Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looking into the crystal ball...bama style

Its pretty quiet right now on the political front in bear bryant country. But I thought Id pass along some rumors Ive been hereing out there on the political front. State Rep Jeremy Oden(R) apparently will either run for State Treasurer or Cullman County Probate Judge in two years. Mr Oden has been in the State House since 1998. State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) is also rumored to be retiring in two years. This will be great news for the GOP because his seat in Marshall County has become a very GOP friendly area in the last decade. One final note, there are some rumors here and there that have already popped up about Congressman-elect Bobby Bright(D) possibly switching to the GOP. It wouldnt shock me given the make-up of that district if he did eventually switch but don't expect anything to happen on that front for at least a year.

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