Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hey Sen Lautenberg, say hello to the term limits movement

The death of US Senator Frank Lautenberg(D-NJ) got me to thinking about how long Senators stay in office and I found some mildly surprising news after a little research. When the new US Senate convenes in January 2015 at least seventy seven of the one hundred members will have served fourteen or less years in the US Senate. On the democrat side of the aisle only eleven members(Leahy,Reid,Mikulski,Boxer,Feinstein,Murray,Wyden,Durbin,Reed,Landrieu and Schumer) will be left that were elected prior to 2000. With the exception of Pat Leahy(1974),Barbara Mikulski and Harry Reid(both in 1986) the entire democrat caucus in the US Senate will have been elected in the Clinton,Bush and Obama years in the White House. Its pretty much the same on the Republican side as well where they will have 12 members(that could change depending on elections and retirements)who were elected prior to the year 2000. All but six of their Senators(Hatch 76,Cochran 78,Grassley 80, McConnell 84, Shelby and McCain were elected in '86) have come along in the Clinton, Bush and Obama years.  Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe is the only one left from the 1994 GOP landslide. Pat Roberts from Kansas,Jeff Sessions from Alabama,Susan Collins from Maine and Mike Enzi from Wyoming were elected in 1996 and Mike Crapo from Idaho rounds out the pre 2000 gang...he came along in 1998. All these retirements and deaths of Byrd,Inouye,Kennedy and Lautenberg have pretty much taken the steam out of the term limits movement in this country...

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Biloxi Blues!

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant(R) is now behind a plan to build a new baseball stadium in Biloxi that would house a double A minor league team. Most people feel that the team thats moving there is the Huntsville Stars. The Jackson Generals in Jackson, Tn have and will likely always be at the bottom of the minors in attendance because of their market size. So its only natural to think that their a leading candidate to relocate but the Generals owners have a good working relationship with the city and are taking an active role in building a new hotel near the stadium there in Jackson. Thats why its unlikely they will be relocating anytime soon in my opinion. The Huntsville Stars though are a different story...there owner has a pretty bad relationship with Huntsville's Mayor Tommy Battle and city leaders. There are rumors that he even refuses to take phone calls from Mayor Battle. Which is not a good sign if your a fan of minor league baseball in Huntsville. This also doesnt bode well for Tupelo's hopes of getting a minor league team anytime soon. There was a group from Tupelo who inquired about the Huntsville Stars last summer but it didnt go anywhere. Their more suited for a single A team in Tupelo but those teams are kept more on the east coast and across the Mississippi river. So its unlikely they'll be landing a team in that league anytime soon in Tupelo.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The next GOP surge in the deep south

Republicans all over the deep south have been rejoicing over the last fifteen months at their historic gains on the legislative level across the region and rightfully so I might add. One should feel very good after being in the proverbial wilderness since the civil war. But there is still work to be done in Arkansas's state legislature which is the only one that is still controlled by democrats and there's also work to be done in the Tennessee judicial system which is still for the most part a jobs program for high society democrat attorneys in the state. But the big issue has got to be taking control of the county offices. The GOP has improved in this category over recent years. In west Tennessee for example there are now three counties where there are no longer any democrats left in elected county wide office. Down in Cullman County, Al there is only one democrat left in a county office. Six years ago the democrats controlled all the county offices in Cullman. Ten years ago they controlled all the offices in neighboring Morgan County, Al but today they only hold one. But despite all of those individual cases, the GOP still has a long way to go before they can truely claim that they have a foothold on the deep south in the same fashion democrats did for nearly one hundred and fifty years. Last November the GOP in Mississippi won control of the state legislature in Mississippi for the first time since the civil war. But in rural northeast Mississippi where they picked up a handful of legislative seats they didn't pick up a single county seat. The democrats swept all the county offices in Alcorn,Tishomingo and Prentiss counties. Controlling the county courthouses enables a party to develop a strong bench for the future when it comes to state legislative offices and in a few cases for congressional seats. The democrats proved to be very adept at doing this back in their day. The jury is still out on whether the GOP can do it....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The new Buford Pusser?

