Saturday, October 18, 2008

Record number of voters in Hardin County

According to the Savannah Courier( ), there are now a record number of people registered to vote in Hardin County, Tn. The number stands at 16,000. 389 registered to vote since the August election. Im personally not reading too much into this though. I know that the general feeling is when more people are registered to vote then that usually benefits democrats. But Hardin County has been such a reliable county for the GOP in statewide and district area races(excluding Rinks) over the last decade or so that I just dont see that changing all that much in a few weeks.

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Andrew said...

I'm thinking Hardin and McNairy County voters are going to keep voting Republican with the Democrats offering up a financial disaster like Wheeler.

Past Financial Dealings Plague Wheeler�s Campaign

Stan Wheeler, democratic candidate for State Representative in the 71st district, which includes McNairy, Hardin, and a portion of Decatur Counties, failed to repay a Southwest Tennessee Development District business loan, leaving Wheeler owing Tennessee taxpayers a bad debt of over $78,000.
Documentation obtained from the Southwest Tennessee Development District, a public non-profit association of local governments made up of Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, McNairy and Madison counties, indicates that Wheeler borrowed $120,000 (in addition to receiving a $30,000 grant) from the Development District for his business, a partnership with his father named BS Mack, but only made five of his scheduled monthly payments before defaulting on the loan. The loan appears to have remained in default for several years before the Development District took steps to foreclose on the real property that secured the note. However, the Development District released their mortgage on the property without foreclosing while a balance of $78,401.73 was still outstanding on the note. Records indicate that the Development district has written off the bad debt, and no further payments have been shown on the account.
In addition to the bad debt owed to the state, Wheeler has also been sued on at least two different occasions for not paying his bills, McNairy County Register�s Office records reveal. Wheeler has been sued by both the Packaging Corporation of America and Union Planters Bank for his failure to pay his debts. In addition, a tax lien has been filed by the Federal government against Wheller�s business for failure to pay taxes.
�Regardless of party politics, the type of financial mismanagement Wheeler has displayed in his business dealings indicate a serious problem with Wheeler�s financial management abilities. In this time of economic difficulty, Wheeler�s past actions are an obvious indicator of the type of person we don�t need in Nashville managing a $28 Billion dollar state budget. We cannot trust him to lead in Nashville.� said Kurt Holbert, Chairman of the Decatur County Republican Party.