Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOP landslide in Volunteer country

It was a very good night for republicans in Tennessee. They expanded their state senate majority by 3 seats and they won the State House for the first time since the Civil War. This means we will now have a Republican Secretary of State,State Treasurer and Comptroller in Tennessee. Its also my hope that they will make the Attorney General and Supreme Court positions into elected races at some point over the next few years. Vance Dennis was one of the GOPers who picked up a democrat held seat. Mr Dennis is a good man and he comes from a good family. So I was glad he won. Delores Gresham also won the state senate seat previously held by longtime senator John Wilder. This race broke down about as I expected it would. Randy Camp won the three democrat counties of Crockett,Haywood and Hardeman by wide margins. But the margins werent as big as he needed in those areas and he wasnt able to pick off Chester and McNairy like he had hoped. Another thing thats interesting to look at, is that half of the democrat caucus in the state senate now has three years or less of senate experience. Thats a dramatic turn around from a few years ago when the caucus was virtually dominated by longtime members. I expect that number will grow over the next two years. Doug Henry claims he's running again in two years but Ill believe it when I see it and Jim Kyle may give the Shelby County Mayor's post a long look. There will also be a new Chairman of the Tennessee Democrat Party in the next few days or weeks. The current chairman is Jim Sassers son but he will either be fired or asked to resign in the next few days after what happened last night. One final note concerns Gary Odom who was chomping at the bit to become Speaker. But now that dream appears to be lost forvever. It just goes to show, you need to strike while the iron is hot. Because tomorrow may never come.

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Melissa said...

The TN constitution calls for the supreme court positions to be elected by the people. I agree with your hoping that we will now be able to go back to that and quit this appointment mess.

I have to chuckle when I think about how Rinks decided not to run for re-election, wanting to be named Secretary of State. Does chuckling mean I'm gloating? I'm too nice to indulge in that. I am just basking in the joy of winning!