Newly elected McNairy County, Tn. Sheriff Guy Buck(R) has taken a very public profile during his first year in office. His office has been very active on facebook and with using new DNA procedures to solve various crimes that have occured this year in the county. He's certainly different than a lot of sheriff's in the area who disappear from public view once their elected and then they magically reappear four years later when its time to run again. You could probably say thats a great thing working in Mr Buck's favor, considering the history of "some west Tennessee and north Mississippi sheriff's" over the last thirty years. It'll be interesting to see how Sheriff Buck's political career progresses over the upcoming years. He's relatively young and given the high profile he's taken in his first year it would kind of lead you down the path to assume that he'll run for another office in the future. There's going to be a special election next year for McNairy County Mayor, so he might go for that. It'll be tough to go for the house or senate anytime soon considering the county is currently represented by fellow GOPers Dennis and Gresham in those positions in Nashville. One thing is for sure though, he's the highest profile Sheriff that McNairy County has seen since the infamous Buford Pusser....

Don't hate me because Im beautiful?!?

I heard this week that the 2006 GOP nominee for Cullman County, Al. Probate Judge, Bridgette Reeling will seek that position again next year. Current incumbent Probate Judge Leah Lust(D) is one of only two democrats left in elected office in Cullman County after the GOP landslides in 2008 and 2010. So Mrs. Reeling will certainly have a better chance this time around than she did five years ago. But one problem that Mrs Reeling had in '06 was overcoming the perception among "some of the conservative voters" that she came across to some folks as a ditzy beauty pageant blond. I'll be curious to see how she overcomes that this time around. I met her six years ago and while she is an attractive lady. She certainly didn't strike me as being the proverbial "dumb blond". But that perception was rampant back in '06 especially among a lot of the Roy Moore supporters who were very motivated and out in full force that year in Cullman(which was one of his strongest counties).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crybaby farmers

Its long been a sincere belief of mine that farmers are some of the biggest adult crybabies you will ever come across in life. Nothing is ever good enough for them. There always complaining about how they don't get enough rain or how expensive the farm equipment is and so forth and so on. Then there are the Keith Smith types in Cullman County, Al. who really go overboard with outlandish crying. He claimed at a meeting late last week concerning the new immigration law in Alabama that he will probably have to sell his farm now that he can't depend on illegals because according to him, American workers will not do the work that illegals do. If your wondering, yes this is the same Cullman County that was hit hard by tornadoes back in the spring and it in turn put a lot of native Alabamans out of work and out of their homes. I bet those people would love to work for Mr. Smith on his farm. If he would stop crying long enough, he might just realize that.

More GOPers not walking the walk

There was an article in the McNairy County, Tn newspaper over the weekend about a few of the citizens of Guys, Tn. starting a petition drive to save their local post office. Just to give you an indication of how small this town is. I know the McNairy County area pretty well and I have no clue where the post office is in Guys. But where ever it is, there are apparently some people wandering around who would like to save it. Never mind the fact that Corinth, Ms is just eight miles away and Selmer is ten miles to the north and they could very easily use the post offices in those towns or go into one of the grocery stores and get them some stamps. Another thing that bothers me when I see articles like this is that McNairy County is a huge GOP county. It constantly votes for republicans on the state and national level and finally in recent years its started to go republican on the county level as well. But yet here we have people in Guys(which is part of McNairy County) crying a river of tears over the potential closure of a few rural post offices. Its enough to give me a headache when I hear people who voted republican turn around and start crying when someone wants to cut an area of the federal government that they like. Your not walking the walk my fellow conservatives. How in the world will we ever cut the deficit and the debt if you people are literally going to have a nervous breakdown over a small town rural post office? I feel like Glen Beck did that day when he lost it and flew off the handle and started screaming at a liberal woman who called in. Its just crazy how some republicans act...