Saturday, October 18, 2008

PSC Presidents race in Alabama

The race for Public Service Commission President in Alabama has been pretty low key up to now. The GOP nominee Twinkle Cavanaugh was touring north Alabama yesterday with the GOP nominees for the judicial races. She's also the former State GOP Chairman. The democrat nominee is former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley. Ms Baxley suffered a severe stroke right after the election two years ago. For Baxley to have any hope of winning she's going to have to get on TV quick and show voters that she's recovered from her stroke. Otherwise she's probably going to get swamped by the GOP tidal wave at the top of the Alabama ticket. The democrats already hold a 2 to 1 majority on the PSC that they won two years ago. So the democrats wouldnt really lose any power if Baxley loses. But they probably would enjoy having an all female democrat majority on the PSC.

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