Friday, December 19, 2008


Roger Richardson has filed papers to run in a special election next spring for the state senate seat that Alabama Congressman-elect Parker Griffith is vacating. Mr Richardson is a professor at the historic black college of Alabama A&M and he's a pastor at a black majority church in Huntsville. The Alabama GOP bigwigs are already lining up behind Mr Richardson. The district takes in most of the minority neighborhoods in and around Huntsville. So its not a surprise they would try to find a credible minority such as Mr Richardson to run in this district. But what is a surprise is that he's also a pastor. Hmm..I wonder if him and Jeremiah Wright have ever met? His bio says he's lived in Indiana and Kentucky.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who's the biggest enemy terrorists or politicians?

The arrest of the Illinois Governor raises a good question in my opinion. Who's REALLY the bigger threat to this country. Is it some unemployed teenage boy roaming around the middle east shouting allah akbar or is it certain politicians in this country?The amount of politicians arrested in this country in just the last few years is staggering. The charges have ranged from bribery to threatening to murder an undercover FBI agent. Four of five county commisioners in Birmingham, Al who served between 1998 and 2002 are now in a federal prison. Former and current Mayors in Atlanta,Detroit,Birmingham and Jackson, Ms. either went to prison or their currently under indictment. We had a State House Speaker in North Carolina sent to prison for bribing a fellow State Rep in a bathroom at an IHOP. Over a dozen politicians have been arrested in Tennessee on bribery. Over a hundred pols in New Jersey and Pennsylvania have gone down as well in recent years. Prominent trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs and a few former politicians in Mississippi went down for bribing a judge earlier this year. We have had numerous Congressmen and a US Senator go down on corruption charges. Alabama has seen everyone from a former Governor and Secretary of State to low level State Reps go down on corruption charges. The list just seems endless. When you add on the mess Congress helped create with the economy and mortage crisis. It just makes you wonder. Who is REALLY the biggest threat facing this great country?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Illinois mess could exist in Tennessee

The corruption mess in Illinois could very well exist in Tennessee if things aren't changed soon. Now I know we had the Waltz scandal but that was mainly a bunch of homegrown crooks in Memphis behind that scandal. I'm referring to how the state picks its attorney general,state judges, secretary of state, comptroller and state treasurer. The way people are picked to run those offices now is a recipe for disaster. Their mainly chosen by a group of insiders and thats wrong no matter if they have a D or R beside their name. Now I don't have any inside info on this(Im just speculating) but how do we know a few attorneys over the past ten years havent bribed members of the judicial selection commission to send their name to the Governor for a statewide judicial post? Why do prominent attorneys in democrat party politics in Nashville keep getting appointed as state attorney general? Why not appoint the democrat prosecutors in Benton County, Lake County, Moore County or Ed Bryant to that post? I think we all know the answer to that. We can only hope and pray nothing illegal has gone on. Also how does former Governor Don Sundquist's(R) top aide end up as the only candidate for State Comptroller this year? Is there not a good everyday GOPer in Jackson,Memphis or where ever thats more qualified for this job than Mr Wilson? Again I have no inside info of any wrongdoing but Im just stating that the way candidates are chosen in Nashville today. Can lead us down a path of people in both parties offering bribes(if it hasnt happened already) to be chosen for one of these particular jobs. Thats why its my hope that the new GOP majority in Nashville will let Tennesseans pick their judges the way Alabama chooses theirs and they will also make the attorney general,comptroller,treasurer and secretary of state into elected positions as well. If that is done then you will be transferring control of these jobs from GOP and Democrat insiders to the people and thats the way it should be. Sure we may end up with an Al Gore global warming alarmist or a Roy Moore type. But at least it'll be done in an open and bribe free arena.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Two thoughts on the bailout

When I was watching the news last night about the "Big 3" going to Congress to testify yesterday. They showed a segment of one of the Big 3 auto execs showing off their new hybrid and electric cars. The guy said these cars will be the wave of the future. When I heard that, it reminded me of that show from the 80's called Max Headroom. I remember watching and reading all the TV crtics back then on Entertainment Tonight and in USA Today brag about how Headroom was going to be the type of show that would flood the airwaves in twenty years. But here we are twenty years later and I know of no show out there today thats even remotely similar to Max Headroom. Anyway on too the more serious point about this bailout. I hear car dealers,union leaders and auto execs screaming for immediate help but lets look at something for a moment. Bill Heard went under a few months ago and the cities they had a dealership in are still going along ok today. Other car dealers who have better ETHICS came along and replaced the void left by Bill Heard in Nashville and Huntsville and nothing happened. The sky didnt fall,the sun still comes up and so on and so forth. Also look at the cities who had garment factories leave them after NAFTA. Did they take a hit? Sure they did but you know what. Those cities got up and dusted themselves off and moved on. Savannah, Tn for example lost two plants because of NAFTA but that city is as good as its ever been. They went out and found other industries and everything is as good as it can be today. My point is, of course good everyday americans will be hurt in the short term if these companies and car dealers go down in a few weeks. But you know what in the long term, all of us will be better off if we let these unethical car dealers and arrogant auto execs and union leaders go under. The blue collar guy will find other employment and the fools at the top will be tarnished forever and thats the way it should be. But of course it won't happen....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forget Santa...come appreciate Wilder & Rinks!

Instead of having a normal Christmas Party like they usually do. The Hardin County Democrat Party has instead decided to have an appreciation dinner for John Wilder and Randy Rinks at the Pickwick Inn tomorrow night(Dec 4)at 7 pm. Oh and "appreciating" isnt free either. It costs a cool twenty bucks to get in. One can only hope the money isnt going to Rinks and Wilder. Rinks runs a lucrative real estate business and Wilder is a millionaire. But who knows, when you consider some of the foolish things Tennessee's Democratic leaders have done recently. It wouldnt shock me if Rinks and Wilder walked out of there tomorrow night with every penny.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Birmingham Mayor ARRESTED

Birmingham, Al. Mayor Larry Langford(D) was arrested this morning in Birmingham by the FBI along with a lobbyist and a Montgomery, Al Banker. Their currently being held in the federal courthouse in Birmingham on numerous federal charges related to bond deals that have Jefferson County, Al on the verge of filing for the largest governmental bankruptcy in this countrys history. Mayor Langford has only been the mayor for a little over a year. These charges however relate to the time when he was the County Commission President of Jefferson County. This also continues a disturbing trend of deep south Mayors being arrested on corruption charges by the Justice Department. Jackson, Ms Mayor Frank Melton is on the verge of going to trial in Jackson on corruption charges and longtime Memphis, Tn Mayor Willie Herenton is rumored to be on the verge of being indicted as well. You also have to consider another factor in all of this. The three Mayors I just mentioned are all black democrats and their indictments were sought by US Attorneys that were appointed by President Bush. What will the President Obama led Justice Department do with these three men when they take over next month?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A bama version of John Wilder?

