Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good deal for Memphis & Mid South?

Yesterday the Commercial Appeal broke the story about the St Louis Cardinals being in negotiations to buy the Memphis Redbirds. On the surface this deal is probably a good thing for Memphis and Cardinal fans throughout the mid south. Especially when you consider the almost doomed status of the minor league teams next door in Jackson,Nashville and Huntsville. Ten years ago when the team moved from Louisville to Memphis. The reason given was that the Cardinals ownership wanted their main affiliate to be closer to St Louis and their fan base. Even though the team has new ownership now, this proposed deal seems to reinforce that commitment made by the Busch family a decade ago to keep the Cardinals Triple A team close to St Louis for the long term picture. That arrangement can be nothing but good news for Memphis. Because when you look around the midwest map there's really no where else the Cardinals could move this team if things went south in Memphis. Unless they do something similar to what Atlanta did in Gwinnett County and move the team to somewhere like St Charles County but I just don't believe that will happen given the Stadium situation in Memphis and good Cardinal fan base in the Mid South. Also if the teams in Jackson and Nashville bail out(as expected) in the coming years, Autozone Park/Cardinals will probably see increased attendance thanks to fans in those cities wanting to see minor league baseball. Thats why in the end, Memphis is probably going to benefit greatly from the Cardinals buying the Redbirds.

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