mr Jones sounds odd in the add...he's either sick or very drunk....go too and scroll down a bit and listen to it. There's only one county race in north alabama worth noting and thats in Cullman County. The current county commission chairman Wiley Kitchens is being challenged by James Graves in the GOP primary. Mr Graves has been hitting Mr Kitchens pretty hard over water issues and a $10 million reserve fund. This race will probably be close but Ill go with Mr Graves on this one. Finally there's the race between Twinkle Cavanaugh and Matt Chancey for PSC Chairman. Ms Cavanaugh is the former State Chairman for the GOP and she has an ad up that featues Mike Huckabee endorsing her and talking about how she's pro life(Im not sure what abortion has to do with the Public Service Commission). Mr Chancey has a lot of grassroots supporters out there but he trailed Twinkle by double digits in last months primary and he's been drastically outspent so Im going to go with Twinkle on this one. If Twinkle wins it will guarantee that Alabama will have an all female PSC come January. The democrats have already selected former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley for this race, so whoever wins in November will join Jan Cook and Susan Parker on the three member PSC.

Democrat Mayor indicted

A federal grand jury indicted the Mayor of Jackson, Ms Frank Melton and his two bodyguards yesterday on charges related to an incident two years ago when they kicked in the doors to what they thought was a crack house. The trio faced state charges related to this incident last year and were found not guilty on all charges. So its kind of surprising the US Justice Dept indicted them for this same incident. This news probably sent a shiver up the spine of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. The rumor mill has been very hot since the spring concerning his potential indictment by the feds.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Odd development in GOP race in HD 71

I find this a little odd. But this coming Sunday in the Adamsville City Park from 2 to 4 pm there is going to be a reunion for Garan Manufacturing employees. For those of you not from this area. Garan is one of these factories that fell victim to that giant sucking sound that the little man from Texas all warned us about back in the mid nineties. Anyway the last plant manager at Garan is sponsoring this event according to the Savannah Courier. The man's name is Frank Lacey ( ). Oh and here's the kicker to the story. Mr Lacey just happens to be running in the GOP primary against Vance Dennis in House District 71. Which begs the question, would Mr Lacey be sponsoring this event if he wasn't running for the State House?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prominent GOPer getting divorced

Retiring Mississippi Congressman Chip Pickering is divorcing his wife after twenty years of marriage according to numerous media reports today. This might be the main reason why the Congressman didn't replace Trent Lott in the US Senate six months ago. He was still rumored as a possible candidate to replace Haley Barbour in 2011. Ill say this though, if this divorce gets as messy as the McGreevy divorce in New Jersey you might as well stick a fork in Mr Pickerings political career in Mississippi.