Friday, September 19, 2008

Kickoff rally for Vance Dennis

Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn and Lt Governor Ron Ramsey will be at a kickoff rally for Vance Dennis next Wednesday at 7 pm at the Hardin County Middle School. Their serving free food so if your in the area stop by and get you something to eat and have a chat with hopefully the next State Rep from Savannah. Oh and it wouldn't hurt to bring your checkbook and make a donation to Vance's campaign. His opponent is having a fundraiser this Monday at David Dickey's home in Adamsville, Tn. Governor Bredesen,Speaker Naifeh and the rest of the West Tennessee Mafia are scheduled to appear.


Deborah said...

The McNairy County Republican Women are having a fundraiser for Vance Dennis and Delores Gresham this Tuesday - Sep. 23rd - at the Eastview civic center starting at 5:30. Both candidates will speak after 7:00. Plates are $5.

Deborah said...

There will be a rally on Monday (Oct. 13th) for Vance Dennis and Doloras Gresham at the Adamsville Civic Center at 7:00PM.