The word from the legislature in Montgomery is that Alabama State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) is now having second thoughts about giving up the gavel for the top spot in the Alabama State Senate when they go back into session in early Febuary. The plan was for Mitchem to retire this year and hand over the gavel to State Senator Roger Smitherman a democrat from Birmingham. But associates of Mitchem are now spreading rumors that their worried Smitherman is too liberal to lead the Alabama State Senate and that Mitchem will not step down until Smitherman gets a majority of the senate behind him. This could get very messy with white old time democrats battling black democrats. The situation involving Congressman-elect Parker Griffith is only going to make things worse. He has already resigned from the state senate but since there isnt a provision in the Alabama code calling for a temporary/interim State Senator. That seat will be left vacant well into the spring when a special election will be held. This is crucial because Griffith's vote two years ago was the deciding factor in the democrats maintaining a slim 18-17 working majority in the state senate over the GOP and a few renegade democrats. With that vote now gone until the spring and the infighting between the Mitchem and Smitherman camps heating up. This could allow the GOP and the democrat renegades to swoop in and take control of the Alabama State Senate in early Febuary.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The end of the west tennessee democrats

Yesterday State Rep Gary Odom(D)-Nashville was elected Minority Leader in the State House. This brought to an end the decades long dominance of the democrats electing west Tennessee democrats to their top two positions in the state legislature. You could make the argument that the beginning of the end of the west Tennessee democrats dominance started in 1992 when John Wilder defeated Estel Mills in the democrat primary. Where would the democrats be today if Mr Mills had won? One things for certain they couldnt be much worse off than they currently are. The even bigger event though happened in the late 90's when the courts ordered the legislature to draw a minority district in rural west Tennessee. This lead to the downfall of liberal GOP State Rep Page Walley and it played a large role in Matt Kisber taking an early exit out of the State House. There isnt a significant amount of black voters north of I-40 in rural west Tennessee so this forced the legislature to start in downtown Jackson and head southwest out of Madison County into Hardeman. That action removed most of the democrat boxes that were providing Matt Kisber and Page Walley with wins and it added them to the district that is now held by the Reverend Johnny Shaw. If the courts hadnt ordered the creation of that district. Jimmy Eldridge would still be selling insurance in Jackson and Matt Kisber would probably still be in the House. Those boxes were so crucial to Kisber in the 90's when Madison County Commission Chairman Gary Deaton(R) ran against him. The creation of that minority district is also playing a role in the so called Naifeh republicans staying on board with Jason Mumpower as the new Speaker. If the districts had been left alone, Steve McDaniel would have received most of Page Walleys district in Hardeman County in the '02 redistricting cycle. Hardeman County was one of only six counties in Tennessee to vote for Obama as President. Its not a stretch to suggest that if McDaniel had those black voters in Hardeman County in his current district. He might be more open to forming an alliance with Jimmy Naifeh to keep Naifeh in power and name him as Co-Speaker under a power sharing arrangement. But whats done is done and my friends you can stick a fork in the infamous west Tennessee democrat mafia because after yesterday they are as done as done can be!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looking into the crystal ball...bama style

Its pretty quiet right now on the political front in bear bryant country. But I thought Id pass along some rumors Ive been hereing out there on the political front. State Rep Jeremy Oden(R) apparently will either run for State Treasurer or Cullman County Probate Judge in two years. Mr Oden has been in the State House since 1998. State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) is also rumored to be retiring in two years. This will be great news for the GOP because his seat in Marshall County has become a very GOP friendly area in the last decade. One final note, there are some rumors here and there that have already popped up about Congressman-elect Bobby Bright(D) possibly switching to the GOP. It wouldnt shock me given the make-up of that district if he did eventually switch but don't expect anything to happen on that front for at least a year.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jimmy Naifeh trivia

At this moment, Tennessee Speaker of the House Jimmy Naifeh(D) is now the longest consecutive serving State House Speaker in the country. This is because Delaware Speaker Terry Spence(R) was defeated Tuesday. He had been Delawares Speaker since 1988 but he was washed out in the democrat tidal wave. If Naifeh is unsuccessfull in recruiting a GOPer like Kent Williams to support him. Then Kentucky State House Speaker Jody Richards(D) will become the longest consecutive serving Speaker in January.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GOP landslide in Volunteer country

It was a very good night for republicans in Tennessee. They expanded their state senate majority by 3 seats and they won the State House for the first time since the Civil War. This means we will now have a Republican Secretary of State,State Treasurer and Comptroller in Tennessee. Its also my hope that they will make the Attorney General and Supreme Court positions into elected races at some point over the next few years. Vance Dennis was one of the GOPers who picked up a democrat held seat. Mr Dennis is a good man and he comes from a good family. So I was glad he won. Delores Gresham also won the state senate seat previously held by longtime senator John Wilder. This race broke down about as I expected it would. Randy Camp won the three democrat counties of Crockett,Haywood and Hardeman by wide margins. But the margins werent as big as he needed in those areas and he wasnt able to pick off Chester and McNairy like he had hoped. Another thing thats interesting to look at, is that half of the democrat caucus in the state senate now has three years or less of senate experience. Thats a dramatic turn around from a few years ago when the caucus was virtually dominated by longtime members. I expect that number will grow over the next two years. Doug Henry claims he's running again in two years but Ill believe it when I see it and Jim Kyle may give the Shelby County Mayor's post a long look. There will also be a new Chairman of the Tennessee Democrat Party in the next few days or weeks. The current chairman is Jim Sassers son but he will either be fired or asked to resign in the next few days after what happened last night. One final note concerns Gary Odom who was chomping at the bit to become Speaker. But now that dream appears to be lost forvever. It just goes to show, you need to strike while the iron is hot. Because tomorrow may never come.

Monday, November 3, 2008

If Obama wins, the poor will lose

The answer to the question of who loses if Obama wins tomorrow isnt Republicans like a lot of people think. The answer is the poor. Which ironically will be one of the largest voting blocs tomorrow for Obama. I remember talking to a gentleman back in '92 right after Clinton and Gore were elected and he was on cloud nine. He was talking about how better his life will be now that Clinton and Gore are in office. But here's the catch, three years ago when I last saw him. He was still living in the same house and in the same economic condition that he was one day after Clinton won in '92. You see too many low income people have this mindset that someone other than themselves will make them prosperous. The truth is no one but you as an individual can do that. But if Obama wins tomorrow night with his redistribute the wealth rhetoric, unfortunately that mindset will continue to grow among low income people. It would help of course if we had real conservatives step forward within the GOP and make this case to low income folks. But after the last eight years I wouldnt recommend anyone hold their breath waiting on that to occur.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Wooo Hooo Its Prediction time!

