Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local Ron Paul supporters are pathetic souls

I usually don't endorse violence but I tell you these local Ron Paul fanatics who put these freakingly huge campaign signs up on light poles in the Tennessee valley back in Febuary and left them up should be drug out by the hair of their head and forced to rip these huge eyesores down. It is late May and I mean not a single Ron Paul sign has been removed in my area. They are every where I mean in southern Tennessee from Savannah over to Ardmore and down into north Alabama. I just don't understand these fools who slap these huge things up before the election but they refuse to remove them after the election. The most annoying thing is they used a latter or lift truck to put these things up so its almost as if they did it on purpose.

Monday, May 19, 2008

GOPers learning from North Mississippi GOP mistake

I noticed over the weekend that the top two GOP candidates for the open Congressional seat in north Alabama have suddenly changed their focus. Chery Guthrie has dropped her TV spot where she was attacking Obama for his small town folks cling to guns and religion comment. The other GOP frontrunner, Wayne Parker went up with an ad late last week talking about local issues such as the expansion of the Redstone Arsenal because of the BRAC realignment. The two democrats who are seeking this seat have yet to go up on air as of yet.