Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mini me & 60 Minutes hottie get busy(wink wink)

Its been a busy week for Verne Troyer and Lara Logan. Mr Troyer filed a lawsuit against TMZ for airing a "sextape" of him and his female friend(or as they say in Perry County, Tn his sweetie pie). Ive only seen "tiny" segments of the tape on TMZ but I can just imagine Mr Troyer whispering something in her ear along the lines of "hey sweetie I'm gonna go kiss your feet so I'll be back in about a half hour".

Then there's the case of 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan. Wow I knew the summers in Iraq got hot and sticky but I didn't know they got that hot and sticky. She apparently stuck herself to a few men over there worse than peach juice sticks to your hands here in the south. Former West Tennessee newsbabes Courtney Friel and Dayna Devon are still the most attractive women on the network news and entertainment shows in my opinion. But Ms Logan is giving them a run for their money with her antics in Iraq.

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