Boys and girls its time for predictions in next Tuesdays elections:

Delores Gresham(R) will defeat Randy Camp(D) by a 53 to 47 margin for 200 year old John Wilders state senate seat along the southern west Tennessee border. Im going with Vance Dennis to win the open State House seat in the Savannah and Selmer area. Congressman Childers will unfortunately make quick work of Greg Davis in north Mississippi. In north Alabama with my upset pick. Im going with Wayne Peanut Parker(R) to upset Dr. Kill the cancer patients and Islam is our friend Griffith(D) in that open congressional seat race. As far as the county races go. In Morgan County, Al. Im going with democrat incumbent Sue Baker Roan to hold the License Commissioners post over GOPer Mark McCurry. McCurry ran a foolish radio ad a few weeks ago mocking Roans age and it blew up in his face. Amanda Scott(R) should easily dispatch her democrat opponent for Revenue Commissioner and win re-election in Morgan County. In Cullman County, Al. Im going with Kay Williams-Smith(D) to win re-election over her GOP opponent Barry Willingham. Willingham ran a good campaign but not good enough to win. Finally in the Cullman County Commission Chairmans race Im going with James Graves(R) to defeat former Chairman Pete Tucker(D). Oh and in a very special upset pick, Im going with John McCain to win the White House in late November or early December once all the lawsuits and special ballots are completed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Blow it up so we can fish and go to Wal Mart!

Birmingham, Al Mayor Larry Langford(D) said Saturday afternoon that they will blow up the 67,000 seat Legion Field in two years when the new 60,000 seat dome is completed. He said once thats completed. Their going to build a lake,Wal Mart(yes I a wal mart where Bear Bryant once walked? I guess the ghosts of General Neyland and Shug Jordan put the Mayor up to that) and affordable housing where Legion Field now stands. Im sure the older generation of Auburn and Tennessee fans will rejoice when that happens. But it sure will look strange going down I-65 through Birmingham and looking over and seeing a lake and a Wal Mart where so many great SEC games were once played.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The wheels are coming off Stan the man

Democrat nominee for Tennessee State House district 71 Stan Wheeler has more financial problems according to an article in this weeks Decatur County Chronicle. He took over $10,000 in illegal campaign contributions and misreported funds. This comes on the heels of news last week that he had defaulted on a loan of $78,000. Keep this in mind, Governor Bredesen has said there will be somewhere between a 300 to 600 million dollar deficit this year in the state budget. If Stan Wheeler can't keep his own finances in order then how in the world is he going to help balance the state's budget? Also look what happened the last time Tennessee had a budget crisis on the scale we are about to face. We had State Reps and State Senators in BOTH parties up there in Nashville who had literally gone wild in their personal lifes. They were exposing themselves at pools in Destin,running Ponzi schemes,taking bribes,securing fraudulent bank loans and god only knows what John Ford got away with. It all nearly lead to a riot breaking out at the legislature back in the summer of 2002. Thats why we need Democrats and GOPers in the Tennessee State Legislature who are leading stable personal lives and Mr Wheeler has proven through these financial mismanagement stories over the last two weeks. That he doesn't meet that qualification.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Redistricting is boring but its HUGE

If your a conservative Republican and your living in the Hardin and McNairy county, Tn area and your wondering if you should go vote for Vance Dennis. Check out Alabama State Rep Cam Wards(R) latest column over at Danny's blog . Its a very informative post. Redistricting will also come up in the Tennessee State House in three short years. The democrats have controlled the Tennessee State House most of the time since the Civil War because they have always been in control of the redistricting process in Tennessee. They do this by basically loading up a majority of these State House seats during redistricting with so many democrats that its next to impossible for the republicans to ever win a majority in the State House. State House members also redraw the congressional seats. Considering the dislike that a lot of the democrat leaders in Nashville have for Hardin and McNairy counties current Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. There's a good chance Stan Wheeler and the rest of the democrats will attempt to draw Hardin and McNairy counties into democrat Congressman John Tanner's congressional district. Do you want a democrat thats friendly with Barack Hussein Obama representing you in Congress? Thats what your likely going to get if Wheeler defeats Vance Dennis. This election in two weeks and the redistricting process is huge people. ITS HUGE!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nottie pretending to be a hottie

Cullman, Al attorney Kimberly Drake(D) has campaign signs up across the region in her race against Civil Appeals Court Judge Bill Thompson(R). Now theres nothing strange about that but here's the thing. They show her face and the picture is colored to make her more "appealing" if you catch my drift. Ive personally never seen a politician put their face on their campaign signs. I can understand men not doing it. Can you imagine Senator Wilder there in the Savannah and Selmer area doing that? It would scare the living daylights out of drivers...especially around this time of year.

Election tidbits

We are now 15 days out from the election and the news is starting to really pick up. I saw two polls this morning from the north Mississippi congressional race between Travis Childers(D) and Greg Davis(R). One had Davis up by a 47-46 margin and the other one had Childers up 51-42. It pains me to say it but I think the one with Childers up by 9 is more accurate. I just dont think GOPers in the Tupelo area will vote for Davis in two weeks. Now lets move on to the south Alabama open congressional race in district 2. Bobby Bright(D) scored a huge coup today when State Senator Harri Anne Smith(R) endorsed him over Jay Love(R). Ms Smith ran against Mr Love in the GOP primary three months ago and apparently Mr Love hurt her feelings during that race. But the news isnt all that bad for Mr Love. Last week financial reports were filed and it said he has four or five times as much money left going down the stretch as Mr Bright does and moved the seat from a toss-up to lean republican over the weekend. So Mr Bright desperately needed this endorsement today. Final tidbit is two new polls released over the weekend in Florida. The poll conducted by surveyusa shows John McCain up 49-47 over Obama in the sunshine state. The other poll was conducted by the Tarrance Group and it shows Tom Rooney(R) up by a 52-25 margin over Congressman Tim Mahoney(D).

Rich whiners

There is nothing worse than listening to a bunch of rich people moan and groan about how bad things are. Yesterday I was watching one of these msm news shows and they aired a report about this 17 year old girl and her college choices. This spoiled idiotic girl said she narrowed her list to 10 private schools back in the summer but because of the so called bad economy. She had to remove one of those private schools and add a state school to her list. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry after hearing that. This girl ought to try living in the real world. Most high school seniors take the cheapest school they can find and run with it, especially in the more rural areas.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PSC Presidents race in Alabama

The race for Public Service Commission President in Alabama has been pretty low key up to now. The GOP nominee Twinkle Cavanaugh was touring north Alabama yesterday with the GOP nominees for the judicial races. She's also the former State GOP Chairman. The democrat nominee is former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley. Ms Baxley suffered a severe stroke right after the election two years ago. For Baxley to have any hope of winning she's going to have to get on TV quick and show voters that she's recovered from her stroke. Otherwise she's probably going to get swamped by the GOP tidal wave at the top of the Alabama ticket. The democrats already hold a 2 to 1 majority on the PSC that they won two years ago. So the democrats wouldnt really lose any power if Baxley loses. But they probably would enjoy having an all female democrat majority on the PSC.

