Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stateline democrats gone wild!

Two democrats involved in heated races along the Alabama and Tennessee state line made headlines yesterday. Rush Limbaugh brought up the comments that Parker Griffith made at a church in Florence, Al. a few weeks ago where he reportedly said this country has nothing to fear from people like Osama Bin Laden. I think its become very apparent that democrats made a very bad choice with Parker Griffith. He is dropping like a rock in the polls from what I was told this morning. A few weeks ago, GOP investigators discovered that the hospital in Huntsville literally had to run Mr Griffith off back in the 80's when he worked there as an oncologist because they claimed he was literally burning cancer patients up inside with excessive chemotherapy treatments and he was also warehousing them all for the purpose of making a profit. The GOP set up a website where you can read all the documents they found at . If what they say in there is true then you could use a lot of words to describe Mr Griffith and not many of them would be good if you catch my drift. Some news also hit yesterday next door in the Hardin and McNairy County, Tn area concerning democrat nominee for State House district 71 Stan Wheeler which is not nearly as serious as what Mr Griffith is accused of doing but none the less its very important. According to a story in the Decatur County Chronicle, Mr Wheeler defaulted on a few loans recently. A lot of people default on loans for a variety of reasons. Some have family or health problems, others have business problems that pop up and before you know it your in a hole that you cant get out of. This doesnt make them bad people but it does in my opinion make them unfit to serve in elected office no matter what party their in. Just look at the mess going on in Congress right now or better yet look at whats gone on in the Tennessee Legislature the last six years from the income tax debacle to the FBI sting in '05. In 2002, a riot nearly broke out at the Legislature because of their inability to balance the state budget. In 2004, Phil Williams at channel 5 up in Nashville did a report on the then State Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jerry Cooper. Mr Williams discovered that the repo people were out at Senator Coopers farm taking vehicles and farm equipment because of some loans that Cooper defaulted on. We also had democrat State Rep Ray Davis in Milan and GOP State Rep Ronnie Davis in east Tennessee sent to prison in recent years because of financial problems in their private life. To top it off, Governor Bredesen said yesterday that the new legislature will be dealing with a deficit of somewhere between $300 to $600 million dollars when they come back in January. So do we need to send more politicians up there who have had financial problems in their not so recent past like Mr Wheeler has had? After witnessing the mess in '02 at the Legislature, the FBI sting in '05,the situations with former Senator Cooper and the two former State Reps Davis. I don't think so.

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