Monday, October 13, 2008

Coaches getting fired

Its been a busy five days for some well known college football coaches here in the south. Last Wednesday, Auburn fired Tony Franklin as their OC and today Clemson tossed Tommy Bowden overboard. If theres any justice left in college football, Phillip Fulmer and Tommy's daddy will be floating with Tommy here in a few weeks. If Vandy's Head Coach Bobby Johnson can get them to eight wins then I suspect Clemson will hire him late next month. There should be openings at UAB and Memphis but the know it alls that run the athletic departments at those schools don't care about football. So my guess is, Tommy West and Neil Callaway will probably be back next year. Tommy Tuberville is another coach that bares watching. If Auburn finishes with a losing record and Alabama ends up in a BCS game then it will be extremely difficult for Tuberville to hang on at Auburn. The only thing that could possibly save him is if he keeps the winning streak against Alabama going. If he does that then he'll more than likely be back. Beating Alabama means everything to Auburn fans.

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