Record number of voters in Hardin County

According to the Savannah Courier( ), there are now a record number of people registered to vote in Hardin County, Tn. The number stands at 16,000. 389 registered to vote since the August election. Im personally not reading too much into this though. I know that the general feeling is when more people are registered to vote then that usually benefits democrats. But Hardin County has been such a reliable county for the GOP in statewide and district area races(excluding Rinks) over the last decade or so that I just dont see that changing all that much in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stateline democrats gone wild!

Two democrats involved in heated races along the Alabama and Tennessee state line made headlines yesterday. Rush Limbaugh brought up the comments that Parker Griffith made at a church in Florence, Al. a few weeks ago where he reportedly said this country has nothing to fear from people like Osama Bin Laden. I think its become very apparent that democrats made a very bad choice with Parker Griffith. He is dropping like a rock in the polls from what I was told this morning. A few weeks ago, GOP investigators discovered that the hospital in Huntsville literally had to run Mr Griffith off back in the 80's when he worked there as an oncologist because they claimed he was literally burning cancer patients up inside with excessive chemotherapy treatments and he was also warehousing them all for the purpose of making a profit. The GOP set up a website where you can read all the documents they found at . If what they say in there is true then you could use a lot of words to describe Mr Griffith and not many of them would be good if you catch my drift. Some news also hit yesterday next door in the Hardin and McNairy County, Tn area concerning democrat nominee for State House district 71 Stan Wheeler which is not nearly as serious as what Mr Griffith is accused of doing but none the less its very important. According to a story in the Decatur County Chronicle, Mr Wheeler defaulted on a few loans recently. A lot of people default on loans for a variety of reasons. Some have family or health problems, others have business problems that pop up and before you know it your in a hole that you cant get out of. This doesnt make them bad people but it does in my opinion make them unfit to serve in elected office no matter what party their in. Just look at the mess going on in Congress right now or better yet look at whats gone on in the Tennessee Legislature the last six years from the income tax debacle to the FBI sting in '05. In 2002, a riot nearly broke out at the Legislature because of their inability to balance the state budget. In 2004, Phil Williams at channel 5 up in Nashville did a report on the then State Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jerry Cooper. Mr Williams discovered that the repo people were out at Senator Coopers farm taking vehicles and farm equipment because of some loans that Cooper defaulted on. We also had democrat State Rep Ray Davis in Milan and GOP State Rep Ronnie Davis in east Tennessee sent to prison in recent years because of financial problems in their private life. To top it off, Governor Bredesen said yesterday that the new legislature will be dealing with a deficit of somewhere between $300 to $600 million dollars when they come back in January. So do we need to send more politicians up there who have had financial problems in their not so recent past like Mr Wheeler has had? After witnessing the mess in '02 at the Legislature, the FBI sting in '05,the situations with former Senator Cooper and the two former State Reps Davis. I don't think so.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Politicians and their crazy antics

When I read about the lurid story today involving soon to be former Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney(D) and ex Congressman Jim Slattery's(D) latest ad out in Kansas. It reminded me of an old story a former girlfriend told me about her grandmother. Her grandmother had never been outside of Tennessee so she took her on vacation out to California with her back in 2003. She said they were having a great time driving around California. She said they decided to check into a hotel they had reservations at in Sacramento that afternoon. This was on the eve of Arnold Schwartzeneger being sworn in as Governor. So she said as they walked in, they noticed that the hotel lobby was crowded with politicians,media types and even some Hollywood celebs who were there for the inaugural events. She said they walked on in a few more feet and they noticed a sign hanging in the hallway that read. Welcome California Automobile Dealers to your annual conference. She said her grandmother sat down in a chair there in the lobby and she went up to the counter and started filling out the sign- in sheet. She said she got about half way down the sheet and this woman came on the speaker system and said that the Dean of the USC Law School was requesting that all of his law students that were in the hotel meet him in the hotel restuarant at 9 pm for a special meeting. She said right after the woman said that, she heard her grandmother say Oh Lord. She said she turned around to see what was wrong and her grandmother was literally running out the front door. She said she took off after her. She said she got outside and her grandmother was sitting on a little bench gasping for breath and the parking attendent was asking her if she needed some water. She said she asked her, grandma whats wrong do you need an ambulance, you want me to take you to the hospital. She said her grandmother shook her head and said no I dont need any of that. I just need my bible. She said she looked at her and said grandma what in the world is wrong? She said her grandma was quiet for a moment and then she looked up at her with the most sincere look and said. Sweetie we have to leave here, everything was fine in there but all at once I had this horrible feeling come over me. I felt like I had died and went straight to hell. She said her grandmother went on to tell her she could feel the devil grabbing at her purse and her soul when she was in there.

Coaches getting fired

Its been a busy five days for some well known college football coaches here in the south. Last Wednesday, Auburn fired Tony Franklin as their OC and today Clemson tossed Tommy Bowden overboard. If theres any justice left in college football, Phillip Fulmer and Tommy's daddy will be floating with Tommy here in a few weeks. If Vandy's Head Coach Bobby Johnson can get them to eight wins then I suspect Clemson will hire him late next month. There should be openings at UAB and Memphis but the know it alls that run the athletic departments at those schools don't care about football. So my guess is, Tommy West and Neil Callaway will probably be back next year. Tommy Tuberville is another coach that bares watching. If Auburn finishes with a losing record and Alabama ends up in a BCS game then it will be extremely difficult for Tuberville to hang on at Auburn. The only thing that could possibly save him is if he keeps the winning streak against Alabama going. If he does that then he'll more than likely be back. Beating Alabama means everything to Auburn fans.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dont mess with the taxpayer!

I think yesterdays mayoral upsets in Cullman and Huntsville should serve as a reminder to all politicians out there. That some taxpayers will still hold you accountable for the use of their money. Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk lost in a landslide yesterday to businessman Max Townson. Mr Hauk voted for every tax increase that was proposed in the last four years. He also voted to build a multi million dollar farmers market and a new 20 million dollar aquatic center. All the while, the schools in the city of Cullman continue to detoriate and the police continue to share a fifty year building with the fire department. In Huntsville, twelve year incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer lost in a landslide as well to a former one term defeated City Councilman from the 80's. Mayor-elect Tommy Battle hammered away on three issues over the summer and they all had to do with the use of taxpayer money. Huntsville has a booming economy so Mayor-elect Battle couldnt attack on that issue. But the runaway cost of the new jail,roads and the new homeless shelter over rode the economy in the end and helped propel Mr Battle to a huge upset last night. Another tidbit that helped Mayor-elect Battle last night was the huge turnout in the black neighborhoods around Huntsville. There was a lot of new voters in these areas yesterday mainly because of the democrats voter registration drives over the past few months and they turned out in force for Mr Battle.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pot meet Kettle

