Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A bama version of John Wilder?

The word from the legislature in Montgomery is that Alabama State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) is now having second thoughts about giving up the gavel for the top spot in the Alabama State Senate when they go back into session in early Febuary. The plan was for Mitchem to retire this year and hand over the gavel to State Senator Roger Smitherman a democrat from Birmingham. But associates of Mitchem are now spreading rumors that their worried Smitherman is too liberal to lead the Alabama State Senate and that Mitchem will not step down until Smitherman gets a majority of the senate behind him. This could get very messy with white old time democrats battling black democrats. The situation involving Congressman-elect Parker Griffith is only going to make things worse. He has already resigned from the state senate but since there isnt a provision in the Alabama code calling for a temporary/interim State Senator. That seat will be left vacant well into the spring when a special election will be held. This is crucial because Griffith's vote two years ago was the deciding factor in the democrats maintaining a slim 18-17 working majority in the state senate over the GOP and a few renegade democrats. With that vote now gone until the spring and the infighting between the Mitchem and Smitherman camps heating up. This could allow the GOP and the democrat renegades to swoop in and take control of the Alabama State Senate in early Febuary.

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