Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dont mess with the taxpayer!

I think yesterdays mayoral upsets in Cullman and Huntsville should serve as a reminder to all politicians out there. That some taxpayers will still hold you accountable for the use of their money. Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk lost in a landslide yesterday to businessman Max Townson. Mr Hauk voted for every tax increase that was proposed in the last four years. He also voted to build a multi million dollar farmers market and a new 20 million dollar aquatic center. All the while, the schools in the city of Cullman continue to detoriate and the police continue to share a fifty year building with the fire department. In Huntsville, twelve year incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer lost in a landslide as well to a former one term defeated City Councilman from the 80's. Mayor-elect Tommy Battle hammered away on three issues over the summer and they all had to do with the use of taxpayer money. Huntsville has a booming economy so Mayor-elect Battle couldnt attack on that issue. But the runaway cost of the new jail,roads and the new homeless shelter over rode the economy in the end and helped propel Mr Battle to a huge upset last night. Another tidbit that helped Mayor-elect Battle last night was the huge turnout in the black neighborhoods around Huntsville. There was a lot of new voters in these areas yesterday mainly because of the democrats voter registration drives over the past few months and they turned out in force for Mr Battle.

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