I was watching some of the Congressional hearings today where they were lecturing these Wall Street tycoons on the bailout crisis. The attitude of these congressmen is unbelievable. I would give anything if one of these Wall Street bankers would stand up and yell out at them. IM NOT GOING TO SIT HERE AND BE LECTURED TOO BY YOU HOLIER THAN THOU FOOLS. WE SHOULD BE HOLDING TREASON HEARINGS FOR ALL OF YOU OVER THE DECADES OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND WASTEFUL USE OF TAXPAYER MONEY .....YOU BUNCH OF STUPID LOOKING RETARDS!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Congressional race in north alabama gets real nasty

Check out this website . State Senator Parker Griffith(D) has come under heavy fire in the last two weeks over his departure from Huntsville Hospital twenty years ago. Go to the website and read the details for your self. But I'll say this, when politicians in both parties start using cancer as a campaign tactic against their opponent their playing with fire. I hope GOP nominee Wayne Parker realizes that and he goes carefully down this trail. The last poll released on this race was a month a go and it had Griffith at 45% to Wayne Parker's 40%. With these allegations hitting in the last two weeks, don't be surprised if the new polls coming in the next few days show the race tied or Wayne Parker slightly ahead.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Breaking wind and teacher sex.....

as they say in Perry County, Tn. "It don't get much better than that". This week we have had two cases of teachers being arrested in Jackson, Ms and Nashville, Tn because they were having sex with their male students(btw you know its only a matter of time before some attractive female teacher gets arrested for having sex with an attractive female student). What ever happened to the teachers of the old days? Most of the ones that taught me had more stretch marks and bumps on them than the highway out in front of my home. The last thing I would have ever dreamed of doing was to have sex with one of them. Then to top it off came the story about the guy in West Virginia being charged with battery because he backed up toward a police officer and farted. The officer even made the story more hilarious by saying in his report that the odor was really strong. Check out the link below on that story and be sure to read the few hundred comments that people left. Their pretty funny.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update on two north Alabama Mayoral races

The Mayors race in Cullman is now just under two weeks away. From people I talk to, Cullman City Councilman Ernest Hauk has pulled out to a small lead over Max Townson. Mr Hauk has run a slightly better run-off campaign than Mr Townson has so far. The Huntsville, Al Mayors race is also 13 days away and incumbent Mayor Loretta Spencer finally went up with a negative ad in this race. She went up yesterday with an ad attacking Tommy Battle as being too inexperienced. The race up until yesterday had been surprisingly positive. If Battle wins on October 7 look for him to become a major player on the statewide political scene in Alabama. He's young so its possible he could use this potential upset as a springboard to run for Congress down the road or statewide office.

Two GOP links

First up is James Graves( ). He's running for Chairman of the Cullman County Commission as a GOPer. His opponent is the former Chairman Pete Tucker(D). The other link is for Barry Willingham( ). He's running for Cullman County Revenue Commissioner against the incumbent Kay Williams-Smith(D).

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bama GOPer gets flushed down the sewer

This morning former Jefferson County, Al Commissioner Mary Buckelew(R) plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges against her in the case involving the Birmingham, Al sewer system that has Birmingham on the verge of filing the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the country. She becomes the second GOPer and fourth person(2 Dems) overall on the five member county commission to plead out in this case. Current County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins(R) is the only member of the old 1998-2002 county commission who hasn't at this point been indicted in the sewer scandal. Most observers in the Birmingham political scene also believe its only a matter of time before Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) gets indicted from his actions in this sewer mess.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kickoff rally for Vance Dennis

Former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn and Lt Governor Ron Ramsey will be at a kickoff rally for Vance Dennis next Wednesday at 7 pm at the Hardin County Middle School. Their serving free food so if your in the area stop by and get you something to eat and have a chat with hopefully the next State Rep from Savannah. Oh and it wouldn't hurt to bring your checkbook and make a donation to Vance's campaign. His opponent is having a fundraiser this Monday at David Dickey's home in Adamsville, Tn. Governor Bredesen,Speaker Naifeh and the rest of the West Tennessee Mafia are scheduled to appear.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good deal for Memphis & Mid South?

Yesterday the Commercial Appeal broke the story about the St Louis Cardinals being in negotiations to buy the Memphis Redbirds. On the surface this deal is probably a good thing for Memphis and Cardinal fans throughout the mid south. Especially when you consider the almost doomed status of the minor league teams next door in Jackson,Nashville and Huntsville. Ten years ago when the team moved from Louisville to Memphis. The reason given was that the Cardinals ownership wanted their main affiliate to be closer to St Louis and their fan base. Even though the team has new ownership now, this proposed deal seems to reinforce that commitment made by the Busch family a decade ago to keep the Cardinals Triple A team close to St Louis for the long term picture. That arrangement can be nothing but good news for Memphis. Because when you look around the midwest map there's really no where else the Cardinals could move this team if things went south in Memphis. Unless they do something similar to what Atlanta did in Gwinnett County and move the team to somewhere like St Charles County but I just don't believe that will happen given the Stadium situation in Memphis and good Cardinal fan base in the Mid South. Also if the teams in Jackson and Nashville bail out(as expected) in the coming years, Autozone Park/Cardinals will probably see increased attendance thanks to fans in those cities wanting to see minor league baseball. Thats why in the end, Memphis is probably going to benefit greatly from the Cardinals buying the Redbirds.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Billboards and Tennessee's image

Business and government leaders in Tennessee need to think about promoting the state on billboards in other states a little better than they have been in my opinion. Take for instance I-65 in Alabama. As your driving north out of Athens, Al toward Tennessee you will see billboards promoting the various lottery games,"showgirls" at exit 22 in Maury County, Tn and another one promoting "sex magazines" at exit 53 in Williamson County, Tn and I can't forget the one promoting "Big Jim's Boobie Bungalow" at exit 6 in Giles County, Tn. There's not a single billboard up promoting Gatlinburg,Memphis,Nashville or anything educational. The basic theme of the billboards is "Come to Tennessee to get your porn and lotto tickets"!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Calling Mr Spurrier

I think its high time the brass on rocky top woke up from their ten year national championship fantasy. Good grief last nights showing by the Vols was horrendous. Its time to bring the old ball coach home to Tennessee in my opinion.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Preacher is that you?

Twenty four men were arrested in a Huntsville, Al. park yesterday after exposing themselves in public. One of the men was a preacher at the Calvary Church in Huntsville. Their Sunday service should be quite interesting. They nabbed one man from Tennessee and a few others were employees at engineering firms and the Redstone Arsenal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birmingham, Al headed toward chapter 9 bankruptcy?

The Jefferson County, Al government appears to be on the verge of filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. This will be a historic filing that will make national headlines if it happens. The local Mayors in Jefferson County today urged the county government to file for Chapter 9 before September 1 if they cant work out a settlement agreement with Wall Street investors on the sewer bonds. The only other large populated county in recent history that filed for bankruptcy was Orange County, Ca. All of this in Jefferson County, Al though stems mainly from corrupt local government officials securing bonds from corrupt bankers on Wall Street to repair the sewer system in Birmingham. Then Wall Street started calling the bonds due in recent months and the interest payments just got so out of control the county hasnt been able to make them. So they find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy today.

