Friday, July 11, 2008

Alabama run-off predictions

Alabama's run-off is this coming Tuesday so I think Ill make some predictions. There are only two congressional run-offs and both are on the GOP side. Wayne Parker will win the nod in the north Alabama race with relative ease. He's the son-in-law of former Texas Congressman Bill Archer(R). By the way there's a little bit of reverse psychology going on between Mr Parker and his democrat opponent already. Mr Parkers campaign signs are blue while Mr Griffiths signs are red. Down in the southeast part of Alabama, State Rep Jay Love and State Senator Harri Ann Smith have been going at it on the airwaves. But unless something shocking happens in the final days, Jay Love should win this race by a comfortable margin. For all you Tennessee readers, Harri Anne Smith had George Jones cut a radio ad for her last week. Mr Jones sounds odd in the add...he's either sick or very drunk....go too and scroll down a bit and listen to it. There's only one county race in north alabama worth noting and thats in Cullman County. The current county commission chairman Wiley Kitchens is being challenged by James Graves in the GOP primary. Mr Graves has been hitting Mr Kitchens pretty hard over water issues and a $10 million reserve fund. This race will probably be close but Ill go with Mr Graves on this one. Finally there's the race between Twinkle Cavanaugh and Matt Chancey for PSC Chairman. Ms Cavanaugh is the former State Chairman for the GOP and she has an ad up that featues Mike Huckabee endorsing her and talking about how she's pro life(Im not sure what abortion has to do with the Public Service Commission). Mr Chancey has a lot of grassroots supporters out there but he trailed Twinkle by double digits in last months primary and he's been drastically outspent so Im going to go with Twinkle on this one. If Twinkle wins it will guarantee that Alabama will have an all female PSC come January. The democrats have already selected former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley for this race, so whoever wins in November will join Jan Cook and Susan Parker on the three member PSC.


CJ said...

Alabama voters should be made aware that Matt Chancey opposes women's suffrage on religious grounds. Matt Chancey and his wife Jennie believe that it is a sin (or at the very least, is highly inadvisable) for women to vote, hold political office, attend college, or work outside the home. These views are expounded upon at great length on Jennie Chancey's website,Ladies Against Feminism.

Apparently, in the Chancey household's ideal world, fathers would vote for the household, and all daughters would live at home "serving their fathers" until the time of their arranged courtship and marriage, at which time they would pass from their father's ownership into their husband's possession, thus assuring that they would never have the chance to vote; theoretically, any adult sons living at home would be similarly disenfranchised.

Certainly women COULD vote under such a system if they were the heads of their own household, but the only time that this would happen would be when a woman was widowed, and then only until such time as she remarried or moved in with an adult male relative; in Chancey's world, to ensure that widows remarried promptly, they might even be encouraged to avail themselves of Christian matchmaking/arranged-marriage services, such as this one, run by Jennie Chancey's parents. (Jenny Chancey's father is the Reverend Ovid Need; he is a prolific writer, for some samples of his work and his rather amazing views concerning Jews, Catholics, and women, go here and here and here.)

Matt Chancey is also on very intimate terms with Doug Phillips, the president and founder of VisionForum Ministries, a major homeschooling curriculum company. Phillips also teaches that God doesn't allow women to vote or hold office. Doug Phillips is described by Matt Chancey as being his dear friend and mentor, while Phillips in turn praises as his own intellectual hero one of the most virulent racists of the 19th century, Robert L. Dabney, and has authored a book,Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks.

...and Matt is not above a bit of internet sleight of hand, either, when it will aid his political ends, as shown by this article, from the Washington Post.

Head-of-household voting, arranged courtship and marriages, bride-prices.... that's NOT the American way -- in fact, it's SO unAmerican that most folks would never dream that ANYONE in this day and age (other than fundamentalist Islamics) could hold such views, much less an educated man who is running for political office in the United States of America!

But, Matt Chancey and those close to him DO appear to hold such views, and the voters of Alabama need to know about it.

Mr Turnbow said...

Hmm I didnt know that about him Ms Gee.

CJ said...

Here's more, from the Dothan Eagle" “Jennie Chancey supports her husband’s bid for public office, but from a biblical and historical perspective, she doesn’t think she necessarily has the right to vote for him…………..