Monday, October 13, 2008

Politicians and their crazy antics

When I read about the lurid story today involving soon to be former Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney(D) and ex Congressman Jim Slattery's(D) latest ad out in Kansas. It reminded me of an old story a former girlfriend told me about her grandmother. Her grandmother had never been outside of Tennessee so she took her on vacation out to California with her back in 2003. She said they were having a great time driving around California. She said they decided to check into a hotel they had reservations at in Sacramento that afternoon. This was on the eve of Arnold Schwartzeneger being sworn in as Governor. So she said as they walked in, they noticed that the hotel lobby was crowded with politicians,media types and even some Hollywood celebs who were there for the inaugural events. She said they walked on in a few more feet and they noticed a sign hanging in the hallway that read. Welcome California Automobile Dealers to your annual conference. She said her grandmother sat down in a chair there in the lobby and she went up to the counter and started filling out the sign- in sheet. She said she got about half way down the sheet and this woman came on the speaker system and said that the Dean of the USC Law School was requesting that all of his law students that were in the hotel meet him in the hotel restuarant at 9 pm for a special meeting. She said right after the woman said that, she heard her grandmother say Oh Lord. She said she turned around to see what was wrong and her grandmother was literally running out the front door. She said she took off after her. She said she got outside and her grandmother was sitting on a little bench gasping for breath and the parking attendent was asking her if she needed some water. She said she asked her, grandma whats wrong do you need an ambulance, you want me to take you to the hospital. She said her grandmother shook her head and said no I dont need any of that. I just need my bible. She said she looked at her and said grandma what in the world is wrong? She said her grandma was quiet for a moment and then she looked up at her with the most sincere look and said. Sweetie we have to leave here, everything was fine in there but all at once I had this horrible feeling come over me. I felt like I had died and went straight to hell. She said her grandmother went on to tell her she could feel the devil grabbing at her purse and her soul when she was in there.

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