Tuesday, February 26, 2008

observation on higher food and gas prices

I was in the Kroger at Savannah yesterday doing some shopping and I noticed something very interesting. While "poor old me" was going through coupons that I had layed out in my buggy, two different people walked up and were grabbing gallons of milk and other items and just tossing them in their cart without even looking at the price. This backs up what a delivery rep for a milk company told me a few weeks ago when he said they were actually selling more milk today at $4.29 a gallon than they were two years ago at $2.99 a gallon. That just goes to show that contrary to what you hear, people for the most part are financially able to pay higher prices for food and gas.


Patrick Roberts said...

i still hope people stay at least somewhat aware of pricing... they'll be robbed blind if they're not careful

Mr Turnbow said...

I here you