Thursday, December 11, 2008

Illinois mess could exist in Tennessee

The corruption mess in Illinois could very well exist in Tennessee if things aren't changed soon. Now I know we had the Waltz scandal but that was mainly a bunch of homegrown crooks in Memphis behind that scandal. I'm referring to how the state picks its attorney general,state judges, secretary of state, comptroller and state treasurer. The way people are picked to run those offices now is a recipe for disaster. Their mainly chosen by a group of insiders and thats wrong no matter if they have a D or R beside their name. Now I don't have any inside info on this(Im just speculating) but how do we know a few attorneys over the past ten years havent bribed members of the judicial selection commission to send their name to the Governor for a statewide judicial post? Why do prominent attorneys in democrat party politics in Nashville keep getting appointed as state attorney general? Why not appoint the democrat prosecutors in Benton County, Lake County, Moore County or Ed Bryant to that post? I think we all know the answer to that. We can only hope and pray nothing illegal has gone on. Also how does former Governor Don Sundquist's(R) top aide end up as the only candidate for State Comptroller this year? Is there not a good everyday GOPer in Jackson,Memphis or where ever thats more qualified for this job than Mr Wilson? Again I have no inside info of any wrongdoing but Im just stating that the way candidates are chosen in Nashville today. Can lead us down a path of people in both parties offering bribes(if it hasnt happened already) to be chosen for one of these particular jobs. Thats why its my hope that the new GOP majority in Nashville will let Tennesseans pick their judges the way Alabama chooses theirs and they will also make the attorney general,comptroller,treasurer and secretary of state into elected positions as well. If that is done then you will be transferring control of these jobs from GOP and Democrat insiders to the people and thats the way it should be. Sure we may end up with an Al Gore global warming alarmist or a Roy Moore type. But at least it'll be done in an open and bribe free arena.

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