Whats become of the democrat party?

Go to the link below and look at what two democrats in Martin, Tn did to a statue dedicated to Sgt Dustin Laird. Its just another example of where the democrat party has gone recently. In the comments section of that story a few democrats even compare Bush to a war criminal. Also pay attention to the response that Don Siegelman gets next week when he speaks to the Democrats at their convention in Denver. Don Siegelman is a convicted felon who was found guilty by a jury of his peers(not Karl Rove) and then was allowed to remain free on bond for an entire year by a so called evil republican judge. By the way for all you blue collar/low income type people out there who believes the sun rises and sets with the democrat party. Just see if a judge will let you remain free for a year if your ever convicted of a felony....anyways back to Siegelman. I have yet to see a single democrat on talk radio or on the blogs mention one word,just one simple word about what Don Siegelman's co-defendent did to thousands of innocent blue collar hard working people in this country. Richard Scrushy ruined the lives of thousands of decent democrats,republicans and independents in this country who had invested their life savings into his Healthsouth company in Birmingham only to see it lost because of his fraudulent acts. Mr Scrushy is currently being sued into oblivion and rightfully so by these innocent people in numerous civil lawsuits. But you don't here one word about that from democrats. Not one single person who was ruined by Don Siegelman's co defendent is going to speak next week at the democrat convention. Not a single one of those people have even been interviewed to my knowledge by any of these liberal talk show hosts on the radio and TV. I thought democrats were the party that stood up for the little guy? But here they are coming down on the side of a convicted felon who just happens to be a democrat party insider. When you add all that on with the fact that democrats care more about a darn animal in Alaska than they do with lessoning the pain on blue collar people(that they claim to care so much about) at the gas pump. Its nearly enough to make you want to drown your headache in milk and vanilla wafers at Ned Ray McWherters place in Weakley County, Tn

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mr Two America's better get to church asap!

What John Edwards has done is much worse than what Larry Craig and Mark Foley did. Craig and Foley embarrassed their families but only hurt themselves. Edwards on the other hand embarrassed himself and hurt his wife, who just happens to be dieing of breast cancer. Think about that for a moment,Elizabeth Edwards is sitting over there in North Carolina watching their two young kids play, knowing in the back of her head that she will in all likelihood never live to see them graduate high school and get married. I can't imagine what she's been going through and then like that wasnt bad enough. She finds out that her so called loving husband is out having an affair with another woman (who he probably fathered a kid with), sneaking in and out of hotels and bars all over this country at all hours of the night with her. Then he gets caught by the National Enquirer and has his face plastered all over their magazines from one end of this country to the other. What "Mr I care so much about poor americans" has done to his wife in this case is outrageous. If he knows whats good for him, he better have himself on the front row of a local church come Sunday morning begging for forgiveness.

Good news for GOP in HD 71 & other house seats

When you look at the overall vote totals in the open seat for state house district 71. You will find some more good news for the GOP. The GOP outpaced the democrats by a 5513-2410 margin in that race yesterday. That means for Stan Wheeler to win in November he's going to have to get a good chunk of GOP voters to cross over and support him in a district that will almost certainly go for McCain and Lamar. Thats going to be a tough task because the GOP primary between Dennis and Lacey wasn't all that nasty. Over in HD 70, incumbent GOP State Rep Joey Hensley outpaced his democrat challenger by nearly 300 votes in overall votes. Hensley shocked everyone back in 2002 when he won this seat. The GOP in that area used to be so small just a few short years ago. They could literally meet in a phone booth but Dr Hensley seems to be doing very good over there. In HD 64, State Rep Dubois outpaced his democrat challenger Ty Cobb by about 200 votes overall. These overall totals dont necessarily mean victory in November but they are just like regular polls in that they provide a decent snapshot of where a race stands at the moment.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Party switching time in Tennessee!?!?!

When you consider how rough their primaries have been. Im not going to be shocked if we see State Senator Rosalind Kurita(D) and State Rep Kent Williams(R) in the coming weeks or months switch parties if they win their primaries next week. Both have ticked off their base by being too flirtacious with the opposing party.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

West Tennessee TV weatherman dies

Brian Teigland the weatherman at the ABC affiliate in Memphis passed away yesterday morning from an undisclosed illness. He was only in his early 50's. He was probably the third most popular weatherman in west Tennessee behind Dave Brown at Channel 5 and Gary Pickens at Channel 7. But he started to become better known in recent years throughout the west state when he replaced Dave Brown as the announcer on Jerry Lawler and Cory MacClins local wrestling promotion.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lambuth gets approved for the NCAA D 2 & Jaxx news

The beginning of the end of the NAIA national womens basketball tournanment in Jackson started yesterday when the NCAA approved Lambuths application for admittance into Division 2. Lambuth will become a full member in 2010 starting with the football season. This is mainly why they hired former Ole Miss Assistant Hugh Freeze last winter and tossed their longtime Coach Vic Wallace overboard. This move leaves Union as the only NAIA member left in Jackson and I don't believe they will stick around much longer either. Once that happens the NAIA will take their tournament and go else where. Also the new Diamond Jaxx owner stated yesterday in the Jackson Sun that he has no plans to move the Double A Jaxx to Nashville if the triple A Sounds leave. He can say that all he wants but I don't believe him. Anyway one things for sure, the sports scene in Jackson sure is changing a lot.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr Ford is that a hurricane over your head?

File this under the headline when it rains it pours or in John Fords case it comes a hurricane. That evil Halliburton loving, Wal Mart admiring Justice Department now owns the Rolex watch that good little christian boy John Ford cared so much about. Oh my heart is just breaking for poor John..what will he do without his rolex and jaguar. By the way LWC makes an interesting point in the comments section in this story. Memphis still isnt completely clean...unfortunately.

I hate to gloat but.....

all my predictions in the Alabama run-off proved correct last night when the results came in. The closest race was the county commission chairmans in Cullman County where 71 year old incumbent Wiley Kitchens was defeated by just 46 votes by political newcomer James Graves in the GOP primary. Mr Graves now moves on to face former County Chairman Pete Tucker(D) in the fall election. But Mr Tucker isnt exacatly a top tier candidate, he ran two years ago for another commission seat and was defeated. Wayne Parker won the run off for the open congressional seat in north alabama by a whopping 58 points. Why Cheryl Guthrie didnt drop out last month is beyond me. But I will give her this much, it must be nice to be so rich that you can totally waste a few hundred thousand on idiotic TV ads featuring monkeys. Mr Parker now moves on to face State Senator Parker Griffith(D) in the fall election.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Alabama run-off predictions

