Friday, December 19, 2008


Roger Richardson has filed papers to run in a special election next spring for the state senate seat that Alabama Congressman-elect Parker Griffith is vacating. Mr Richardson is a professor at the historic black college of Alabama A&M and he's a pastor at a black majority church in Huntsville. The Alabama GOP bigwigs are already lining up behind Mr Richardson. The district takes in most of the minority neighborhoods in and around Huntsville. So its not a surprise they would try to find a credible minority such as Mr Richardson to run in this district. But what is a surprise is that he's also a pastor. Hmm..I wonder if him and Jeremiah Wright have ever met? His bio says he's lived in Indiana and Kentucky.

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Jennifer said...

Unlike most, ROGER RICHARDSON is the best qualified and has the experience to back it up. He is an Urban Economic Development Specialist and Community Economic Development Coordinator, for the Alabama Cooperative Extension. With a Doctorate of Public Administration, his work speaks for it self. He hasn't just been sitting aroung waiting to run for public office. He has been doing something to help the 7th District and the State of Alabama.