Thursday, August 21, 2008

Whats become of the democrat party?

Go to the link below and look at what two democrats in Martin, Tn did to a statue dedicated to Sgt Dustin Laird. Its just another example of where the democrat party has gone recently. In the comments section of that story a few democrats even compare Bush to a war criminal. Also pay attention to the response that Don Siegelman gets next week when he speaks to the Democrats at their convention in Denver. Don Siegelman is a convicted felon who was found guilty by a jury of his peers(not Karl Rove) and then was allowed to remain free on bond for an entire year by a so called evil republican judge. By the way for all you blue collar/low income type people out there who believes the sun rises and sets with the democrat party. Just see if a judge will let you remain free for a year if your ever convicted of a felony....anyways back to Siegelman. I have yet to see a single democrat on talk radio or on the blogs mention one word,just one simple word about what Don Siegelman's co-defendent did to thousands of innocent blue collar hard working people in this country. Richard Scrushy ruined the lives of thousands of decent democrats,republicans and independents in this country who had invested their life savings into his Healthsouth company in Birmingham only to see it lost because of his fraudulent acts. Mr Scrushy is currently being sued into oblivion and rightfully so by these innocent people in numerous civil lawsuits. But you don't here one word about that from democrats. Not one single person who was ruined by Don Siegelman's co defendent is going to speak next week at the democrat convention. Not a single one of those people have even been interviewed to my knowledge by any of these liberal talk show hosts on the radio and TV. I thought democrats were the party that stood up for the little guy? But here they are coming down on the side of a convicted felon who just happens to be a democrat party insider. When you add all that on with the fact that democrats care more about a darn animal in Alaska than they do with lessoning the pain on blue collar people(that they claim to care so much about) at the gas pump. Its nearly enough to make you want to drown your headache in milk and vanilla wafers at Ned Ray McWherters place in Weakley County, Tn


Paula said...

I do not know who you are and I do not really care. Don Siegelman is not a felon. This man could not do anything wrong. You would have to know this man which you assuredly do not. This is a gentle, honorable man who has been ruined by-yes-Karl Rove. He was not convicted by a jury of his peers since his peers would have been other former governors. These were simple people who had the wool pulled over their eyes by reprehensible politically appointed illegally, federal prosecutors who should be behind bars themselves if justice were actually being done. Alice Martin is a crook and should be put under the jail. Don Siegelman is a thoroughly nice gentleman. I am neither a gentleman nor am I a quiet spoken type so if you would like to come see me and say those things about Don Siegelman to me in person I will show you just how passionate people can get over the injustice done to this man. His life has been ruined by a bunch of low down dirty lying politically appointed hacks who need to all be fired and thrown into jail themselves.

Melissa said...

Sorry, lady. There isn't anyone who "could not do anything wrong." Just like when a serial killer gets nabbed and all the neighbors whine, "I just didn't think he had it in him." We all have "it" in us, some of us just know how to control "it". When we don't, there are consequences.