Alabama's run-off is this coming Tuesday so I think Ill make some predictions. There are only two congressional run-offs and both are on the GOP side. Wayne Parker will win the nod in the north Alabama race with relative ease. He's the son-in-law of former Texas Congressman Bill Archer(R). By the way there's a little bit of reverse psychology going on between Mr Parker and his democrat opponent already. Mr Parkers campaign signs are blue while Mr Griffiths signs are red. Down in the southeast part of Alabama, State Rep Jay Love and State Senator Harri Ann Smith have been going at it on the airwaves. But unless something shocking happens in the final days, Jay Love should win this race by a comfortable margin. For all you Tennessee readers, Harri Anne Smith had George Jones cut a radio ad for her last week. Mr Jones sounds odd in the add...he's either sick or very drunk....go too and scroll down a bit and listen to it. There's only one county race in north alabama worth noting and thats in Cullman County. The current county commission chairman Wiley Kitchens is being challenged by James Graves in the GOP primary. Mr Graves has been hitting Mr Kitchens pretty hard over water issues and a $10 million reserve fund. This race will probably be close but Ill go with Mr Graves on this one. Finally there's the race between Twinkle Cavanaugh and Matt Chancey for PSC Chairman. Ms Cavanaugh is the former State Chairman for the GOP and she has an ad up that featues Mike Huckabee endorsing her and talking about how she's pro life(Im not sure what abortion has to do with the Public Service Commission). Mr Chancey has a lot of grassroots supporters out there but he trailed Twinkle by double digits in last months primary and he's been drastically outspent so Im going to go with Twinkle on this one. If Twinkle wins it will guarantee that Alabama will have an all female PSC come January. The democrats have already selected former Lt Governor Lucy Baxley for this race, so whoever wins in November will join Jan Cook and Susan Parker on the three member PSC.

Democrat Mayor indicted

A federal grand jury indicted the Mayor of Jackson, Ms Frank Melton and his two bodyguards yesterday on charges related to an incident two years ago when they kicked in the doors to what they thought was a crack house. The trio faced state charges related to this incident last year and were found not guilty on all charges. So its kind of surprising the US Justice Dept indicted them for this same incident. This news probably sent a shiver up the spine of Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford. The rumor mill has been very hot since the spring concerning his potential indictment by the feds.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Odd development in GOP race in HD 71

I find this a little odd. But this coming Sunday in the Adamsville City Park from 2 to 4 pm there is going to be a reunion for Garan Manufacturing employees. For those of you not from this area. Garan is one of these factories that fell victim to that giant sucking sound that the little man from Texas all warned us about back in the mid nineties. Anyway the last plant manager at Garan is sponsoring this event according to the Savannah Courier. The man's name is Frank Lacey ( ). Oh and here's the kicker to the story. Mr Lacey just happens to be running in the GOP primary against Vance Dennis in House District 71. Which begs the question, would Mr Lacey be sponsoring this event if he wasn't running for the State House?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Prominent GOPer getting divorced

Retiring Mississippi Congressman Chip Pickering is divorcing his wife after twenty years of marriage according to numerous media reports today. This might be the main reason why the Congressman didn't replace Trent Lott in the US Senate six months ago. He was still rumored as a possible candidate to replace Haley Barbour in 2011. Ill say this though, if this divorce gets as messy as the McGreevy divorce in New Jersey you might as well stick a fork in Mr Pickerings political career in Mississippi.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mini me & 60 Minutes hottie get busy(wink wink)

Its been a busy week for Verne Troyer and Lara Logan. Mr Troyer filed a lawsuit against TMZ for airing a "sextape" of him and his female friend(or as they say in Perry County, Tn his sweetie pie). Ive only seen "tiny" segments of the tape on TMZ but I can just imagine Mr Troyer whispering something in her ear along the lines of "hey sweetie I'm gonna go kiss your feet so I'll be back in about a half hour".

Then there's the case of 60 Minutes reporter Lara Logan. Wow I knew the summers in Iraq got hot and sticky but I didn't know they got that hot and sticky. She apparently stuck herself to a few men over there worse than peach juice sticks to your hands here in the south. Former West Tennessee newsbabes Courtney Friel and Dayna Devon are still the most attractive women on the network news and entertainment shows in my opinion. But Ms Logan is giving them a run for their money with her antics in Iraq.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't drop the slippery soap Dickie!

Trial lawyer icon and Democrat activist/Trent Lotts brother in law was sentenced to the max today in Federal Court in Oxford. The Judge gave him a five year sentence for trying to bribe another Judge a few years ago. His law parterner Sidney Backstrom also received a 28 month sentence. From a political point of view this is great news for US Senator Roger Wicker. Look for US Sen Wicker to do everything he can to tie his democrat opponent Ronnie Musgrove to Scruggs. Mr Musgrove is already under suspicion in an Agriculture scandal and the infamous "toe sucking scandal" that broke in Nashville last year.

I'll have some Mayo with my BBQ ribs please!

The Memphis Grizzlies made a great move last night in my opinion when they traded for OJ Mayo. They also got rid of that god awful contract of Brian Cardinal's in the trade. Why Jerry West ever signed him is something Ill never understand. But OJ Mayo brings a star quality to the Grizz that they haven't had. Sure Pau Gasol blossomed into a big time NBA player but he doesnt have the name id or the star potential that a OJ Mayo has. This move should help bring a lot of people into the Forum starting in November. I think not only did the Grizzlies score a huge win last night but so did the Memphis and Shelby County taxpayers and NBA fans throughout the mid south area.

What if Ben Atchley,Tom Leatherwood etc. had acted like Kentuckys GOP?

Former GOP Senate Minority Leader Ben Atchley has been in the news this week with his endorsement of State Rep Stacey Campfields primary opponent and former Senator Leatherwood has made some waves this week as well with the news of Utah Congressmans Chris Cannon's defeat. Now Ive never met Blackburn or Campfield so Im not "shilling" for either of them. But my problem with Atchley and Leatherwood goes back to the nineties with two events that happened in Nashville and Kentucky. In Kentucky back in 1999, the GOP convinced two democrats to switch parties to give them a senate majority for the first time in modern history and the same thing pretty much happened in Nashville in late 1995 with Hamilton and Crowe switching parties. But thats where the similarities end. Kentucky Senate GOP leader David Williams and his fellow senators went in right after the party switching and removed all the democrats from their leadership positions. They had to fight a democrat Governor and a democrat State House but they stood strong on their conservative platform in spite of all that and held their slim senate majority after the 2000 elections. That guaranteed them a place at the redistricting table in '01 and they took advantage of it. They kept Anne Northup in Congress four years longer than she would have stayed if the democrats had won back the majority in 2000 and they used it to expand their senate majority to what is now a 23-15 margin. They also for a brief time controlled all six of the congressional seats in Kentucky thanks mainly to David Williams and his aggresive leadership team in the Kentucky Senate during the redistricting process. Now contrast that with Ben Atchley and his crew down here. When Mr Atchley was asked at the press conference announcing the switch of Crowe and Hamilton if he would be assuming the Lt Governors post he acted as if it was a war crime to even suggest removing John Wilder from that position. The Atchley types even pressured Bob Shutt to abandon his '96 campaign against Wilder because they didnt want to "hurt" John's feelings. I remember certain GOP legislators like Randy Stamps getting so disgusted with the Atchley types they just threw in the towel and left the legislature and who could blame Mr Stamps. Atchley and that crowd were acting like elementary school sissies with their new senate majority when they should have been fighting for conservative values in the legislature like the David Williams did in Kentucky. Just imagine what Tennessee would be like today if Atchley,Leatherwood and the rest of the GOP caucus had done what their Kentucky senate brethren did. If they had acted like real conservatives when they gained the majority they would have turned out a bigger GOP vote in the seats won by Kurita and Graves. They likely would have held on to power through redistricting in 2002 if they had won those two seats. They could have removed Carroll from Bobby Carters seat and replaced it with Henderson. There would have been no Don McCleary if that would have happened and Lowe Finney would still be running around Jackson in Robert Hill's shadow. The Congressional delegation would look different as well. Bart Gordon and Lincoln Davis would have much tougher districts than they currently have and Leatherwood could have got a lot of the GOP vote in Shelby and Fayette moved into John Tanners seat and he could have run against him in '02 for Congress. But instead of doing that they instead spent a lot of the past decade fighting their fellow GOPers in the primaries. Its disappointing in one sense from a conservative point of view but hey what can you expect. This is politicians we are talking about after all.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Check out this blog!

