Monday, July 7, 2008

Odd development in GOP race in HD 71

I find this a little odd. But this coming Sunday in the Adamsville City Park from 2 to 4 pm there is going to be a reunion for Garan Manufacturing employees. For those of you not from this area. Garan is one of these factories that fell victim to that giant sucking sound that the little man from Texas all warned us about back in the mid nineties. Anyway the last plant manager at Garan is sponsoring this event according to the Savannah Courier. The man's name is Frank Lacey ( ). Oh and here's the kicker to the story. Mr Lacey just happens to be running in the GOP primary against Vance Dennis in House District 71. Which begs the question, would Mr Lacey be sponsoring this event if he wasn't running for the State House?


Jennifer Lacey said...

No, there have been Garan reunions in the past. It just happens to be that Frank Lacey is hosting this year's at the request of many past Garan employees.

Mr Turnbow said...

Ok fair enough....I was just wondering. But Ms Lacey, on the surface this doesn't look good. To the common voter in Hardin,McNairy and south Decatur who gets all their info from the Courier and the other two papers in Selmer and Parsons. It looks like you all are using the closing of Garan to your political advantage. As you all know these old factories like Garan are a very sore subject for a lot of people. Just look at Saltillo, except on summer weekends that place is a ghost town since HIS and the bank left.