Monday, September 29, 2008

Congressional race in north alabama gets real nasty

Check out this website . State Senator Parker Griffith(D) has come under heavy fire in the last two weeks over his departure from Huntsville Hospital twenty years ago. Go to the website and read the details for your self. But I'll say this, when politicians in both parties start using cancer as a campaign tactic against their opponent their playing with fire. I hope GOP nominee Wayne Parker realizes that and he goes carefully down this trail. The last poll released on this race was a month a go and it had Griffith at 45% to Wayne Parker's 40%. With these allegations hitting in the last two weeks, don't be surprised if the new polls coming in the next few days show the race tied or Wayne Parker slightly ahead.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Breaking wind and teacher sex.....

as they say in Perry County, Tn. "It don't get much better than that". This week we have had two cases of teachers being arrested in Jackson, Ms and Nashville, Tn because they were having sex with their male students(btw you know its only a matter of time before some attractive female teacher gets arrested for having sex with an attractive female student). What ever happened to the teachers of the old days? Most of the ones that taught me had more stretch marks and bumps on them than the highway out in front of my home. The last thing I would have ever dreamed of doing was to have sex with one of them. Then to top it off came the story about the guy in West Virginia being charged with battery because he backed up toward a police officer and farted. The officer even made the story more hilarious by saying in his report that the odor was really strong. Check out the link below on that story and be sure to read the few hundred comments that people left. Their pretty funny.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on two north Alabama Mayoral races

The Mayors race in Cullman is now just under two weeks away. From people I talk to, Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk has pulled out to a small lead over Max Townson. Mr Hauk has run a slightly better run-off campaign than Mr Townson has so far. The Huntsville, Al Mayors race is also 13 days away and incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer finally went up with a negative ad in this race. She went up yesterday with an ad attacking Tommy Battle as being too inexperienced. The race up until yesterday had been surprisingly positive. If Battle wins on October 7 look for him to become a major player on the statewide political scene in Alabama. He's young so its possible he could use this potential upset as a springboard to run for Congress down the road or statewide office.

Two GOP links

First up is James Graves( ). He's running for Chairman of the Cullman County Commission as a GOPer. His opponent is the former Chairman Pete Tucker(D). The other link is for Barry Willingham( ). He's running for Cullman County Revenue Commissioner against the incumbent Kay Williams-Smith(D).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bama GOPer gets flushed down the sewer

This morning former Jefferson County, Al Commissioner Mary Buckelew(R) plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges against her in the case involving the Birmingham, Al sewer system that has Birmingham on the verge of filing the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the country. She becomes the second GOPer and fourth person(2 Dems) overall on the five member county commission to plead out in this case. Current County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins(R) is the only member of the old 1998-2002 county commission who hasn't at this point been indicted in the sewer scandal. Most observers in the Birmingham political scene also believe its only a matter of time before Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) gets indicted from his actions in this sewer mess.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kickoff rally for Vance Dennis

Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn and Lt Governor Ron Ramsey will be at a kickoff rally for Vance Dennis next Wednesday at 7 pm at the Hardin County Middle School. Their serving free food so if your in the area stop by and get you something to eat and have a chat with hopefully the next State Rep from Savannah. Oh and it wouldn't hurt to bring your checkbook and make a donation to Vance's campaign. His opponent is having a fundraiser this Monday at David Dickey's home in Adamsville, Tn. Governor Bredesen,Speaker Naifeh and the rest of the West Tennessee Mafia are scheduled to appear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good deal for Memphis & Mid South?

Yesterday the Commercial Appeal broke the story about the St Louis Cardinals being in negotiations to buy the Memphis Redbirds. On the surface this deal is probably a good thing for Memphis and Cardinal fans throughout the mid south. Especially when you consider the almost doomed status of the minor league teams next door in Jackson,Nashville and Huntsville. Ten years ago when the team moved from Louisville to Memphis. The reason given was that the Cardinals ownership wanted their main affiliate to be closer to St Louis and their fan base. Even though the team has new ownership now, this proposed deal seems to reinforce that commitment made by the Busch family a decade ago to keep the Cardinals Triple A team close to St Louis for the long term picture. That arrangement can be nothing but good news for Memphis. Because when you look around the midwest map there's really no where else the Cardinals could move this team if things went south in Memphis. Unless they do something similar to what Atlanta did in Gwinnett County and move the team to somewhere like St Charles County but I just don't believe that will happen given the Stadium situation in Memphis and good Cardinal fan base in the Mid South. Also if the teams in Jackson and Nashville bail out(as expected) in the coming years, Autozone Park/Cardinals will probably see increased attendance thanks to fans in those cities wanting to see minor league baseball. Thats why in the end, Memphis is probably going to benefit greatly from the Cardinals buying the Redbirds.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Billboards and Tennessee's image

Business and government leaders in Tennessee need to think about promoting the state on billboards in other states a little better than they have been in my opinion. Take for instance I-65 in Alabama. As your driving north out of Athens, Al toward Tennessee you will see billboards promoting the various lottery games,"showgirls" at exit 22 in Maury County, Tn and another one promoting "sex magazines" at exit 53 in Williamson County, Tn and I can't forget the one promoting "Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow" at exit 6 in Giles County, Tn. There's not a single billboard up promoting Gatlinburg,Memphis,Nashville or anything educational. The basic theme of the billboards is "Come to Tennessee to get your porn and lotto tickets"!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Calling Mr Spurrier

I think its high time the brass on rocky top woke up from their ten year national championship fantasy. Good grief last nights showing by the Vols was horrendous. Its time to bring the old ball coach home to Tennessee in my opinion.