Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farmers are such whiners

Has anyone ever met a farmer that was happy? I sure haven't and Ive spent most of my life around farmers. I was in Nashville yesterday and I stopped off at the farmers market and those people just gave me a headache. I don't think you'll ever meet a bigger bunch of whiners and cry babies than you will with farmers. If its raining then they'll say the sun needs to shine but if the sun is shining then they'll claim it needs to be raining. If its hot then it needs to be cool but if its cool then it needs to be hot according to them and on and on it goes. They also complain about the price of farm equipment,corn,soybeans and wheat and of course their numerous health problems. Its no wonder family farms are disappearing.


Melissa said...

I found your blog a while back when my dad was considering a run for Rink's seat in the TN house. I've enjoyed popping over every now and then and reading your comments, but this one was a bit out of place! The blanket statement about farmers being a whining bunch just showed how little you really know about them. Yes, there are definitely some who are never satisfied. However, many of the comments about the weather you will hear around farmers are simply because of the huge impact it has on them, their crops, their whole livelyhood. I have actually found that farmers are generally eternal optimists, persistently starting the next year with the hope that it will be better than last year. Crop failures are devastating, and sometimes there will be back-to-back failures, but, come next spring, the farmers are right back out, plowing and planting. I think you would find at least as much "complaining" among financiers, stockbrokers, union workers, trash collectors... Next time you are around farmers, really listen to what they are saying, and try to imagine how it would be like if you were in an industry that completely depends on the weather for success. Of course, they do need to remember Who controls the weather! ;-)

dmb said...
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