Friday, December 5, 2008

Two thoughts on the bailout

When I was watching the news last night about the "Big 3" going to Congress to testify yesterday. They showed a segment of one of the Big 3 auto execs showing off their new hybrid and electric cars. The guy said these cars will be the wave of the future. When I heard that, it reminded me of that show from the 80's called Max Headroom. I remember watching and reading all the TV crtics back then on Entertainment Tonight and in USA Today brag about how Headroom was going to be the type of show that would flood the airwaves in twenty years. But here we are twenty years later and I know of no show out there today thats even remotely similar to Max Headroom. Anyway on too the more serious point about this bailout. I hear car dealers,union leaders and auto execs screaming for immediate help but lets look at something for a moment. Bill Heard went under a few months ago and the cities they had a dealership in are still going along ok today. Other car dealers who have better ETHICS came along and replaced the void left by Bill Heard in Nashville and Huntsville and nothing happened. The sky didnt fall,the sun still comes up and so on and so forth. Also look at the cities who had garment factories leave them after NAFTA. Did they take a hit? Sure they did but you know what. Those cities got up and dusted themselves off and moved on. Savannah, Tn for example lost two plants because of NAFTA but that city is as good as its ever been. They went out and found other industries and everything is as good as it can be today. My point is, of course good everyday americans will be hurt in the short term if these companies and car dealers go down in a few weeks. But you know what in the long term, all of us will be better off if we let these unethical car dealers and arrogant auto execs and union leaders go under. The blue collar guy will find other employment and the fools at the top will be tarnished forever and thats the way it should be. But of course it won't happen....

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