Friday, October 24, 2008

The wheels are coming off Stan the man

Democrat nominee for Tennessee State House district 71 Stan Wheeler has more financial problems according to an article in this weeks Decatur County Chronicle. He took over $10,000 in illegal campaign contributions and misreported funds. This comes on the heels of news last week that he had defaulted on a loan of $78,000. Keep this in mind, Governor Bredesen has said there will be somewhere between a 300 to 600 million dollar deficit this year in the state budget. If Stan Wheeler can't keep his own finances in order then how in the world is he going to help balance the state's budget? Also look what happened the last time Tennessee had a budget crisis on the scale we are about to face. We had State Reps and State Senators in BOTH parties up there in Nashville who had literally gone wild in their personal lifes. They were exposing themselves at pools in Destin,running Ponzi schemes,taking bribes,securing fraudulent bank loans and god only knows what John Ford got away with. It all nearly lead to a riot breaking out at the legislature back in the summer of 2002. Thats why we need Democrats and GOPers in the Tennessee State Legislature who are leading stable personal lives and Mr Wheeler has proven through these financial mismanagement stories over the last two weeks. That he doesn't meet that qualification.

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