Wednesday, January 2, 2008

every day southern Democrats who left the party in the 90's

People often ask me why me and my sister left the Democrat Party after growing up in it in southern west Tennessee. The answer for me really has nothing to do with the bible as a lot of the talking heads on the networks claim is the reason why southerners left the Democrats in droves in the 90's. It has to do with witnessing the failure of the Democrats social agenda firsthand. My dad and his brothers absolutely worshipped the Democrat Party. If they had been in Dallas in November 1963 there is no doubt in my mind I wouldnt be here today because they would have proudly taken those bullets for President Kennedy. Thats just how hardcore they were and still are. They made their living by farming and they would also buy old homes and fix them up and sale them for a profit. They did all this despite not being able to read or write and there started the problems that I developed with the Democrat Party. When dad was of school age in the 50's, the Democrats were in their 80th year of having a power lock on the state government in Tennessee....EIGHTY YEARS PEOPLE. Why hadn't the Democrats in Nashville developed a plan by that time that would have properly educated these people like my father who literally worshipped them? Then came the dependence on the Democrats welfare programs. When the income from farming dipped in the early 80's, dad went and signed up on food stamps and they also increased the monthly check he was drawing. I noticed a change in him when he did this. He gradually stopped working on the farm like he had been doing before he signed us all up on welfare. He started becoming fearful of someone seeing him out on the farm working because he was afraid they would turn him in and they would eliminate the food stamps and the monthly check he was getting. Then when 1986 rolled around and he was diagnosed with lung cancer he just completely gave up on everything and became totally dependent on welfare the final seven years of his life. He went from getting up at 5 am to go to work on the farm to sitting in his chair by the window watching people go to work and waiting on the mailman to come by at 1 pm every afternoon. It was a situation I wouldnt wish on anyone. Thats why I have only voted for two Democrats in my life so far. Im not in the business of insulting Democrats because I know neither party is made of gold but I can not in good conscious support a political party that discourages people from working the way they do. I'm not wealthy by any means and I don't have health insurance but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Im much better off in my current condition than I would be living under Hillarys universal health care and the democrats welfare policies. Sure $400 a month in food stamps,free health care and monthly government checks around $1,500 may sound nice but folks I lived that life in the 80's and Im here to tell you it wasn't what its made out to be.