Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on two north Alabama Mayoral races

The Mayors race in Cullman is now just under two weeks away. From people I talk to, Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk has pulled out to a small lead over Max Townson. Mr Hauk has run a slightly better run-off campaign than Mr Townson has so far. The Huntsville, Al Mayors race is also 13 days away and incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer finally went up with a negative ad in this race. She went up yesterday with an ad attacking Tommy Battle as being too inexperienced. The race up until yesterday had been surprisingly positive. If Battle wins on October 7 look for him to become a major player on the statewide political scene in Alabama. He's young so its possible he could use this potential upset as a springboard to run for Congress down the road or statewide office.

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