Monday, November 3, 2008

If Obama wins, the poor will lose

The answer to the question of who loses if Obama wins tomorrow isnt Republicans like a lot of people think. The answer is the poor. Which ironically will be one of the largest voting blocs tomorrow for Obama. I remember talking to a gentleman back in '92 right after Clinton and Gore were elected and he was on cloud nine. He was talking about how better his life will be now that Clinton and Gore are in office. But here's the catch, three years ago when I last saw him. He was still living in the same house and in the same economic condition that he was one day after Clinton won in '92. You see too many low income people have this mindset that someone other than themselves will make them prosperous. The truth is no one but you as an individual can do that. But if Obama wins tomorrow night with his redistribute the wealth rhetoric, unfortunately that mindset will continue to grow among low income people. It would help of course if we had real conservatives step forward within the GOP and make this case to low income folks. But after the last eight years I wouldnt recommend anyone hold their breath waiting on that to occur.

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