Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lambuth gets approved for the NCAA D 2 & Jaxx news

The beginning of the end of the NAIA national womens basketball tournanment in Jackson started yesterday when the NCAA approved Lambuths application for admittance into Division 2. Lambuth will become a full member in 2010 starting with the football season. This is mainly why they hired former Ole Miss Assistant Hugh Freeze last winter and tossed their longtime Coach Vic Wallace overboard. This move leaves Union as the only NAIA member left in Jackson and I don't believe they will stick around much longer either. Once that happens the NAIA will take their tournament and go else where. Also the new Diamond Jaxx owner stated yesterday in the Jackson Sun that he has no plans to move the Double A Jaxx to Nashville if the triple A Sounds leave. He can say that all he wants but I don't believe him. Anyway one things for sure, the sports scene in Jackson sure is changing a lot.

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