Friday, June 27, 2008

I'll have some Mayo with my BBQ ribs please!

The Memphis Grizzlies made a great move last night in my opinion when they traded for OJ Mayo. They also got rid of that god awful contract of Brian Cardinal's in the trade. Why Jerry West ever signed him is something Ill never understand. But OJ Mayo brings a star quality to the Grizz that they haven't had. Sure Pau Gasol blossomed into a big time NBA player but he doesnt have the name id or the star potential that a OJ Mayo has. This move should help bring a lot of people into the Forum starting in November. I think not only did the Grizzlies score a huge win last night but so did the Memphis and Shelby County taxpayers and NBA fans throughout the mid south area.

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LeftWingCracker said...

That trade restored my faith in Griz management, I thought Love was an oversized stiff. The acquisition of Mayo and Darrell Arthur will be a big plus this year.