Friday, August 22, 2008

Preacher is that you?

Twenty four men were arrested in a Huntsville, Al. park yesterday after exposing themselves in public. One of the men was a preacher at the Calvary Church in Huntsville. Their Sunday service should be quite interesting. They nabbed one man from Tennessee and a few others were employees at engineering firms and the Redstone Arsenal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birmingham, Al headed toward chapter 9 bankruptcy?

The Jefferson County, Al government appears to be on the verge of filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. This will be a historic filing that will make national headlines if it happens. The local Mayors in Jefferson County today urged the county government to file for Chapter 9 before September 1 if they cant work out a settlement agreement with Wall Street investors on the sewer bonds. The only other large populated county in recent history that filed for bankruptcy was Orange County, Ca. All of this in Jefferson County, Al though stems mainly from corrupt local government officials securing bonds from corrupt bankers on Wall Street to repair the sewer system in Birmingham. Then Wall Street started calling the bonds due in recent months and the interest payments just got so out of control the county hasnt been able to make them. So they find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy today.

Whats become of the democrat party?

Go to the link below and look at what two democrats in Martin, Tn did to a statue dedicated to Sgt Dustin Laird. Its just another example of where the democrat party has gone recently. In the comments section of that story a few democrats even compare Bush to a war criminal. Also pay attention to the response that Don Siegelman gets next week when he speaks to the Democrats at their convention in Denver. Don Siegelman is a convicted felon who was found guilty by a jury of his peers(not Karl Rove) and then was allowed to remain free on bond for an entire year by a so called evil republican judge. By the way for all you blue collar/low income type people out there who believes the sun rises and sets with the democrat party. Just see if a judge will let you remain free for a year if your ever convicted of a felony....anyways back to Siegelman. I have yet to see a single democrat on talk radio or on the blogs mention one word,just one simple word about what Don Siegelman's co-defendent did to thousands of innocent blue collar hard working people in this country. Richard Scrushy ruined the lives of thousands of decent democrats,republicans and independents in this country who had invested their life savings into his Healthsouth company in Birmingham only to see it lost because of his fraudulent acts. Mr Scrushy is currently being sued into oblivion and rightfully so by these innocent people in numerous civil lawsuits. But you don't here one word about that from democrats. Not one single person who was ruined by Don Siegelman's co defendent is going to speak next week at the democrat convention. Not a single one of those people have even been interviewed to my knowledge by any of these liberal talk show hosts on the radio and TV. I thought democrats were the party that stood up for the little guy? But here they are coming down on the side of a convicted felon who just happens to be a democrat party insider. When you add all that on with the fact that democrats care more about a darn animal in Alaska than they do with lessoning the pain on blue collar people(that they claim to care so much about) at the gas pump. Its nearly enough to make you want to drown your headache in milk and vanilla wafers at Ned Ray McWherters place in Weakley County, Tn

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr Two America's better get to church asap!

What John Edwards has done is much worse than what Larry Craig and Mark Foley did. Craig and Foley embarrassed their families but only hurt themselves. Edwards on the other hand embarrassed himself and hurt his wife, who just happens to be dieing of breast cancer. Think about that for a moment,Elizabeth Edwards is sitting over there in North Carolina watching their two young kids play, knowing in the back of her head that she will in all likelihood never live to see them graduate high school and get married. I can't imagine what she's been going through and then like that wasnt bad enough. She finds out that her so called loving husband is out having an affair with another woman (who he probably fathered a kid with), sneaking in and out of hotels and bars all over this country at all hours of the night with her. Then he gets caught by the National Enquirer and has his face plastered all over their magazines from one end of this country to the other. What "Mr I care so much about poor americans" has done to his wife in this case is outrageous. If he knows whats good for him, he better have himself on the front row of a local church come Sunday morning begging for forgiveness.

Good news for GOP in HD 71 & other house seats

When you look at the overall vote totals in the open seat for state house district 71. You will find some more good news for the GOP. The GOP outpaced the democrats by a 5513-2410 margin in that race yesterday. That means for Stan Wheeler to win in November he's going to have to get a good chunk of GOP voters to cross over and support him in a district that will almost certainly go for McCain and Lamar. Thats going to be a tough task because the GOP primary between Dennis and Lacey wasn't all that nasty. Over in HD 70, incumbent GOP State Rep Joey Hensley outpaced his democrat challenger by nearly 300 votes in overall votes. Hensley shocked everyone back in 2002 when he won this seat. The GOP in that area used to be so small just a few short years ago. They could literally meet in a phone booth but Dr Hensley seems to be doing very good over there. In HD 64, State Rep Dubois outpaced his democrat challenger Ty Cobb by about 200 votes overall. These overall totals dont necessarily mean victory in November but they are just like regular polls in that they provide a decent snapshot of where a race stands at the moment.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Party switching time in Tennessee!?!?!

When you consider how rough their primaries have been. Im not going to be shocked if we see State Senator Rosalind Kurita(D) and State Rep Kent Williams(R) in the coming weeks or months switch parties if they win their primaries next week. Both have ticked off their base by being too flirtacious with the opposing party.