I first heard this gentleman on Dan Reeves and Seabass's sports show on 101.5 in Jackson about five years ago and the Jackson Sun has an article about him in their paper today. To say he's loves the weather would be putting it mildly.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Farmers are such whiners

Has anyone ever met a farmer that was happy? I sure haven't and Ive spent most of my life around farmers. I was in Nashville yesterday and I stopped off at the farmers market and those people just gave me a headache. I don't think you'll ever meet a bigger bunch of whiners and cry babies than you will with farmers. If its raining then they'll say the sun needs to shine but if the sun is shining then they'll claim it needs to be raining. If its hot then it needs to be cool but if its cool then it needs to be hot according to them and on and on it goes. They also complain about the price of farm equipment,corn,soybeans and wheat and of course their numerous health problems. Its no wonder family farms are disappearing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Move over Fords the Jeffersons are moving on up

The Jefferson family in New Orleans seem to be giving the Ford family in Memphis a run for their money as the most corrupt democrat family in the deep south. Today a federal grand jury indicted Congressman William Jefferson's(D) sister,brother and niece on numerous fraud charges. Keep in mind the good Congressman is himself facing over 200 years in prison for bribery and other charges. Heres hoping one of the remaining Fords in Memphis breaks John out of prison and goes on the run with him! If not then Im afraid the Jeffersons are going to pass them by.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local Ron Paul supporters are pathetic souls

I usually don't endorse violence but I tell you these local Ron Paul fanatics who put these freakingly huge campaign signs up on light poles in the Tennessee valley back in Febuary and left them up should be drug out by the hair of their head and forced to rip these huge eyesores down. It is late May and I mean not a single Ron Paul sign has been removed in my area. They are every where I mean in southern Tennessee from Savannah over to Ardmore and down into north Alabama. I just don't understand these fools who slap these huge things up before the election but they refuse to remove them after the election. The most annoying thing is they used a latter or lift truck to put these things up so its almost as if they did it on purpose.

Monday, May 19, 2008

GOPers learning from North Mississippi GOP mistake

I noticed over the weekend that the top two GOP candidates for the open Congressional seat in north Alabama have suddenly changed their focus. Chery Guthrie has dropped her TV spot where she was attacking Obama for his small town folks cling to guns and religion comment. The other GOP frontrunner, Wayne Parker went up with an ad late last week talking about local issues such as the expansion of the Redstone Arsenal because of the BRAC realignment. The two democrats who are seeking this seat have yet to go up on air as of yet.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Post Office screws a GOP Doctor

A doctor in Decatur, Al meant to run for Congress this year as a GOPer in the open fifth district race but the post office sent his qualifying papers to Oregon instead of the GOP office in Birmingham so now he's out of luck. Dr Michael Hennigan of Decatur had already ordered campaign material and was in the process of shutting down his practice in anticipation of running for Congress this summer. If this doctor somehow manages to end up in Congress a few years from you want to guess what his first piece of legislation will probably be?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

observation on higher food and gas prices

I was in the Kroger at Savannah yesterday doing some shopping and I noticed something very interesting. While "poor old me" was going through coupons that I had layed out in my buggy, two different people walked up and were grabbing gallons of milk and other items and just tossing them in their cart without even looking at the price. This backs up what a delivery rep for a milk company told me a few weeks ago when he said they were actually selling more milk today at $4.29 a gallon than they were two years ago at $2.99 a gallon. That just goes to show that contrary to what you hear, people for the most part are financially able to pay higher prices for food and gas.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

every day southern Democrats who left the party in the 90's

People often ask me why me and my sister left the Democrat Party after growing up in it in southern west Tennessee. The answer for me really has nothing to do with the bible as a lot of the talking heads on the networks claim is the reason why southerners left the Democrats in droves in the 90's. It has to do with witnessing the failure of the Democrats social agenda firsthand. My dad and his brothers absolutely worshipped the Democrat Party. If they had been in Dallas in November 1963 there is no doubt in my mind I wouldnt be here today because they would have proudly taken those bullets for President Kennedy. Thats just how hardcore they were and still are. They made their living by farming and they would also buy old homes and fix them up and sale them for a profit. They did all this despite not being able to read or write and there started the problems that I developed with the Democrat Party. When dad was of school age in the 50's, the Democrats were in their 80th year of having a power lock on the state government in Tennessee....EIGHTY YEARS PEOPLE. Why hadn't the Democrats in Nashville developed a plan by that time that would have properly educated these people like my father who literally worshipped them? Then came the dependence on the Democrats welfare programs. When the income from farming dipped in the early 80's, dad went and signed up on food stamps and they also increased the monthly check he was drawing. I noticed a change in him when he did this. He gradually stopped working on the farm like he had been doing before he signed us all up on welfare. He started becoming fearful of someone seeing him out on the farm working because he was afraid they would turn him in and they would eliminate the food stamps and the monthly check he was getting. Then when 1986 rolled around and he was diagnosed with lung cancer he just completely gave up on everything and became totally dependent on welfare the final seven years of his life. He went from getting up at 5 am to go to work on the farm to sitting in his chair by the window watching people go to work and waiting on the mailman to come by at 1 pm every afternoon. It was a situation I wouldnt wish on anyone. Thats why I have only voted for two Democrats in my life so far. Im not in the business of insulting Democrats because I know neither party is made of gold but I can not in good conscious support a political party that discourages people from working the way they do. I'm not wealthy by any means and I don't have health insurance but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Im much better off in my current condition than I would be living under Hillarys universal health care and the democrats welfare policies. Sure $400 a month in food stamps,free health care and monthly government checks around $1,500 may sound nice but folks I lived that life in the 80's and Im here to tell you it wasn't what its made out to be.