Friday, August 8, 2008

Good news for GOP in HD 71 & other house seats

When you look at the overall vote totals in the open seat for state house district 71. You will find some more good news for the GOP. The GOP outpaced the democrats by a 5513-2410 margin in that race yesterday. That means for Stan Wheeler to win in November he's going to have to get a good chunk of GOP voters to cross over and support him in a district that will almost certainly go for McCain and Lamar. Thats going to be a tough task because the GOP primary between Dennis and Lacey wasn't all that nasty. Over in HD 70, incumbent GOP State Rep Joey Hensley outpaced his democrat challenger by nearly 300 votes in overall votes. Hensley shocked everyone back in 2002 when he won this seat. The GOP in that area used to be so small just a few short years ago. They could literally meet in a phone booth but Dr Hensley seems to be doing very good over there. In HD 64, State Rep Dubois outpaced his democrat challenger Ty Cobb by about 200 votes overall. These overall totals dont necessarily mean victory in November but they are just like regular polls in that they provide a decent snapshot of where a race stands at the moment.

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Billy said...

Mister Turnbow----
Look at the difference in a hotly contested primary and a not so hotly contested primary. The GOP was hotly contested in the senate as well as the house. The DEMO. was not.